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  • News: Google Brazil threatened with closure

    State prosecutors in Brazil are threatening to force Google Brazil to shut down and pay fines for failing to turn over customer records as part of investigations against paedophiles.

  • News: Apple staff sacked over Leopard leak

    If reports are to be believed, at least five employees of Apple's retail stores have been fired after downloading copies of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

  • News: Federal Trade Commission examines net neutrality

    The US Federal Trade Commission has formed a task force to examine whether net neutrality advocates' fears of large broadband providers blocking or slowing web content from competitors are justified, the agency's chairwoman said.

  • News: Microsoft tips hat to open-source community

    In a concession to the open source software paradigm, Microsoft has added support for the Firefox browser to its MSDN Wiki, company officials are reporting this week.

  • News: Microsoft goes after 'cybersquatters'

    Web users who've had the frustrating experience of mistyping a common or popular website URL and inadvertently landing on a page full of pay-per-click ads may soon have relief due to a campaign by Microsoft.

  • News: PowerPoint flaw 'old news'

    An unpatched security flaw in PowerPoint is not so new after all, according to Microsoft, which claims it fixed the problem earlier this month.

  • News: Microsoft encouraged to ease Vista transition

    Microsoft partners are asking the software vendor to do whatever it takes to make the transition to Windows Vista easier.

  • News: Security bug in Microsoft's August IE patch

    Instead of making the browser more secure, Microsoft's August Internet Explorer security update introduced a critical security bug, according to researchers at eEye Digital Security.

  • News: Better quality promised for mobile Skype calls

    Software in the Skype PC client that enhances call quality is now coming to dedicated devices such as mobile phones that use the peer-to-peer voice service.

  • News: Two-thirds of all email is spam, plus other facts

    The latest edition of a book of global digital facts has exposed spam as an even more massive problem than previously imagined. Two-thirds of all email sent in March was spam, while only 20 per cent of it was legitimate, according to the 2006 edition of the 'Digital Economy Fact Book', released Monday by the Progress and Freedom Foundation (PFF), a conservative think-tank based in Washington, DC. PFF researchers gathered data from a variety of public and private sources in the fact book.

  • News: 'Demon Wave' worm disrupts broadband in China

    Chinese government officials have warned ADSL users to install a recent Microsoft security patch after Worm.Mocbot.A - called "Demon Wave" in Chinese - caused massive system failures and disrupted broadband Internet access across the city of Shanghai.

  • News: AOL reviews privacy policy, sheds staff

    AOL has announced that it's taking steps to prevent a similar security breach to the recent occasion in which subscriber search query results were posted online. The company has also accepted the resignation of its chief technology officer, and two other members of staff have been sacked.

  • News: Music downloads still booming in Japan

    The number of legal album and song downloads in Japan continued to climb in the second quarter of this year. But the rate of expansion has slowed dramatically from a year earlier, according to figures published today.

  • News: Cheap holiday website scammers nicked

    A man and a woman suspected of running a holiday website scam that duped thousands of UK citizens have been arrested.

  • News: Memory glitch in Microsoft patch fixed

    Microsoft has fixed a bug in a critical security patch that may have been causing problems for some Windows Server 2003 users.

  • News: Yahoo quietly tests antiphishing service

    Yahoo is testing a security service designed to prevent web surfers from landing on sites that look like they are from Yahoo but that are fake ones set up by fraudsters to carry out phishing scams.

  • News: Layer feature added to mobile Google Maps

    Google is tweaking the mobile version of Google Maps to allow developers to layer information over the application, a feature that it hopes will lead to new uses.

  • News: Google hit by another click-fraud lawsuit

    Google could have another class-action lawsuit on its hands over click fraud if a judge certifies a new suit filed against the company in Pennsylvania for class-action status.

  • News: AOL in trouble with privacy groups

    The World Privacy Forum has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission in the US against AOL.

  • News: Boeing 'disappoints' in-flight partner

    Lufthansa's in-flight internet service could be grounded, and the company isn't happy.

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