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  • News: iPods & Vista push global chip sales to record high

    Demand for mobile phones, iPods and PCs boosted global chip sales to a record high of US$21.37 billion (£11 billion) in September, says the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA). The European market led the field with 6.4 per cent month-on-month growth. The weakest rise (1.8 per cent) was in the Americas.

  • News: BenQ unveils Vista-approved LCDs

    BenQ has unveiled some new flat-panel monitors that have been qualified to work with Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista operating system

  • News: Intel quad-core: first review

    Exclusive tests show Intel's highly anticipated Core 2 Quad should bring big speed boosts to high-end tasks

  • News: Symantec backs Vista security pledge

    The head of Symantec said he’s encouraged by recent statements from Microsoft that it plans to work with security software companies and provide them with more access to the Windows Vista operating system.

  • News: Microsoft updates OS for parking meters

    Microsoft is courting embedded device developers by including new tools with the release of Windows Embedded CE 6.0, designed to run a wider variety of applications.

  • News: Dell launches first AMD notebook

    Direct-selling PC giant ends exclusive deal with Intel and now offers three AMD chips

  • News: Microsoft announces Vista launch events

    Microsoft has committed to launched Windows Vista and Office 2007 to businesses in Canada and the US on November 23 and November 30th respectively.

  • News: Apple hacker highlights insecure Macs

    The security of Apple's wireless drivers is under scrutiny again, thanks to a new hacker project.

  • News: Critical Visual Studio 2005 exploit

    A vulnerability in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005 application development tool could let an attacker execute code on a targeted Windows machine, the company has revealed

  • News: Microsoft reveals Vista packaging

    Having announced version, pricing and licensing options for Vista and Office 2007, Microsoft has revealed next-generation packaging for its new software

  • News: AMD steps up Intel 'coercion' claim

    AMD has asked a US court to compel Intel to disclose documents relating to its activities outside the US, as part of an ongoing antitrust lawsuit

  • News: Vista licensing limits benchmarking

    Licence transfers aren't the only thing the Eula for Microsoft's Windows Vista OS limits. The licence also puts restrictions on how benchmarks of certain components of the OS can be published

  • News: $100 laptops by year-end

    The first $100 laptop PCs for the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) programme will roll off production lines by the end of this year, and mass production will start in the first quarter of 2007, according to Quanta Computer.

  • News: Laptop sales strong despite Vista woes

    Quanta, the world's largest maker of laptop computers, expects healthy demand until the end of the year despite the delayed launch of Microsoft's Windows Vista OS

  • News: Apple updates Boot Camp

    A new version of Apple’s Boot Camp software has been released, offering support for the latest Intel-based Macs

  • News: Microsoft lawsuits target eBay pirates

    Microsoft is preparing 55 legal actions worldwide against sellers on auction sites who are hawking illegal copies of the company's software.

  • News: Attack disables Windows XP Firewall

    Hackers have published code that could let an attacker disable the Windows Firewall on certain Windows XP machines

  • News: Windows Media Player 11.0 released

    Microsoft has released the next generation of its Media Player software to Windows users

  • News: New standard for safer batteries

    A group of laptop vendors and battery manufacturers plans to announce a standard for making safer lithium-ion batteries by June next year, in an attempt to recover from a massive series of battery recalls in recent months

  • News: US to review Microsoft patent case

    The US Supreme Court said on Friday it will review a lawsuit testing the limits of international patent claims in a case that could have a wide-ranging effect on the US software industry

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