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More Broadband Articles

  • News: Changing broadband provider gets easier

    Regulations proposed yesterday by Ofcom should make it easier for customers to change their broadband supplier.

  • News: Firefox 2.0 'too buggy' for release

    The next version of open-source browser Firefox has been delayed for a month. Version 2.0, code named Bon Echo, had been due on 26 September but will now make its debut on 24 October. The test schedule has also been adjusted, with the second beta now appearing a week late, on 23 August.

  • News: Windows Live makes test debut in Vista

    Microsoft has begun showing how it will integrate its Windows Live online services into Windows Vista in recent test builds of the operating system, according to sources familiar with the company's plans.

  • News: iTunes movie plans confirmed

    Apple seems set to launch movie downloads through iTunes US – at least, if a senior movie company excutive can be believed.

  • News: AOL security tools raise adware issues

    Just days after posting details of searches made by hundreds of thousands of subscribers, AOL is in hot water again with consumer advocates.

  • News: Yahoo China sued for libel

    Zhou Hongyi, the former general manager of Yahoo China, has sued the company in a Beijing court, accusing it of insulting and libelling him.

  • News: In-flight Wi-Fi shut down by Boeing

    Boeing will phase out its Connexion by Boeing service, leaving what it once considered a promising market for in-flight internet access.

  • News: US wiretapping ruled illegal

    A US judge has ruled that a US NSA programme to wiretap telephone and internet traffic of US residents is illegal and must be stopped.

  • News: Microsoft adds patches for Vista flaws

    Microsoft has released two patches for its Vista operating system, saying that it too is affected by flaws that were disclosed during the company's 8 August security updates.

  • News: Advertisers worried by Google Checkout glitch

    Google this week temporarily attached Google Checkout icons to ads from companies that haven't signed up for the online transaction system, a glitch that caused some confusion among advertisers.

  • News: Group slammed for creating 'test' viruses

    A consumer magazine has been condemned for possibly adding to the virus problem by creating a series of 'test' viruses just to review antivirus scanners.

  • News: US remains in charge of the net

    The US Department of Commerce has renewed its contract with Icann to manage technical functions for the internet's domain name system.

  • News: Yahoo Mail security hole plugged

    Yahoo has fixed a security vulnerability in its Yahoo Mail service that could have allowed malicious hackers to hijack accounts and harm users in a variety of ways.

  • News: ID authentication to be pushed in Vista

    Microsoft chief identity and access architect Kim Cameron believes the inroads Microsoft is making into creating 'trusted identities' through the online identity verification tool in Vista, CardSpace, will solve consumer-level security and identity authentication issues.

  • News: No plans to consolidate Yahoo Photos, Flickr

    Yahoo may build links between Yahoo Photos and Flickr, though it has no plans to consolidate the photo-sharing services.

  • News: AMD fails to steal Intel's crown

    AMD launched its Opteron line of processors for workstations and servers this week, but tests show the dual-processor model is still significantly less powerful than Intel's latest Xeon chip.

  • News: Fraunhofer going after trademark violators

    Technology from one of Germany's renowned Fraunhofer Institutes could help companies protect pictures of their products from being stolen by groups trying to promote cheap imitations.

  • News: RealPlayer to support Windows Media on Linux

    RealNetworks will support Microsoft's Windows Media formats in an upgraded version of its RealPlayer multimedia application for Linux systems scheduled for release in December.

  • News: Microsoft patches Microsoft patch

    Microsoft will update a patch by next Tuesday that's causing a version of Internet Explorer (IE) to suddenly crash.

  • News: China to regulate online video clips?

    Broadcast yourself? Not if China's regulators have anything to say about it, according to Chinese media reports today.

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