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  • News: Mattel develops BarbieGirl MP3 player

    Mattel has created an MP3 player that looks like a doll and can be transformed into live characters at BarbieGirls.com.

  • News: iTunes threatened by DRM-free music

    Apple's iPod and iTunes Store dominate online music, with the recording industry reporting that nearly 13 percent fewer CDs were sold in 2006 than the previous year, while sales of downloaded digital songs increased by almost 60 percent. But will DRM-free music and subscription-based services change the way we consume music?

  • News: Microsoft planning new Zune players

    New Zune music players are in the works as Microsoft steps up the batte against Apple's iPod. But some analysts are unsure whether new form factors or functions will significantly boost Zune's popularity

  • News: Europe to tidy up online music "mess"

    Providers of online music services in Europe should benefit from a new one-stop licensing system aimed at simplifying the complex process of obtaining music distribution rights across the continent.

  • News: iPod's UK share behind other markets

    Apple chief operating officer Tim Cook said the iPod remains the dominant media player across the world, although competing devices are taking a chunk out of the UK market.

  • News: Apple boosted by iPod & Mac sales

    Apple’s Mac and iPod product lines reported impressive growth during the first three months of the year, helping Apple achieve $5.26bn in revenue and $770m in profit in Q1.

  • News: Apple backs Steve Jobs in options scandal

    Apple's Board of Directors has backed CEO Steve Jobs, issuing a statement one day after former CFO Fred Anderson said Jobs told him to backdate options.

  • News: Yahoo Music offers free song lyrics

    Yahoo has partnered with Gracenote, a provider of CD and digital track identification services, to give users free access to the lyrics of hundreds of thousands of songs from the five major music publishers, according to Gracenote spokeswoman Stephanie Steinwinder.

  • News: Business iPhone planned by Apple partner

    AT&T plans to market the iPhone to business users in addition to consumers but analysts aren't recommending that enterprises supply workers with Apple’s new handset.

  • News: Apple to vote on 'hazardous' products

    Apple shareholders will vote on a resolution at the company's annual meeting 10 May on a proposal to remove certain hazardous chemicals from their products.

  • News: Apple's iPhone previewed 'in 2004'

    Although Apple's iPhone has been shrouded in secrecy, apparently some details of the interface leaked all the way back in 2004, alert viewers of the ABC television series Lost have reported.

  • News: YouTube, Flickr & Wikipedia killers revealed

    Hitwise, which collects internet usage data directly from ISPs to measure the traffic to more than 800,000 webites, has tapped the six Web 2.0 companies most likely to reach the soaring success of YouTube, Wikipedia or Flickr. To do so, it looks at the types of early adopters now using the sites.

  • News: Microsoft kills Zune 'fuel cell' talk

    Microsoft has insisted it won't resell the fuel-cell battery rechargers it’s buying from Medis Technologies, contrary to reports.

  • News: Apple's Steve Jobs takes $1 salary

    Apple boss Steve Jobs took home a one dollar salary once again this year, the company has confirmed, according to a news report on MarketWatch.

  • News: Apple iTunes DRM ban proposed

    A small Norwegian political party has called on the government to ban DRM (digital rights management) and legalise file-sharing, responding to growing consumer opposition in the country to restrictive controls on downloading and duplicating content from the internet.

  • News: Is Microsoft fuel cell designed for Zune?

    A New York-based company developing fuel cells for consumer electronics devices says it has started commercial production of a fuel cell-based recharger for Microsoft.

  • News: The 20 worst technologies of all time

    If you listen to vendors and the media, it may sometimes seem as though every new product, service, concept or even security threat will be the Next Big Thing. Some live up to all the fuss, but many don't - and some fail spectacularly.

  • News: iPod's dominance is only just beginning

    Generally, Apple has very little use for anniversaries. Recent milestones - like 2006's 30th anniversary of the company's founding, the Mac's 20th anniversary in 2004, and the iPod's fifth anniversary last autumn - passed without much official to-do from the company. But when Apple sold its 100 millionth iPod last week, the company made sure not to let the occasion go by without comment.

  • News: Linux virus targets iPods

    As threats go this one is very small but the target happens to be one of the biggest in the digital world - someone has finally got round to writing an iPod virus.

  • News: iTunes subscriptions could be forced on Apple

    Macworld reports that the world's top music labels want to force Apple to launch subscription-based iTunes music services.

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