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More CES Articles

  • News: Intel plans on controlling computers with a dirty look

    Users will some day soon toss aside their keyboard and command their computers with hand gestures and even the look on their face.

  • News: Sony doubles down on 4K resolution technology

    Television at four times the resolution of today's high-def images is turning out to be one of the most popular bets among consumer electronics makers in Las Vegas at this year's CES.

  • News: The Week in iOS Accessories: CES-travaganza, Part 1


  • News: Panasonic shows world's first 4K OLED TV

    Raising the bar for image quality on television sets, Panasonic unveiled a 56-inch OLED TV that shows images at 4K resolution, four times the overall resolution of current 1080p high-definition TVs.

  • News: Broadcom gears up to bring UltraHD video into homes

    As TV makers show off UltraHD TVs at CES, communications chip maker Broadcom is introducing the guts of future gateways that will be able to bring video for those sets into viewers' homes.

  • News: GM joins Ford on infotainment platform for app developers

    Hours after Ford announced Monday it would be the first automaker to open its in-vehicle infotainment app platform to third-party developers General Motors jumped on the same bandwagon. GM says it will also open its new in-vehicle infotainment systems to third-party app developers.

  • News: Zensorium's Tinke wants to measure your fitness and stress levels

    One of the many fitness and health tech companies exhibiting products at this year's Digital Experience showcase at CES was Zensorium, which demonstrated its flagship wellness product, the Tinke. A small, colored square with two round sensors, the Tinke is designed to measure heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, and heart rate variability over time.

  • News: Kingston's 1TB thumb drive packs massive storage capacity in tiny package

    For anyone interested in fitting every digital music file you own onto one USB thumb drive, you are in luck. Kingston has just broken the thumb drive capacity limit, cramming 1 TB of storage into its' latest USB drive announced Monday. But before you get too excited, there are two things to consider. One, the price of this thumb will likely be $2000 or more. Second, this thumb drive is just as easy to lose, leave behind, and accidentally send through the washing machine as all your missing 265 MB thumb drives.

  • News: Netflix adds personalized profiles with recommendations for your entire household

    Netflix is testing new multiuser personalized profiles for single accounts with a limited number of subscribers. The new functionality lets you create a profile for each member of your household, complete with personalized viewing recommendations and independent streaming queues. There are also parental controls for profiles for children under 12.

  • News: ZTE to bring 'Car Mode' app for hands-free smartphone use

    Chinese handset maker ZTE plans to pre-load a new "Car Mode" app in its Android devices, allowing users to issue voice commands to make phone calls, play music and get text messages read out while driving their car.

  • News: Qualcomm aims Snapdragon 800 chips at 'premium' phones and tablets

    Qualcomm's keynote at the International CES was packed with big names and even a Big Bird, but CEO Paul Jacobs' focus was on something much smaller -- a new family of processors aimed at high-end smartphones and tablets.

  • News: Ballmer, Big Bird and Desmond Tutu enliven Qualcomm's big night at CES

    Qualcomm called on some big names Monday to ensure its opening-night keynote at the International CES wasn't a dud. Steve Ballmer, Big Bird, the pop group Maroon5, and even former Archbishop Desmond Tutu all made appearances to keep things rolling along.

  • News: Sony's Hirai not completely surprised by Nvidia's gaming portable

    Sony's president says he wasn't completely surprised by Nvidia's announcement that it plans to launch an Android-based portable gaming device.

  • News: Cisco: TV, weather and Facebook could take over one of your walls

    As TVs get higher resolution and bigger displays, while getting cheaper over time, cable operators may be able to cover an entire wall of your home with a screen that includes two full-size TV shows plus weather, upcoming show information, a social media feed and other elements, according to Cisco Systems.

  • News: Sony unveils flagship Xperia Z smartphone

    Watch movies in the shower, capture HDR video, or just use it to make phone calls. Sony says it has something for everyone in its new Xperia Z smartphone, the company's flagship handset for 2013.

  • News: Vizio doubles down on Windows 8 at CES

    It's a little odd to watch Vizio -- a company once known primarily for making inexpensive LCD TVs -- take a shot at the tablet market. But the company made good on the promise of a lightweight, powerful ultraportable with their Thin + Light laptops last year, and their new 11.6-inch MT11x tablet looks just as promising.

  • News: Panasonic's new smart TVs include enhanced wide view technology, photo editing

    Panasonic readily admits that these are challenging times for the consumer electronics industry. Its answer: An updated HDTV lineup that focuses on a richer, more convenient user experience.

  • News: AMD shows off Windows 8 tablet with upcoming Tamesh chip

    Advanced Micro Devices showed off a Windows 8 tablet running the company's upcoming tablet chip code-named Temash, which the company hopes will reverse a string of past failures and provide enough ammunition to compete with tablet chip leaders ARM and Intel.

  • News: Meet Flower Power, the gizmo that prevents a house-plant apocalypse

    I buy house plants. I kill house plants. It's the circle of life, but these vicious cycles need not be predestined fate. At CES 2013, Parrot--the company best known for its iPhone-controlled quadricopters--gave us the first glimpse at Flower Power, a fork-like gadget that you stick in your plant's soil to monitor its most important vital signs.

  • News: Focus@Will builds music playlists to help you concentrate

    Staying on task at International CES can be something of a challenge. There's the swirling mass of tech reporters, the company representatives vying for your attention, and the onslaught of gadgets, flashing lights, and noise. And all of this is set to the soundtrack of Las Vegas's ubiquitous slot machines, a choir of cacophonous beeping and blinking that will echo around your brain until you can think of nothing else but the clink, clink, clink of coins splashing around the...

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