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  • News: Vodafone, Google team on mobile search

    Mobile operator Vodafone has teamed up with Google to offer a mobile search service to its Vodafone live! subscribers, the company said yesterday.

  • News: Microsoft releases seven software patches

    Microsoft released seven software patches yesterday, including fixes for critical security flaws in Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.

  • News: Microsoft demos Windows Live for mobile

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave the first public demonstration of some Windows Live for Mobile services at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona yesterday.

  • News: Mobile operators target global IM service

    Several of the world's largest mobile phone operators have agreed to offer instant messaging across their networks as part of an initiative to make it globally available and interoperable.

  • News: Yahoo committed to free speech

    Yahoo yesterday made commitments to work for greater openness in countries where it operates, while also saying it needs to comply with local laws, in a statement released just days before government hearings in Washington on US internet companies' China operations.

  • News: Drag-and-drop flaw in IE reported

    Security analysts and vendors are reporting a flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser that could allow malicious code to run and result in a hacker taking complete control of a computer.

  • News: Yahoo, eBay sign up to identity scheme

    Some early converts have given their backing to a new VeriSign online identity-protection programme launched today.

  • News: Gmail breaks out of consumer space

    Google is testing a program to offer Gmail as an enterprise hosted email service, thus extending the scope of this webmail service from individuals to the realm of businesses, universities and other organisations.

  • News: Amazon, Google make music service plans

  • News: Yahoo's role in jailing 'exaggerated'

    Western coverage of a case involving Li Zhi, a jailed Chinese internet user, exaggerated the role of a Yahoo subsidiary in the affair, according to a Hong Kong media researcher.

  • News: Google bringing search to historical manuscripts

    History buffs can search George Washington's manuscripts online today for terms such as 'revolution', but only thanks to the tireless workers who transcribed the hand-written documents into digital form.

  • News: BT, Pipex rivals, not potential bedfellows

    BT yesterday announced its latest quarterly financial results. What it didn't do, it seems, was make a bid for the next leap forward in national broadband coverage by attempting to take over internet service provider Pipex.

  • News: Privacy group warns Google users to be wary

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation has recommended that users avoid enabling the 'search across computers' feature contained in Google's latest desktop search beta.

  • News: Microsoft: MSN won't be rebranded

    Although the new head of Microsoft's MSN division has been calling its portal 'MSN Media Network' internally, the software giant has no formal plans to rebrand the site.

  • News: Microsoft plans to release seven fixes

    Microsoft on Tuesday plans to release seven patches for several of its software products, including at least two critical updates for known vulnerabilities, according to the company's monthly security update.

  • News: Fraunhofer makes tool to fight music piracy

    The Fraunhofer Institute has successfully tested a software system, based on the group's own digital watermarking technology, for tracking pirated audio files in P2P filesharing networks.

  • News: Google updates desktop search

    Google plans today to release another beta version of its free, downloadable PC and web search application that expands the functionality of the product's Sidebar feature, a panel that provides information from a variety of information sources.

  • News: Yahoo may have helped jail Chinese user

    Just months after evidence emerged that Yahoo provided information that led to the arrest and imprisonment of Chinese journalist Shi Tao, the company is once again receiving criticism for handing over information that allegedly led to the imprisonment of a Chinese political dissident.

  • News: BMW back in with Google

    Following the restoration of its German site to the Google index, BMW has denied it used misleading practices and criticised the search company for excluding the site.

  • News: Will Vista ship on 1 December?

    A Microsoft contest to guess Windows Vista's release date hints that the product's release date could be 1 December.

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