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  • News: Mobile roaming rate comparison service launches

    Mobile operators have today launched a website where customers can compare international roaming rates. The GSM Association's site is a response to criticism from the European Commission.

  • News: China will get research watchdog

    An independent watchdog to oversee funding for scientific research in China will be formed by the country's Ministry of Science and Technology, it was reported today.

  • News: Yahoo gives birth to Trip Planner

    Yahoo is set to launch a service that helps consumers plan trips online the way they do in real life: by finding out where other people went and what they did there.

  • News: Google helps expose malware

    A little-known capability in Google's search engine has helped security vendor Websense uncover thousands of malicious websites as well as several legitimate sites that have been hacked, the company said Friday.

  • News: eBay bars Google Checkout

    eBay customers won't be able to use the recently launched Google Checkout service to buy products, according to the auction website.

  • News: Researchers' robot playing poker

    Computer scientists have moved beyond figuring out how to beat computerised chess systems and are now tackling automated Texas Hold'Em programs.

  • News: Nokia 770 to get phone capabilities

    Nokia surprised many commentators last year by releasing a mobile device that did not have any phone capabilities. However, recently released software means the 770 internet tablet can now be used as a phone after all.

  • News: 'iPod-killer' from MS to be Wi-Fi ready?

    If rumours are to believed, Microsoft is doing everything it can to burst Apple's bubble with the 'iPod-killer' device that is said to be coming to market before Christmas this year.

  • News: Extradition order for hacker approved

    The UK has approved the extradition of a hacker to the US where he will face trial for allegedly crippling military networks shortly after the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001.

  • News: Mac WGA equivalent uncovered

    Apple users have discovered that Mac OS X has a feature hidden within it that does much the same thing as Windows Genuine Advantage, Microsoft's controversial anti-piracy program.

  • News: July to be bumper patch month

    Holes in Microsoft's Office software will force Microsoft to release seven software patches next week.

  • News: 400 free Wi-Fi hotspots planned for Paris

    Citizens of and visitors to Paris will be offered free internet access over Wi-Fi networks, the city administration said this week.

  • News: Wikipedia founder launches political Wiki

    Jimmy 'Jimbo' Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has launched a political wiki site, saying that it is "time for politics to become more intelligent".

  • News: MS plans keyboard for Vista, Windows Live

    A slim, wireless keyboard is being developed by Microsoft's hardware division that will allow users of Vista and Windows Live services to access key features more easily.

  • News: Film download services hits UK shores

    Wippit, a digital media service, has beaten Apple to the launch of a UK-based movie-download service.

  • News: Report finds Trojan attacks increasing

    Hackers are increasingly targeting Trojan attacks at certain businesses in hopes of pilfering intellectual property, according to a security report released today.

  • News: Creative, Apple could strike deal

    In a bid to end their dispute about the way iPods allow users to navigate stored content, Creative and Apple could reach a settlement out of court.

  • News: 'iPod-killer Xmas' planned by Microsoft?

    Microsoft has made plans to release its iPod killer – which will be capable of playing music and video – by this Christmas, according to Bloomberg News.

  • News: A bug a day promised by hacker

    HD Moore, the hacker behind the Metasploit toolkit, has promised to publish details on one browser vulnerability per day for the month of July.

  • News: EU patent regime's future in corporations' hands

    Open-source software developers are second only to corporations in voicing opinions in a consultation process about the future of Europe's patent regime.

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