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  • News: BT dumps contractor for NHS project

    BT is dumping one of its main contractors for the 10-year project to upgrade the NHS computer network, in a move to deliver system upgrades faster, a spokesman for the telecoms company said today.

  • News: Apple responds to Nordic criticism

    Apple has replied to criticism of its iTunes DRM policy, meeting a deadline set by consumer agencies in Scandinavia, an advisor at Norway's Consumer Council said today.

  • News: Hackers outfox Mozilla

    An exploit in Mozilla's Firefox browser has been found that can hijack the software and monitor submit-and-click events.

  • News: Will Apple fail without Jobs?

    The fortunes of Apple are inextricably linked with those of company co-founder Steve Jobs.

  • News: Warner Bros axes deal with adware maker

    Warner Bros has axed a deal to provide content to Zango, a controversial advertising software maker.

  • News: Small Business Server update recalled

    A glitch discovered during a production audit has forced Microsoft to recall an updated version of its Small Business Server software.

  • News: Enhanced video portal trialled by AOL

    AOL will unveil a revamped video portal this week, the latest move by a major internet company to strengthen its position in this very competitive market.

  • News: Over-50s portal to go live

    An internet portal for people over 50 years old, Eons.com, will debut officially later today as the company behind it bets that people in this age group are underserved on the internet.

  • News: French copyright law gets tougher

    France's Constitutional Council has made an already strict copyright law even tougher, modifying three articles of the law and striking out a fourth in a review of its constitutionality.

  • News: Nokia tests mobile/Wi-Fi hybrid phones

    Nokia, the world largest handset maker, has begun testing technology in a Finnish city that lets users to make calls on both mobile and Wi-Fi networks and switch between networks without interruption.

  • News: Internet fraud out of control in UK

    According to a report from the Attorney General's office, the UK is trailing behind other countries in its efforts to track and investigate internet fraud.

  • News: Google to host open-source projects

    Google is offering to host open-source software development projects in a move that has been met with mixed reaction from the developer community online.

  • News: Google click-fraud settlement approved

    A judge has given final approval to the settlement of a click-fraud lawsuit, despite critics' characterisation of the settlement as a slap on the wrist for Google.

  • News: Music industry and Kazaa kiss, make up

    Kazaa today settled two major cases against it out of court.

  • News: Run Windows Vista on a Mac?

    It will be possible to run Windows Vista on an Intel-based Mac, according to a blog posting.

  • News: Broadband boosts BT's revenues

    BT's profit rose for the last quarter, slightly up on revenue. Performance was dragged down by declines in its traditional offerings but buoyed by services such as broadband and networked IT services.

  • News: Icann to be given full control of DNS?

    Internet governance experts yesterday argued the case for having the US government hand over completely the technical co-ordination and management of the internet's domain-name system to the private, nonprofit Icann this year.

  • News: Google's Chinese search revenue lags behind

    Generally, Google may dominate the global market for search-engine advertising, but the company lagged far behind its main rivals in China during the first quarter of 2006

  • News: IE 7.0 will be released as automatic update

    Microsoft will deliver the next version of its Internet Explorer browser to consumers via its Automatic Updates service, it has said.

  • News: Google to offer click fraud stats

    Google hopes to help make click fraud more transparent with a feature that offers advertisers reports of invalid clicks, the search giant said yesterday.

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