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  • News: First look at the Opera 9.0 beta

    Opera released a version 9.0 public beta of its web browser application last week. It included a handful of nice new features such as widgets and site-specific preferences. Here are our first impressions.

  • News: Yahoo implicated in writer's imprisonment

    Yahoo's Hong Kong subsidiary provided information to Chinese authorities that led to the imprisonment of writer Wang Xiaoning on charges of incitement to subvert state power, a human rights group has said.

  • News: Security products keep watchful eye on workers

    Take note, cyberslackers: the days of messing around on the company internet may be numbered.

  • News: Illegal software bounty raised to £20k

    The Business Software Alliance has doubled the bounty it offers to employees who report their companies for unlicensed software use, to a maximum of £20,000.

  • News: Blog posts bypass for Windows antipiracy check

    Microsoft's latest update to its built-in antipiracy checks for Windows XP has spurred someone to post a method for bypassing the system on a popular technology blog.

  • News: Five face charges for 'warez' piracy

    Five US residents face criminal copyright charges for their alleged participation in the online "warez" file-trading community, the US Department of Justice announced yesterday.

  • News: Second bug threatens IE users

    For the second time in a week, hackers have discovered a previously unknown bug in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser that could be exploited to run unauthorised software on a Windows computer.

  • News: Google releases free 3D-sketching tool

    Google has released a free version of the SketchUp application for creating, viewing and modifying 3D images.

  • News: Trojan freezes computer, requests ransom

    A unique kind of malware circulating on the internet freezes computers and then asks for a ransom to be paid through the Western Union money-transfer service.

  • News: Thieves use VoIP for phishing attacks

    Taking advantage of the low cost of VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, thieves have now begun luring victims to fake automated call centres via a new kind of phishing attack.

  • News: Microsoft stepping up search research in China

    Facing pressure from Google and local-language rivals such as Baidu, Microsoft is seeking to distinguish itself again in China's competitive search market by expanding and refining its offerings.

  • News: Google promotes Firefox

    Mozilla's Firefox was recently promoted on one of the world's most popular web pages, Google.com's homepage, as the open-source browser continues its David-vs-Goliath battle against Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

  • News: BBC plans for on-demand future

    The BBC has launched several initiatives as a result of a year-long research project aimed at embracing emerging technologies, including a competition to recreate its homepage, the company said yesterday.

  • News: IE bug 'puts patched Windows systems at risk'

    Microsoft is investigating a zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer that could put fully patched Windows systems at risk of takeover.

  • News: Vonage and The Cloud in Wi-Fi calling deal

    Incumbent telecoms companies face renewed pressure to adjust business models, as the first wave of VoIP communications hits UK shores.

  • News: Microsoft gets into social-networking

    Microsoft is entering the social-networking market currently led by Friendster and News Corporation's MySpace.com with its own entry, Wallop.

  • News: Firefox backers aim to 'destroy' IE

    Self-styled 'political activists' in Massachusetts have started a campaign to get web-users to switch from Microsoft's Internet Explorer to Mozilla's Firefox browser.

  • News: Fast reveals aggressive antitheft plans

    Fast – the Federation Against Software Theft – has warned that it's about to launch an initiative to track down users of stolen software.

  • News: Microsoft debuts latest Explorer beta

    Microsoft today launched a beta version of its Internet Explorer 7.0 browser, emphasising updated security features designed to defeat security problems that plagued earlier editions.

  • News: eBay Express opens its doors

    eBay has launched a preview version of eBay Express, a site that is more conventional than its online marketplace and that the company's largest and most experienced merchants were eagerly awaiting.

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