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  • News: Windows Live Mail hits problems

    Microsoft acknowledged last week that it is having problems with its most recent beta release of Windows Live Mail.

  • News: Zfone encrypts VoIP for Windows users

    Zfone, a free piece of software that encrypts VoIP calls in a way that may circumvent government eavesdropping laws in some countries, is now available to Windows users, its developer said yesterday.

  • News: Yahoo messaging worm hijacks IE

    A worm that installs a 'Safety' browser, plays screeching music and dumps a graphic on the victim's desktop is circulating via IM.

  • News: Skype patches security hole

    Skype is advising users to upgrade to a more recent version of its VoIP software to fix a security bug reported late last week by a security researcher in New Zealand.

  • News: AOL allows personalised email addresses

    AOL is testing a scheme to let its members customise their AOL Mail address by using a domain name of their choice instead of the default aol.com, the ISP and web portal announced last week.

  • News: Three sentenced for 'warez' activities

    Three US men have been sentenced to jail or home confinement for their participation in so-called 'warez' online piracy groups, the US Department of Justice announced.

  • News: Analysis: the eBay patent ruling

    A US Supreme Court ruling last week favouring eBay in a patent dispute won praise from some technology vendors, but many intellectual property lawyers have questioned the long-term effects of the decision.

  • News: Opinion: Yahoo's fresh look

    For almost as long as there's been a web, there's been a Yahoo. Its look, feel, and functionality have changed a lot over the years, mostly through subtle evolution.

  • News: EC blasts member states over IT

    The European Commission today accused most of the European Union's 25 member states of failing to live up to promises they made a year ago to boost their ICT sectors.

  • News: ID card scheme slated by IBM researcher

    The government's ID cards scheme has been slated by a researcher at IBM. Michael Osborne attacked the project on the grounds of cost, among a number of other reasons.

  • News: Scientists build a world of 'software beings'

    Politicians could one day determine the results of elections before they take place, thanks to a European research project that will study social interactions between millions of virtual human beings.

  • News: Vista system requirements outlined

    Microsoft has launched a site outlining the minimum hardware requirements for the next version of the Windows OS, Windows Vista.

  • News: Spammers' attacks shut down Blue Frog

    Israeli firm Blue Security's controversial vigilante antispam service, Blue Frog, has been closed down after a spammer threatened to mount more denial-of-service attacks on its servers.

  • News: Trust is key for location-based search

    Google's head of mobile services is looking for your trust.

  • News: Symantec attempts to derail Vista

    Symantec has asked a court in the US to order Microsoft to halt the development of Windows Vista, claiming that its rival is unlawfully incorporating Veritas storage technology into its latest OS.

  • News: Google faces lawsuit over search suggestions

    A Belgian company has refiled a lawsuit over search terms offered by Google's toolbar that directs users to pirated software.

  • News: Skype seeks bulk to avoid blocks

    The larger Skype's user base grows, the less likely it is that telecom operators or regulators will successfully block the VoIP service.

  • News: Wi-Fi cloud to cover 12 cities

    BT has announced plans to set up a Wi-Fi 'cloud' covering 12 UK cities, combining local authority Wi-Fi usage with its own Openzone commercial hotspot access.

  • News: Yahoo to focus on social search

    In the coming years Yahoo will focus on seeking and adopting new technologies, incorporating user contributions into its services and sites, and extending its reach beyond the PC.

  • News: Hotmail problems persist in China

    Hotmail was once again unreachable from Beijing today, extending an intermittent outage that has lasted for more than two weeks.

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