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  • News: More Mac OS X vulnerabilities revealed

    A security researcher has released code that exploits a number of recently discovered and unpatched bugs in Mac OS X.

  • News: Microsoft, EC ready for showdown

    As their now infamous antitrust case comes to a head this week in a Luxembourg courtroom, the one ally both Microsoft and the European Commission need is time.

  • News: Microsoft to re-issue buggy security patch

    Microsoft plans to re-issue a security patch for its Windows operating system that caused serious headaches for some users.

  • News: 'Huge opportunities' in mobile search

    Microsoft hopes to establish itself as a leading provider of mobile search services with the introduction of a set of technologies currently being tested, a company executive said today.

  • News: Chinese users want Google to pick another name

    Some Chinese internet users aren't happy with Google's recently announced Chinese name, and they've started an online petition to express their displeasure.

  • News: eBay takes fight to Google

    Google's recent launch of a product-listings service with an online payment system has eBay on red alert and seeking to defend itself through partnerships with Yahoo or Microsoft.

  • News: Apple blogger case heard by court

    In a case that could have broad implications for journalists everywhere, Apple argued yesterday that its subpoena of the ISP of an online news website should be allowed to go forward.

  • News: Microsoft plans online storage service

    Microsoft is working on an online storage service that appears to be aimed at a service called Gdrive in development at Google, according to sources familiar with Microsoft's plans.

  • News: Google tests updated results page

    Google is testing a different page format for its general web search results that lets users significantly expand the content provided below website links.

  • News: China heading for top spam spot

    The US is still the top spam-relaying country, but its share of the global bane continues to drop, security vendor Sophos has reported in its latest statistics.

  • News: Opera releases public beta of latest browser

    Opera released the first public beta of Opera 9.0 today, giving users the go ahead to put its latest web browser through its paces.

  • News: Yahoo helps arrest another Chinese dissident

    A media rights group has identified a third dissident who the Chinese government arrested based on information apparently supplied by a Yahoo subsidiary.

  • News: Yahoo mulls Wi-Fi access for IM users

    Yahoo is considering giving users of Yahoo Messenger free access to tens of thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide so they can engage in instant messaging, including voice communications, while unplugged from their regular home or office internet connection.

  • News: Cross-platform virus prompts Linux fix

    The hacker who created a widely reported cross-platform virus that could affect both Windows and Linux PCs may have inadvertently done some free bug testing for the Linux operating system.

  • News: Google upgrades business search tools

    Google plans to revamp its enterprise search devices today when it announces an updated version of Google Mini for small and medium-sized businesses and an upgrade to its Search Appliance for larger organisations.

  • News: Antispam scheme on rise, boasts Microsoft

    The antispam scheme, Sender ID, is making rapid gains in popularity, according to Microsoft.

  • News: Telecom, media companies protest EU plan

    A European Union proposal to regulate internet TV and other new-media services has created an uproar among internet and telecommunications companies.

  • News: Burst.com sues Apple for patent infringement

    Apple is facing a lawsuit over technology within its popular iPod digital music player and two related applications.

  • News: Microsoft initiates programme for healthcare

    Microsoft has initiated a programme to push its software into the healthcare industry, the company announced at the World Health Care Congress, which began yesterday in Washington DC.

  • News: Opinion: techno chefs in training

    As a kid, my favorite cartoon was The Jetsons, and one of the show's most memorable images for me is Jane Jetson whipping up a five-course meal in a matter of seconds with a few taps of a button.

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