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  • News: Opinion: How to hack the Apple TV

    When Apple unveiled Apple TV at January's Macworld Expo, there were oohs and aahs… and complaints. The most commonly-heard gripe: the device's "limited" functionality. Now Apple TV is here, hackers are finding ways to extend its usefulness

  • News: Google phone: the truth

    You've probably heard that Google is working on a mobile phone, and that everyone is calling the Google Phone or even the gPhone. You may also have heard that they're not working on one. Well, which is it? Neither, probably, but something much more interesting.

  • News: iTunes and DRM-free music explained

    Apple and EMI announced this week that you'll soon be able to buy higher-quality, DRM-free digital music from EMI artists through the iTunes Music Store.

  • News: Apple working on European iPhone launch

    Apple’s plans to release the iPhone in Europe have begun in earnest after the company started advertising for a senior executive to handle the iPhone’s European operations.

  • News: Unfair iTunes punishes music fans

    The European Commission's complaint against Apple and the major record labels over a possible violation of European rules on cross-border trade has served to highlight the inconsistencies in how music is released and priced online.

  • News: Apple backed by DRM-free competitors

    While EMI's Monday event announcing the coming availability of DRM-free digital music focused on the iTunes Store, that won't be the only online service to benefit from the record label's new policy.

  • News: DRM-free iTunes to revolutionise music

    News of a pending announcement was buried among the April Fools Day fake stories on the techie Web sites. EMI, the world's third largest music company, and Apple were going to hold a joint press conference in London on April 2. It turned out that the press conference was real but there still may be a joke in here for someone.

  • News: Apple sued over UK iTunes pricing

    The European Commission (EC) has charged Apple’s iTunes store and several big record companies with restrictive pricing practices in the European Union, a spokesman for the Commission confirmed today.

  • News: iTunes to reject DRM-free movies

    Apple chief executive Steve Jobs may be pushing for music labels to lift copyright protection on digital music but he doesn't appear so eager to do the same for video content, despite his position as the largest shareholder in Walt Disney.

  • News: Apple confirms DRM-free iTunes

    EMI Music’s entire digital music catalogue will be available for purchase without digital rights management (DRM) from the iTunes Store worldwide in May. Apple chief executive Steve Jobs predicted that more than half of the songs on iTunes will be available in DRM-free versions by the end of this year

  • News: Apple iPhone launch date leaked

    Steve Jobs’ keynote at the Macworld Expo in January this year revealed that the iPhone would be released in June but now US wireless company, Cingular, has let slip that the device will be available from the site from 11 June.

  • News: Video iPods get UK price cut

    Apple has announced a small price cut for its video iPod range in the UK. The 30GB model, previously priced at £189, is now available for £179. The top-end 80GB video iPod has had it’s price cut from £259 to £189. Prices for Apple’s iPod nano and iPod shuffle ranges remain the same.

  • News: Copy-free iTunes coming today - report

    Apple and EMI are expected to announce a DRM-free approach to iTunes at a special UK announcement today. The copy-free approach would allow music fans to swap tracks bought through iTunes freely between iPods and computers

  • News: Excitement over UK Apple launch today

    EMI chief executive Eric Nicoli will hold an event in the UK with Apple boss Steve Jobs as a special guest, according to an invitation sent to press yesterday.

  • News: iPod & iPhone market to double

    The iPod-dominated market for media and music players to double between 2005 and 2010, according to researchers at iSuppli.

  • News: Google adds new YouTube features

    New services available on YouTube could reflect growing influence of its parent company Google.

  • News: Apple offers iTunes discounts in the UK

    Apple has added a new feature called 'Complete My Album' to boost album sales at the iTunes Store. This service allows customers to turn individual tracks into a complete album at a reduced price by giving them a full 79 pence credit for every track they have previously purchased from that album through iTunes.

  • News: Vista fix repairs Apple iTunes & iPod bug

    Microsoft has released several fixes for Windows Vista bugs, including one involving the ubiquitous iPod music player that Apple didn't fix in an iTunes update three weeks ago.

  • News: Disney sued over Apple iTunes deal

    Starz Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against Disney for copyright infringement and breach of contract. The lawsuit was filed because Disney began selling the same movies to Apple and Wal-Mart as it had previously offered exclusively to Starz.

  • News: iPhone available on eBay

    eBay seller offers six iPhones in the US, three months before the handset is due to go on sale

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