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  • News: Apple making huge margin on iPhones

    Researchers at iSuppli are claiming Apple is charging double the manufacturing costs for iPhones.

  • News: iPhone sales estimated at 700,000

    It will be a while before the official numbers come in, but some Wall Street analysts say that Apple might have sold as many as 700,000 iPhones over the device's opening weekend.

  • News: Hackers near to unlocking iPhone

    Efforts to unlock Apple's iPhone continue, with hackers claiming "very significant progress”.

  • News: iPhone's wireless network is crippled

    iPhone users across the US were complaining yesterday that AT&T's wireless data network was down.

  • News: Universal cancels long-term iTunes deal

    Universal Music Group, one of the world's largest commercial music publishers, has turned down an opportunity to continue a long-term arrangement with Apple, a source confirmed to PC Advisor’s sister title Macworld.

  • News: Sony's liquid airbag could protect hard disks

    Sony has filed for a US patent on a liquid airbag for electronics - in particular, for hard disks. The idea is that the electronics will be wrapped in a fluid-filled bag so if the outer case suffers a shock, the liquid acts as a cushion.

  • News: iPhone software update reveals ARM chip

    Apple has released a software update for the iPhone and confirmed its initial range of accessories for the device.

  • News: Activation hell for iPhone buyers

    Apple's iPhone launch has been marred by delays in AT&T's phone activation system, leaving some people unable to use their new toy throughout the weekend.

  • News: iPhone: 500,000 sales & counting

    Apple has sold 525,000 iPhones since the product's US launch last Friday, Reuters reports.

  • News: First look: Hands-on with the iPhone

    Does the Apple iPhone live up to the hype? Of course it doesn't - it couldn't possibly. As David Platt, a computer science professor at Harvard University, remarked to Reuters: "God himself could not design a device that could live up to all the hype."

  • News: Tackling the iPhone mob

    As 6:00pm approached on Friday, the mob in front of the Apple's flagship San Francisco store counted down the seconds as if it was New Year's Eve.

  • News: Hackers could unlock iPhone today

    Now that Apple's iPhone is finally on sale, the race is on to see who can unlock it. Locked phones can only be used with the mobile service from one carrier, a move designed to guarantee carriers recover the cost of subsidising a handset through monthly service charges. But the cost of the iPhone, which is priced at either $499 (£250) or $599 (£300) depending on the model, is not subsidised by AT&T.

  • News: iPhone software aids Amazon shoppers

    Karelia Software has announced the beta version of Amaphone, software that makes it easier to shop at Amazon using an iPhone.

  • News: iTunes update adds iPhone support

    Apple has released iTunes 7.3. The update is available through the Software Update system preference or directly from the Apple website.

  • News: The iPhone killers: best products of 2007

    Apple’s iPhone is the most highly anticipated tech gadget of the year, but David Haskin believes it’s distracted us from other hot new products launched in the first half of 2007

  • News: Vodafone to launch iPhone in Europe?

    Investment bank Credit Suisse claims Vodafone is one of the favourites to be network operator for the iPhone in Europe.

  • News: Chinese whispers over iPhone release

    Americans aren't the only ones going crazy over news about Apple's iPhone. The impending launch of the phone tops technology news headlines in China today, hours before the handset was due to hit store shelves in the US.

  • News: iPhone supply concerns Apple boss

    The number of iPhones manufactured by Apple may not be enough to meet customer demand when the smart phone goes on sale in the US today, CEO Steve Jobs has revealed.

  • News: The definitive iPhone guide

    After nearly six months of hype, speculation and cynicism, Apple’s iPhone finally launches in the US today. So what’s all the fuss about? PC Advisor reveals all the news, gossip, reviews and opinion in our definitive guide to the Apple iPhone.

  • News: iPhone accessory buyers' guide

    With the hype surrounding the iPhone reaching critical mass on June 29 in the US, Apple wants to ensure third-party vendors sell accessories engineered to work properly with its multimedia mobile phone.

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