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  • News: Firefox 2.0 released

    The next generation of the open-source Firefox web browser, version 2.0, has been launched. It's sporting a selection of feature- and security-enhancements

  • News: Microsoft offers free Vista upgrade

    Software giant announces Vista Express Upgrade programme in the US, in a bid to boost PC sales at Christmas

  • News: Microsoft releases Windows Defender

    Microsoft released the final version of its Windows Defender antispyware tool today, suggesting that the company it’s sufficiently stable and bug-free for mainstream use.

  • News: Firefox 2.0 pre-release warning

    Contrary to news reports, the Mozilla Foundation has not prematurely released version 2.0 of its popular Firefox Internet browser and has instead warned users to not download the file from its FTP servers until the official public release.

  • News: Sony opens up over battery fiasco

    Sony has provided greater detail about the manufacturing problem that's expected to see the replacement of up to 9.6 million laptop computer battery packs.

  • News: McAfee hits back over Sophos slur

    The Windows Vista security spat that's dividing Microsoft and security vendors continued today when McAfee responded to Sophos' claim that some software suppliers "hadn't coded their solutions" to work with Vista

  • News: AMD chief hands control to customers

    The head of AMD is predicting a seismic shift in the balance of power in both the chip industry and the world of IT as a whole, with influence shifting from vendors to users

  • News: Hidden costs of battery recalls

    How much does Sony's battery recall cost IT retailers and customers in terms of the time, labour and headaches involved in finding the affected batteries, ordering new ones and replacing them?

  • News: Gateway joins battery recall club

    Gateway is taking advantage of Sony's battery replacement programme and will exchange approximately 35,000 of its customers' batteries

  • News: Dell commits to 'green' strategy

    Michael Dell has recommitted his company to doing its best to save the planet by producing more energy-efficient products

  • News: Google launches free custom searches

    Firm targets website owners with build-your-own search engine tool

  • News: Sophos slams Vista's security critics

    Security vendors McAfee and Symantec haven't given sufficient thought to Windows Vista when developing their products, according to antivirus firm Sophos.

  • News: Banks slammed over reaction to phishing threat

    The UK’s online banks have been attacked for offloading the responsibility to avoid phishing scams on to their customers

  • News: $100 laptop coming next year

    The $100 laptop at the heart of the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) initiative aimed at school children in developing countries will start rolling off production lines in the second quarter of next year

  • News: Firefox 2.0 due tomorrow

    Not to be outdone by Microsoft's recent release of Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla is planning the second major release of its rival Firefox browser tomorrow.

  • News: Microsoft trains Colombia ex-paramilitaries

    Former paramilitary fighters in Colombia may be able to shoot a gun far better than they can fire off an email. But that could soon change thanks to a new program, partly funded by Microsoft

  • News: McAfee's makes 'inflammatory' Vista claims

    Microsoft has hit back at criticisms from security vendor McAfee that it is dragging its feet in co-operating over Vista's security readiness

  • News: AMD to ship 65-nanometer chips

    AMD is on schedule to deliver its first processors based on its advanced 65-nanometre manufacturing process in the fourth quarter of this year

  • News: Microsoft rebuts IE7 bug claim

    A flaw that research firm Secunia ApS claimed to have discovered in Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7) just hours after its unveiling is not a browser bug after all, Microsoft claims.

  • News: 30,000 videos forced off YouTube

    YouTube has deleted close to 30,000 files after complaints from an organisation representing Japanese copyright holders

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