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  • News: Google spurs solar-panel boom

    Sharp is increasing production of solar panels at its factory in Japan to meet burgeoning global demand for the products, it said today

  • News: Laptop sales crisis looms

    The laptop PC sector is facing trouble as strong user demand for portable PCs is causing a shortage of components

  • News: Vista delay sparks desktop sales plunge

    Demand for desktop PC motherboards "is falling off a cliff" in late October as users put off purchases until the Windows Vista OS launches in January, according to investment banking firm Goldman Sachs

  • News: Apple's new .Mac webmail goes live

    Apple has updated the webmail interface included with its .Mac service to resemble the Mail application included with Mac OS X.

  • News: Acer attacks Vista 'price hike'

    PC maker claims the proliferation of various versions of Windows Vista is inspired by Microsoft's desire to push prices up

  • News: Intel to close Cambridge research lab

    Intel is closing its lab at Cambridge University in December, researchers learned this week

  • News: Acer plans smartphone & small PCs

    Acer is betting users will want to buy smaller desktop PCs this year and next, a boon for a company already specialising in laptops. The company also said it plans to launch a smartphone by the end of this year or early next.

  • News: Apple fixes MacBook shutdown

    Apple has released a firmware update for its MacBook line of computers that fixes a problem that caused the MacBook to shutdown without warning

  • News: Did Wozniak invent the PC?

    Apple co-founder made a thinly-veiled attempt to disguise his belief that the invented the PC in an interview with PC Advisor’s sister title, Macworld UK

  • News: Office gets unpopular piracy check

    The mistrusted WGA antipiracy scheme spreads to Office 2007 as Microsoft wants you to validate all new products

  • News: Vista licensing threat to power users

    Microsoft has finally attempted to clear up confusion over the licensing of Windows Vista for power users who rebuild their PCs on a regular basis. But the answer from the software vendor did little to placate some customers, who are still upset about Microsoft's one-machine transfer policy for Vista

  • News: Orange to sell 3G ExpressCard

    Mobile operator Orange is bringing faster wireless data access to owners of the latest laptops, with a new 3G modem card that fits in an ExpressCard slot

  • News: Microsoft promotes Vista Starter edition

    Microsoft has starting promoting a stripped-down version of Windows Vista to emerging economies in a bid to reach a billion new customers

  • News: New delay for Windows Vista

    The OS may not ship to businesses as planned after a new bug delays delivery to manufacturers

  • News: AMD plans combined x86 & graphics chip

    AMD plans to make chips integrating its x86 with a graphics processor on a single piece of silicon by early 2009. The announcement came as AMD completed its $5.4 billion merger with graphics chip manufacturer ATI.

  • News: Wozniak: my genius drove Apple

    Steve Wozniak said Apple wouldn’t be where it is today without his “special genius” but admits it was Steve Jobs’ drive and ambition that spurred the early success of the company.

  • News: MacBook Pros get Core 2 Duo chips

    Apple has upgraded its MacBook Pro laptops by adding Intel's new Core 2 Duo processors and hard drives offering up to 200GB of space.

  • News: XP users fear SP3 cancellation

    With Microsoft now saying that its next major service pack for Windows XP will not ship until 2008, some Windows users are wondering whether the software upgrade will ever be released.

  • News: Windows XP update delayed again

    Microsoft has let the planned shipment date for its SP3 (Service Pack 3) update to Windows XP slip again, this time to the first half of 2008

  • News: Firefox 2.0 released

    The next generation of the open-source Firefox web browser, version 2.0, has been launched. It's sporting a selection of feature- and security-enhancements

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