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More CES Articles

  • News: Asus PadFone X smartphone-tablet hybrid coming to the U.S. via AT&T

    Asus is finally bringing a smartphone to the U.S. market, making good on a promise that Chairman Jonney Shih told me directly last July.

  • News: Tarsier's smart glasses try to see the world like you do

    Tarsier's new MoveEye smart glasses are less of an augmented reality experience than a pointing device, and miles away from a product. Still, what the company showed at CES indicates that there are new directions for products like Microsoft's Kinect.

  • News: Pebble announces new smartwatch, app store

    At a Consumer Electronics Show that's about to be overwhelmed by smartwatches good and bad, sophisticated and atrocious, category pioneer Pebble is striking the first punch. On Monday the company announced Pebble Steel, a striking cosmetic upgrade to its previous smartwatch offering, which has begun looking somewhat anachronistic--and maybe even a bit hokey.

  • News: LG's curved G Flex is coming soon to a carrier near you

    Let's see: You've got mini versions of regular-sized handsets at your disposal, phones you can talk to whenever you want something, and phones that are so ginormous they don't even fit in your pocket. And now, you've got curved smartphone displays coming up the pipeline.

  • News: LG's Lifeband Touch is a flexible fitness tracker with a touch-sensitive display

    LG debuted a new flexible connected device that wraps around the wrist and boasts a touch OLED panel, but it's not a smartwatch.

  • News: Toshiba's Chromebook is the company's first Googley laptop

    After teasing us with news of joining the Chromebook ranks at the Intel Developer Forum in September, Toshiba has finally pulled back the curtain on its first ChromeOS-powered laptop, the aptly named Toshiba Chromebook.

  • News: AT&T expands smart car role

    AT&T, making sure that auto makers don't get all the credit for the smart cars of the future, called attention to AT&T's wireless network that will connect cars to powerful apps, content and data on distant servers.

  • News: Huawei's new Ascend Mate 2 comes with two days of battery life

    China's Huawei Technologies has updated its 6.1-inch "phablet," the Ascend Mate, with a new version that boasts an average two-day battery life, and can even charge up other devices.

  • News: Sharp shows off Q+, billed as highest-res full HD TV available

    Resolution fanatics hoping that 4K TVs will become cheaper got some welcome news from Sharp on Monday when it unveiled its Aquos 4K Ultra HD, with 60- and 70-inch versions priced at USD$4,999.99 and $5,999.99, respectively.

  • News: Android vs. iOS War Coming to a Car Near You in 2014

    This morning, Google and a handful of automobile manufacturers, including Audi, GM, Honda and Hyundai, announced a partnership designed to bring the Android mobile platform to vehicles. Chip-maker Nvidia is also an Open Automotive Alliance member, and the group says "this announcement is the beginning, not the end. We'll enthusiastically work with any company interested in the compatible use of the Android with cars." The first Android-enabled cars from the new Open Automotive Alliance are expected to be released sometime this year.

  • News: New chips equipped for 4K video streaming

    Makers of cable boxes and video streaming devices will soon have the option of delivering 4K video with STMicroelectronics' new chips, which will decode the emerging HEVC video codec and support the HDMI 2.0 video delivery specification.

  • News: iPhone graphics chip designer adds more oomph to GPUs

    Imagination Technologies, which designs graphics chips used in the iPhone and other top mobile products, is promising "console quality graphics" with an updated GPU lineup announced on Monday.

  • News: LenovoEMC bumps speed, adds BitTorrent into next-gen NAS

    Looking for a network-attached storage option that can archive video by day and download it by night? The LenovoEMC px4-400d may be just what the doctor ordered.

  • News: SanDisk boosts portable wireless memory with 64GB Connect drive

    SanDisk showed off a 64GB version of its Connect Wireless Flash Drive at the 2014 International CES show on Monday, an upgrade to a small drive announced last July that lets users send data such as photos and videos across platforms via Wi-Fi.

  • News: Lenovo announces the Beacon Home Cloud at CES

    Lenovo is returning to the home storage market for the first time since it launched its IdeaCentre D400 back in 2009. The Lenovo Beacon Home Cloud Center is a two-drive NAS (network-attached storage) device that can be accessed locally or via the Internet.

  • News: Seagate hard drives get larger, sexier

    LAS VEGAS--Seagate Sunday announced a clutch of storage products at CES 2014 that include a sexy silver-plated hard drive in the shape of a sphere.

  • News: Connected toothbrush guides tooth-cleaning with smartphone app

    French upstart Kolibree is demonstrating its connected electric toothbrush at the International CES trade show. The toothbrush tells users how well they are brushing their teeth via a smartphone app.

  • News: Lenovo announces new consumer desktop PCs at CES

    LAS VEGAS--Lenovo announced several new desktop PCs at CES. And in a move that's sure to give Microsoft heartburn, one of these new machines is an all-in-one that runs the Android operating system, not Windows. This is sure to add to Microsoft's stress level, because the company is already facing a surge in new Chromebook announcements.

  • News: Lenovo's mobile CES portfolio

    LAS VEGAS--If you're a computer junkie craving PC and tablet news at CES, Lenovo has you covered this year. The company is taking the wraps off not only its revamped ThinkPad X1 Carbon, but a whole raft of tablets, convertibles, and other notebooks. Like the original X1 Carbon, the new model is fabricated from carbon fiber, which Lenovo says is both lighter and stronger than aluminum or magnesium. Lenovo calls this laptop the "world's lightest 14-inch Ultrabook" (it weighs 2.8 pounds).

  • News: Lenovo wants to put a 4K monitor on your desk

    Las Vegas--If you think high definition means 1920 by 1080, it's time to widen your horizons. Lenovo and several other vendors will be introducing 4K monitors with resolution of 3840 by 2160 at CES. That's more than 8 million pixels splayed across 28 inches of glass.

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