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  • News: Volunteer antispam group faces closure

    A US court has threatened to shut down the Spamhaus Project, a volunteer-run antispam service, for ignoring an $11.7m judgement against it.

  • News: Google & YouTube confirm music deals

    Video-sharing sites make online music breakthrough after signing high-profile deals with the record industry

  • News: New Google tool handy for mischief

    The company's new source-code search engine, unveiled as a tool to help simplify life for developers, can also be misused to search for software bugs, password information, and even proprietary code that shouldn't have been posted to the Internet in the first place, security experts say.

  • News: UK broadband penetration to reach 64%

    Nearly two-thirds of UK households will have a broadband connection in two years, according to research firm Point Topic.

  • News: Older generations dominate MySpace

    More than half of MySpace users are over 35 years old, dispelling the myth that the social networking site is used mostly by teenagers, according to Comscore.

  • News: PlayStation chip set for mobile phones

    The Cell processor sits at the heart of the PlayStation 3, the most powerful game console yet developed, and a high-performance computer from IBM. Now Toshiba wants to put that power into mobile devices and mobile phones.

  • News: Microsoft-backed IM add-on used for adware

    One week after it added the creator of a Windows Messenger add-on to its list of Most Valued Professionals, Microsoft has revoked the award after critics pointed out that the program is used to distribute adware.

  • News: Celeb sites now best way to get malware

    The quickest way to become infected with malware could be to visit a fake celebrity website and not, as is commonly assumed, one dedicated to porn.

  • News: Free Google tools woo website developers

    Valentine's Day is months away, but Google has displayed its ardour for developers by delivering to them the programming equivalent of a box of chocolates and a dozen red roses.

  • News: Microsoft releases Windows Vista RC2

    Microsoft has released what it expects to be the final release of Windows Vista before the operating system is sent to manufacturing for distribution.

  • News: HP bosses ousted by 'disinformation'

    Former HP chairmen Patricia Dunn and Carly Fiorina each cited board member Thomas Perkins as an instigator behind their ousting from the technology company.

  • News: Now Hitachi recalls Sony-made batteries

    Hitachi joins most of the leading laptop computer makers in recalling batteries from Sony that are known to overheat and potentially cause fires.

  • News: PlayStation 3 chip for mobile phones

    The Cell processor sits at the heart of the PlayStation 3, the most powerful game console yet developed, and high-performance computers from IBM. Now Toshiba wants to put that power into mobile devices and phones.

  • News: Microsoft kills Windows XP SP1

    October 10 marks the end of the line for Windows XP Service Pack 1, which will no longer be supported by Microsoft as of that date.

  • News: HD content playback will require fast CPU

    If you're thinking of using your PC to play high-definition Blu-ray Disc or HD-DVD movies then you might have to think again.

  • News: Gambling cyber-blackmailers sentenced

    Three Russians who succeeded in extorting money from online gambling websites based in the UK, have each been jailed for eight years.

  • News: 'Foolproof' malware scanner from Sophos

    Sophos has launched a host intrusion detection technology it claims can spot malware before it has a chance to execute anywhere on the network.

  • News: Find code online with Google

    Google has created a specialised search engine designed to find software source code publicly available on the web.

  • News: Jobs knew of backdating, says Apple

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs apologised to shareholders yesterday after an internal investigation found that he had been aware of the company's practice of 'backdating' employee stock options.

  • News: Fujitsu recalls 287,000 batteries

    Fujitsu's recall of defective batteries will affect 287,000 laptop PCs, including 63,000 in Japan, the company said yesterday.

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