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  • News: Skype 2.5's stealth mode 'cracked'

    Only days after it emerged that 'stealth' techniques had been introduced into the beta version of Skype 2.5 have these techniques - designed to make Skype harder to block - been cracked.

  • News: VoIP added to Nokia's internet tablet

    Nokia has updated the operating system for its Wi-Fi internet tablet device, adding support for VoIP and instant messaging, the company said today.

  • News: Skype to offer more to businesses

    Skype will offer additional features for businesses but it won't develop a specific VoIP product for the workplace

  • News: IT unlocks the origin of Darwin's theory

    British naturalist Charles Darwin is credited with the theory of evolution, but a crucial part of his theory came from his mentor, John Stevens Henslow, a lesser-known Cambridge University professor.

  • News: DoJ plays down concerns over IE search box

    The US Department of Justice will not pursue complaints about Microsoft's decision to include search functionality in version 7.0 of its Internet Explorer browser.

  • News: AOL opens out diagnostic tool for testing

    Users are being allowed to test an AOL security tool that analyses their PCs and home networks and alerts them about vulnerabilities.

  • News: eBay wins Supreme Court backing

    The US Supreme Court has overturned a lower court decision to stop eBay from using a prominent feature on its website because of a patent dispute, according to reports.

  • News: iPod mobile phone plans in doubt

    Apple and Softbank, Japan's third-largest mobile carrier, have reached a basic agreement to develop mobile phones that can play songs downloaded from Apple's iTunes Music Store.

  • News: Email 'bomber' will face retrial

    A teenager who crashed a former employer's server by sending a torrent of junk email, a practice known as mail-bombing, could yet face up to five years in prison after the case was sent back to trial.

  • News: MTV Urges users to drop iTunes

    Microsoft is set to support the latest attempt to prize away control of the digital music market from iTunes, MTV's Urge.

  • News: Search engines 'point to malicious sites'

    Search engines deliver links to dangerous websites that download spyware and adware to visitors' PCs, exploit security vulnerabilities and attempt to scam users and include them in spam lists, a study has found.

  • News: Symantec considering Gdrive alternative

    Symantec is toying with the idea of delivering a service that would allow users to automatically back up digital files to the web, according to Symantec chairman John Thompson.

  • News: Microsoft beta tests Dreamweaver rival

    Developers will today get their first chance to play with a web-layout and -design tool Microsoft hopes will lure developers from Adobe's Dreamweaver.

  • News: Consumers question copyright laws

    A recent survey claims 55 percent of UK consumers have ripped CDs they legally own to their iPod or computer.

  • News: Google Mini launches

    Google Mini, an integrated hardware and software search appliance, has launched in the UK. The device delivers search across a company's intranet or public website.

  • News: Sony brings remote TV to Macs and mobiles

    Sony will unveil software next week that will extend its LocationFree TV platform to Macintosh computers and a wider range of mobile devices.

  • News: Shareholders question Google's Chinese policy

    The furore over Google's censored Chinese search engine followed its top executives to the company's annual shareholder meeting yesterday when an Amnesty International representative took them to task over the issue.

  • News: RIM to launch BlackBerry in China

    Research in Motion will launch its popular BlackBerry service in China, the company officially announced yesterday.

  • News: Microsoft 'not gunning for Google'

    Steve Ballmer played down his company's rivalry with Google yesterday, saying Microsoft is more focused on creating content and services that will attract advertising money.

  • News: Critical vulnerability in Sophos antivirus product

    More accustomed to issuing alerts about threats in other companies' software, security firm Sophos this week has had to warn customers of a vulnerability in its own products.

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