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  • News: Turn your mobile phone into a PVR

    Watching TV on a mobile phone could get more interesting next year, with new technologies that promise to bring TiVo-like recording functionality to portable devices.

  • News: 'Free iTunes' signs second label

    SpiralFrog has reached an agreement with EMI Music Publishing, one of the largest music publishers in the world, to use its songs and lyrics for a music download service scheduled to roll out in a beta version by November.

  • News: Apple stock soars in anticipation of 'showtime'

    Apple's stock price shot up last night as investors lapped up shares in expectation of new iPods and a potential movie download service from the company.

  • News: SanDisk slammed by MP3 licensors

    SanDisk has been forced to remove new MP3 players from its stand at German trade show IFA, following legal action.

  • News: Apple 'must carry iPod hearing warning'

    The Royal National Institute for the Deaf wants iPods and other digital audio players to carry health warnings against excessive use at high volumes.

  • News: Philips sees a future in healthcare

    Philips hopes to dominate the market for electronic healthcare products in much the same way that Apple conquered the ears of consumers with its successful iPod portable music player.

  • News: Online music store planned by MySpace

    MySpace has talked of plans to sell music downloads before the end of this year.

  • News: iPod subcontractor drops libel suit

    The subcontractor accused of mistreating workers at an iPod factory in China dropped its libel suit against two reporters and the news organisation they work for in Shanghai.

  • News: Samsung announces Origami update

    Samsung will introduce an upgraded version of its Q1 ultra-mobile PC with extended battery life, HSDPA connectivity and a more powerful processor.

  • News: Windows Media Player 11.0 Beta 2.0 arrives

    Microsoft has released Beta 2.0 of the next version of Windows Media Player for Windows XP, adding more online stores for buying digital music and letting users share content across various devices.

  • News: Microsoft Zune will fail, analyst predicts

    An analyst last night labelled Microsoft's Zune music player 'underwhelming', and said it is unlikely to dent Apple's share in the market.

  • News: iPod manufacturer cuts damages claim

    The iPod manufacturer at the heart of a furore over the treatment of workers in China has reduced the damages it is seeking from a pair of journalists accused of defaming the company.

  • News: MTV Networks' broadband push begins

    As young people increasingly tune out television and tune into online video and chat, MTV Networks is hoping to win their attention with a broadband service that appears part MTV, part YouTube and part MySpace.

  • News: iPod manufacturer sues journalists

    The contract manufacturer of the iPod music player has filed lawsuits against two Chinese journalists who wrote articles about working conditions at factories where iPods are made, according to Chinese press reports.

  • News: Google CEO to sit on Apple board

    Apple has tapped the head of Google for its own board, hoping to benefit from his long industry experience.

  • News: MS seeks to limit damage from DRM hack

    Microsoft has been forced to issue an urgent software update to secure the solution it offers to digital music stores, following an easy and successful hack.

  • News: Analysis: last ditty for the iPod?

    A 'ditty' is a short and simple song, and Dell's DJ Ditty music player lived up to its name this week when the company announced that it's short life had come to an end.

  • News: Scandinavian groups to join up against iTunes

    Consumer representatives from several Nordic countries are discussing how to proceed in their battle against Apple over the iTunes DRM policy.

  • News: Creative stock rises after lawsuit victory

    Shares in Singapore-based Creative surged today after the company and Apple resolved a long-running patent dispute.

  • News: Dell ends bid to beat iPod

    Dell's attempt to take a bite out of Apple's iPod has failed.

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