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  • News: Apple rivals join together against iTunes

    Giant US consumer electronics retailer Best Buy, in cooperation with SanDisk and RealNetworks, is the latest company to join the growing list of competitors to Apple's iTunes music service.

  • News: Jobs knew of backdating, says Apple

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs apologised to shareholders yesterday after an internal investigation found that he had been aware of the company's practice of 'backdating' employee stock options.

  • News: Fujitsu's prototype PC designs displayed

    Fujitsu offered visitors to the Ceatec exhibition in Chiba, Japan, a look at entertainment PCs of the future with the display of two prototype computer designs.

  • News: Intel calls for open standards

    Intel looks set to find itself in the midst of an industry battle over how the power and complexity of computers should be combined with the convenience and simplicity of consumer electronics.

  • News: Record companies agree on digital royalties

    Recording artists such as the Rolling Stones, Elton John and Paul McCartney will get an 8 percent slice from the sale of their music sold through online services and mobile networks in the UK under a compromise reached last week with content sellers.

  • News: Morpheus software 'encouraged piracy'

    In another blow to P2P filesharing, a US federal judge ruled this week that the Morpheus software program encouraged users to infringe upon copyrighted works.

  • News: Zune will go on sale in US on 14 November

    Microsoft's Zune digital media player will go on sale in the US on 14 November for $250, the company said yesterday, in line with the price of video iPods already available from Apple.

  • News: Nokia announces music-recommendation service

    Nokia has introduced several phones and also announced a music recommendation service that hints at the potential for a full-blown music store from the company.

  • News: LimeWire countersues record companies

    P2P filesharing software developer LimeWire has countersued the biggest record companies, charging them with anticompetitive behaviour.

  • News: Acer predicts big year for digital home

    After a series of false starts, sales of devices for the digital home will take off in 2007, the chairman of Acer said today.

  • News: Apple continues to claim ownership of 'pod'

    Apple is becoming more aggressive in protecting its iPod trademark and is now attempting to establish control of the word 'pod' and, in one case, 'podcast'.

  • News: Apple denies Music Week claims

    Apple has denied a Music Week story that claimed the company has entered a partnership to facilitate live-event streaming over the internet to bands.

  • News: U2 iPod updated

    Apple has quietly updated its U2 iPod, bringing it in line with its recently revealed and 60 per cent brighter iPod range.

  • News: BitTorrent: DRM is bad for iTunes

    In an interview with PC Advisor, the filesharing giant's founder spills the beans on its new movie download service, promising faster content and hardware partnerships.

  • News: Nike+iPod owners reach a million miles

    The Nike+iPod kit is delivering fast-paced success, with over one million miles of running logged by users in just ten weeks.

  • News: iTunes movies make $1m for Disney in a week

    In only one week, Apple's iTunes Store generated $1m in movie sales for Walt Disney, and that's 'just the beginning', the head of Disney said yesterday.

  • News: Napster seeks partnership or sale

    Napster has revealed that it’s in talks over a sale or possible strategic partnership.

  • News: Sandisk, Real take on iPod, iTunes

    Real is hoping to make a stronger push into the portable digital music market with the introduction of Sandisk's Sansa music players that come bundled with RealNetworks Rhapsody music service.

  • News: More Origami devices coming soon

    Asus will begin selling its first ultramobile PC, the R2H, worldwide by the end of this month, while Samsung is readying one that eschews Intel microprocessors in favour of Via chips.

  • News: Google, Apple discuss video partnership

    Apple and Google are in discussion over video content for the Cupertino company's video products, including the not-yet-available iTV device.

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