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More Broadband Articles

  • News: Freeview set to trial HDTV broadcasts

    Freeview is searching for 450 volunteers in London to take part in a six-month trial of high-definition TV broadcasts through the free-to-air digital TV service.

  • News: Microsoft to patch IE, Windows, Office next week

    Microsoft is set to release five security patches for its products next Tuesday, including a highly anticipated Internet Explorer fix that will address a bug that hackers have been exploiting over the past two weeks.

  • News: Google upgrades toolbar for Firefox

    Google is testing an upgrade to its toolbar for Mozilla's Firefox browser, including enhancements to the search box and an antiphishing feature, the Californian company announced yesterday.

  • News: EU nations face telecoms regulation crackdown

    The European Commission initiated legal action yesterday against 11 countries in the European Union for failing to ensure that their fixed and mobile operators offer caller location information for emergency services such as the police.

  • News: Symantec relaunches IM product

    Symantec has announced IM Manager 8.0, the first fruits borne from its purchase of IMLogic earlier this year.

  • News: Microsoft launches Linux site

    Microsoft is expected to unveil a website for users to find information about its Linux and open-source interoperability efforts today at LinuxWorld, according to the executive in charge of those plans.

  • News: Samsung shows Blackberry, Wi-Fi handsets

    Samsung is showing several mobile phone handsets at the CTIA Wireless event in Las Vegas, including models with support for the BlackBerry service and Wi-Fi connectivity, it said today.

  • News: Microsoft pledges DRM investments for mobile

    With ever more songs, pictures and video clips being sent over the airwaves to mobile phones, Microsoft plans to beef up its investment in DRM technologies to help protect copyright material.

  • News: Firefox breaks 10 percent barrier

    Firefox, the free, open-source browser from Mozilla, quietly gained enough users in March to finally grab 10 percent of the web browser market.

  • News: NHTCU disappears into revamped crime agency

    When you're hit by a virus, will SOCA want to know?

  • News: Virgin Mobile accepts NTL's bid

    NTL's bid for mobile phone company Virgin Mobile has won the approval of Virgin Mobile's board, the companies announced today.

  • News: Trademark rift between Apples may be over soon

    The trademark battle between Apple Computer and The Beatles' record label is likely to be in a judge's hands tomorrow.

  • News: Apple vs Apple case hears iTunes testimony

    An Apple Computer executive took the witness stand today to defend the company against a lawsuit filed by The Beatles' record company for allegedly breaching a trademark agreement.

  • News: Yahoo may face penalty over jailed journalist

    Yahoo could face a fine, a civil lawsuit or both if it is found to have illegally divulged personal data used to put a Chinese journalist in jail for 10 years.

  • News: Microsoft claims breakthrough at EU hearing

    Microsoft left a two-day antitrust hearing in Brussels claiming it had reached a breakthrough with European regulators in a dispute that may still result in the company being fined up to €2m a day.

  • News: Next generation of IE malware circulating

    Hackers have posted a new version of malicious software that will make it easier for them to exploit an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.

  • News: Google, AOL nail down partnership details

    Google has finalised the details of its expanded partnership with Time Warner's AOL subsidiary, including the acquisition of a 5 percent stake in AOL for $1bn.

  • News: The Beatles vs. Apple, part III

    Apple Computer will face another legal challenge today, as the company representing the Beatles alleges that the sale of music through iTunes violates a 1991 agreement restricting how the computer maker would use its logo.

  • News: Google zaps official blog by mistake

    The world's most famous internet search firm has pie on its face after staffers accidentally deleted the company's main official blog on Monday night.

  • News: Don't sue us, Torrentspy tells Hollywood

    The Motion Picture Association of America might just as well have sued Google for copyright violation rather than pick on Torrentspy, the smaller company said in a court filing this week.

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