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  • News: Browzar 'no more than adware platform'

    A free browser that claims it can safeguard privacy has been hit with accusations that it is really a platform for advertising and – worse still – is insecure.

  • News: Apple acknowledges MacBook shutdowns

    Apple has published a rather blunt note effectively requesting feedback relating to reports of intermittent shutdowns affecting MacBooks.

  • News: Video download store opened by Amazon

    Amazon yesterday unveiled the Unbox Video Store, a direct rival to Apple's iTunes 24-7 video store, which allows users to buy or rent TV shows, movies and other video content from the internet.

  • News: HTC unleashes Windows smartphone family

    HTC, the largest maker of handsets that use Microsoft software, has launched four smartphones, including one that's designed to rival the BlackBerry.

  • News: Cheap Xbox 360 to hijack PS3 launch?

    Microsoft is planning to launch a cheaper version of its Xbox 360 games console in Japan a week before the PlayStation 3 is due on sale.

  • News: IBM microprocessors to power Wii

    IBM has begun shipping millions of microprocessors to Nintendo, keeping the gaming company on track to launch its Wii gaming console as early as November.

  • News: Intel launches vPro business bundle

    Intel yesterday launched its vPro technology bundle for business desktops built into PCs from Gateway and HP.

  • News: AOL wants developers for VoIP service

    AOL will open up AIM Phoneline to external developers to let them create hardware devices and software applications for this internet telephony service.

  • News: Just three Microsoft fixes for September

    After handling 19 sets of patches in July and August, system administrators will have a bit of a break next week, when Microsoft is expected to release just three security updates for its Windows and Office products.

  • News: EU criticised for Microsoft action

    Four European Parliament members have warned the European Commission that its actions toward Microsoft could endanger the competitiveness of businesses by delaying the release of Vista.

  • News: Mozilla after Microsoft security secrets

    Mozilla has hired a former Microsoft security strategist to help lock down its open-source products against online attacks.

  • News: Conjugate your verbs with Microsoft

    Those of us who took Latin at school know how hard it can be to keep all of the verb forms straight when trying to learn a new language.

  • News: Huge tech support service launched by DSG

    Dixons Stores Group, which operates electronics and computer stores throughout Europe, has launched a large customer support operation to capitalise on the increasing frustration of consumers with high-tech items.

  • News: Intel confirms job losses

    As anticipated, Intel has announced layoffs as part of a larger restructuring plan that envisions some 10,500 employee layoffs by mid-2007 and $5bn in savings by 2008.

  • News: IBM nets $35m supercomputer contract

    The US Department of Energy has chosen IBM to build a new supercomputer for its Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

  • News: AMD gains antitrust approval to buy ATI

    AMD has gained approval from key US, Canadian and German antitrust regulators for its $5.4bn plan to buy ATI.

  • News: Subliminal spam provides a quick fix

    PandaLabs says that it has detected a spam message that uses subliminal advertising techniques. The advertisement, which gives users the opportunity to buy financial stock online, features a sequence of images featuring the word "Buy" displayed extremely rapidly.

  • News: Apple ships 24in iMac, updates range

    Apple has updated its entire iMac line with new Intel Core 2 Duo processors in every model and added a new 24in iMac.

  • News: Word flaw being used in attacks

    An unpatched flaw in the Windows 2000 version of Microsoft Office 2000 is being used by attackers to run unauthorised software on a victim's computer, according to security firm Symantec.

  • News: Sony upgrades LocationFree platform

    Sony is upgrading its LocationFree platform with more efficient video compression and a receiver add-on for televisions.

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