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  • News: Pioneer slashes AirPlay prices, aims at Bluetooth

    When customers in the Apple ecosystem shop for wireless speakers, the biggest consideration is whether to go with Bluetooth or AirPlay. And the argument has long gone that AirPlay's decided advantages--higher-quality audio and longer, Wi-Fi-based range--come with one significant disadvantage: AirPlay speakers cost substantially more than their Bluetooth counterparts. But it appears that Pioneer is looking to change that.

  • Bose introduces SoundLink Mini and QuietComfort 20

    Bose has unveiled its SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker and QuietComfort 20 headphones for use with smartphones and tablets.

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: Charge!

    Your iPhone may be getting more than just power from that charger. Elsewhere, the patent lawsuit is coming from inside the law firm and the iHernia of Mac portable concepts. The remainders for Monday, June 3, 2013 are large and in charge.

  • Opinion: Meet Stanley, the player piano that will play just about any song you tweet to him

    For too long, player piano-human interactions have been a one-way conversation. But thanks to a little techno-tinkering, this no longer need be the case. Sing for Hope Pianos, an annual art project that places 88 piano-based installations throughout New York City, has teamed up with digital boutique agency Digital Kitchen to reinvent the old timey player piano for the social media age. The result: Stanley, the player piano that can read your tweets and play (just about) any song you send his way.

  • News: Personal Audio defends its podcasting patent

    The company that owns a U.S. patent for podcasting is confident the patent will stand up to a challenge initiated this week by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

  • Opinion: Answers to your questions about iTunes and videos

    Many of the iTunes Guy columns focus on music, since the majority of the questions I receive are about that kind of media. But I get a fair number of questions about videos, and in this week's column, I cover four questions dealing with videos: their formats and tags, and how to make smart playlists to group movies by title.

  • News: Google's All Access music service coming to iOS 'a couple weeks from now'

    It's a good thing I'm hungry, because it's time for me to eat my words.

  • News: EFF targets podcasting patent for invalidation

    A 1996 podcasting patent is in the crosshairs of two digital rights groups, which are hoping the public will help them get the patent invalidated.

  • News: Apple reveals 16GB iPod touch with no rear-facing camera

    If the 32GB iPod touch had too much capacity for you, or just too many cameras, Apple's got a solution: the new 16GB iPod touch, now available at the Apple Store for just $229.

  • News: Justin Timberlake, Jack Johnson to headline 2013 iTunes Festival in London

    Since 2007, Apple's hosted an annual iTunes Festival in London, and 2013 will be no exception: The company on Thursday announced that Justin Timberlake, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Jack Johnson, Jessie J, and nearly 60 other bands will headline this year's incarnation of the festival.

  • News: Awesome new Discover feed adds personalized music recommendations to Spotify

    You can use Spotify to easily swap playlists with your friends, check out the top charts, and find new music releases, but the streaming service has always lacked a great way to get personalized music recommendations. To overcome that deficiency, Spotify on Wednesday rolled out Discover, an "endless scroll" news feed similar to Facebook and Google+ that replaces the current "What's New" section.

  • How-Tos: Grab bag: Missing surround sound, a lost Mac, and more

    As you can imagine, I get questions. Lots of questions. And many times the answers to those questions are shorter than the queries themselves, making them poor fodder for a readership that feels cheated by anything less that bushel-loads of consonants and vowels by the peck. And so I horde these questions and, once enough have accumulated, drop them with a thump. Like so:

  • How-Tos: How to copy iTunes music to a new PC or Mac

    Here's where we show you how to transfer your iTunes library from one computer to another.

  • News: Seven free apps for finding stellar live sounds

    How often have you heard someone say, "I don't really like music"? Most people enjoy music, whether they're classical-concerto buffs or indie-rock megafans. And there's good reason for that--studies have proven that music can make you happy.

  • How-Tos: How to get started with AirPlay

    AirPlay (formerly called AirTunes) is Apple's technology for streaming media over a local (usually in-home) network. It lets you stream audio from any Mac or iOS device to any AirPlay-enabled audio system, or video from a Mac (of recent vintage) or an iOS device to an Apple TV (also of recent vintage).

  • How-Tos: How to get better-than-CD quality with DSD

    As the CD is about to turn 30, we long for what could have been. We review the latest digital audio hardware and music playback software to see what's possible when Direct Stream Digital is liberated by PCs and USB cables.

  • News: iWatch Sighting in Latest Apple Ad?

    Apple's newest TV ad might be revealing a glimpse of the rumored iWatch, best that's the only good thing about it, writes CIO.com's Tom Kaneshige.

  • How-Tos: Control noise of web pages when listening to radio

    Do you find that ads and videos disturb your web radio listening? Our Helproom Editor explains how to listen to web radio, music or a podcast on one web browser window or tab without being disturbed by noises from the rest of your web browsing session.

  • News: Netflix plans to double its original content push next year

    Netflix's newfound love affair with original content isn't disappearing any time soon: The company reportedly wants to double its original programming slate in 2014.

  • News: Twitter #Music doubles down on song discovery with new chart features

    It's not a groundbreaking feature, but nice to have nonetheless: Twitter has added a bunch of genre charts to its #Music discovery service to display the most popular songs and artists trending, in a bid to surface the most popular tracks on the social network.

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