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  • News: The 12 streaming movies of Christmas

    Christmastime is here, which means joyous excitement for some, and worry and dread for others. Fortunately, there's a whole roster of streaming Christmas movies available to either enhance or counter your mood. These range from sweet, beloved classics to much darker, more modern movies, all the way to the simply bizarre. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

  • News: Xbox Video, Xbox Music finally arrive on Windows Phone

    Microsoft finally pushed its Xbox Video and a preview of Xbox Music to Windows Phone 8 on Wednesday, finally tying together its phone, PC, and living-room entertainment services.

  • News: Spotify Mobile goes free for everyone

    Spotify now available on iOS and Android for free.

  • News: Spotify launches free on-demand listening on tablets, free playlist shuffles on phones

    Like two-thirds of Spotify's global users, I have willingly rented-out my earholes to the Swedish company's advertisers in return for free access to nearly all the world's music (minus a few negligible nothing acts).

  • News: Yahoo buys concert live-streaming startup Evntlive

    Yahoo may soon be broadcasting more concerts following its acquisition of live music streaming startup Evntlive.

  • News: Spotify for Artists wants to woo musicians with real-time data

    Audio-streaming service Spotify generally gets mixed reviews. On one side of the fence are satisfied customers (like me), who gladly pay $10 a month to access an effectively limitless supply of music. Many artists are less keen on the idea, citing paltry payouts from streaming services, and a general inability for new and struggling musicians "to even keep their lights on" when relying on these new music distribution models.

  • Feature: How to buy and play HD audio on your PC

    High-resolution digital audio is up and coming, offering better sound quality than your CD collection. Here's everything you need to know about hi-res music: how to buy it and how to optimise your PC to enjoy all the detail it has to offer.

  • How-Tos: How to get better quality audio from your PC

    Listening to music on your PC is great when you’re surfing the web or to take the drudgery out of sorting out the home finances but the audio quality often leaves something to be desired. We explain all you need to know about the hardware and software you need.

  • News: Microsoft launches Xbox Video website without crucial feature

    Zune may be dead, but Microsoft's Xbox-branded media stores and expanding to fill the void. On Wednesday, the web version of Xbox Video went live, just in time to stream A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

  • Opinion: How to buy the right sound bar to go with your TV

    Your HDTV has crappy speakers. Don't feel bad, they all do. There's only so much they can do in that thin enclosure with a tiny bezel around the screen. It's easy to get great sound in your living room, though. All you have to do is buy a receiver, a center channel speaker, a subwoofer, front and surround speakers. Then you take a bunch of speaker wire, and run it from your receiver...

  • Opinion: Sonar X3's third fix is the charm

    Sonar X3 is a high-end audio recording application that's recently experienced what's known in the software business as an Oracle-style release. That's when you take the customer's money, ship them what is essentially a buggy beta, then strive to fix things and update them as fast as you can. This was the MO for Oracle (and others less well-known) for years early on, hence the name.

  • News: EU one step closer to simplifying music licensing for streaming services

    Online music service providers are a step closer to finding it easier to operate legally in the European Union thanks to a vote by politicians on Tuesday.

  • Buying Advice: The 12 best speakers for Christmas 2013

    The best speakers to give this Christmas for all gadgets, budgets and situations.

  • News: Party poopers: Turntable pulling the plug on Turntable.fm

    Remember Turntable.fm? Part chat room and part dancehall, it lets folks across the internet host ersatz DJ sessions with music licensed from record labels, or uploaded by users. Alas, the company behind it all has announced that they'll be shutting the service down to focus their time and resources on their new service, Turntable Live.

  • News: Clap along to Happy, Pharrell Williams' 24-hour long interactive music video

    Pharrell Williams' 24 hours of Happy is technically only about four minutes long and fairly simple: dancers bop about and sing along to the infectiously catchy song. And then it starts all over again, with a new star sliding into place. For twenty four hours.

  • News: Google starts actively wooing Chromecast developers

    You can already use your Google Chromecast to watch Hulu Plus, Netflix, and HBO Go, but soon Google is expected to allow even more third-party app compatibility with the streaming device.

  • News: Vodafone Music app launches in New Zealand

    On the day of the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, Vodafone has launched its music download service for iOS and Android to New Zealand customers. A free four-week trial is available to Vodafone customers, or a two-week trial on other carriers.

  • News: The end of an era: Winamp's shutting down

    After more than 15 years, the famous Winamp media player will shut down on December 20, its makers announced Wednesday.

  • News: Bob Dylan's interactive music video for Like A Rolling Stone boggles the mind

    I've spent most of my life wading through the Internet's trenches, so I'd like to think I'm not easily flabbergasted. And then something like this rolls along--a surreal trip through Bob Dylan's classic "Like a Rolling Stone," overlaid on a television set.

  • News: NFL, MLB threaten to kill free broadcasts if Aereo keeps streaming live TV

    Two major sports leagues say they'll take their balls and go home if streaming TV service Aereo is deemed legal.

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