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  • News: DVD Jon opens up iTunes

    DVD Jon (Jon Johansen) has explained his plans to open up Apple's FairPlay digital rights management (DRM) system.

  • News: Sony to block PS3 imports

    Gamers hoping to get their hands on Sony's highly anticipated PlayStation 3 (PS3) before the official UK launch are likely to be disappointed

  • News: iPod partners 'design for Zune'

    Major suppliers of iPod accessories plan to follow suit with Microsoft's music player

  • News: PlayStation 3 gets free web service

    Sony claims the PlayStation Network will rival Microsoft;s Xbox Live service with music downloads and online shopping, plus voice and video chat

  • News: 30,000 videos forced off YouTube

    YouTube has deleted close to 30,000 files after complaints from an organisation representing Japanese copyright holders

  • News: Microsoft Zune profanity shocker

    Microsoft’s forthcoming digital music player, dubbed Zune, may make some Hebrew speakers gasp. The name for the device - which will take on the Apple iPod when released later this year - sounds like a vulgarity, specifically the "f" word, in Hebrew

  • News: Microsoft slams Apple over iPod virus

    Security and quality assurance experts reacted negatively to Apple's efforts to blame manufacturing problems that resulted in iPod MP3 players shipping with a virus that affects Windows

  • News: AllofMP3.com denies music piracy

    An executive of the Russian song-downloading website AllofMP3.com insists his site is legal, despite admitting it has never paid royalties from sales directly to artists

  • News: Windows virus in latest iPods

    Video iPods sold last month were infected with a Windows virus, Apple reveals

  • News: Intel chips boost Mac attraction

    Consumers are far more likely to migrate to the Mac platform following Apple’s decision to use Intel processors, according to new research.

  • News: 8,000 sued for filesharing

    Stepping up its battle against online music piracy, the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) has announced thousands of new lawsuits against those it suspects of illegal filesharing.

  • News: Free McDonald's MP3 players contain worm

    Winners of 10,000 MP3 players given away in a Japanese fast-food promotion got more than they bargained for, as their prizes contained a worm

  • News: Google faces YouTube dilemma

    Google's acquisition of YouTube provides a "tantalising opportunity" for the search giant to boost its advertising model, but the success of the partnership is far from certain, according to Gartner.

  • News: Time Warner targets Google

    Time Warner has revealed it will approach Google to resolve the copyright issues that plague video-sharing phenomenon YouTube.

  • News: Digital music sales near $1bn

    Digital music sales continue to grow, in revenue and as a percentage of overall music sales, according to research from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

  • News: Apple set to release red iPod Nano

    Oprah Winfrey and U2 frontman Bono took away any surprise of Apple's new iPod announcement as the pair went shopping today in Chicago and purchased 10 new red iPod nanos.

  • News: News Corp upset with YouTube deal

    Google executives have held an urgent meeting with News Corp to ease concerns over the search giant's $1.6bn YouTube acquisition, according to reports

  • News: Apple planning 'Home' folder on iPods

    Apple has secured a patent on technology that makes it feasible for the company to offer portable user accounts in future.

  • News: Sony claims key advantage over iPods

    Sony is packing its new Walkman digital music players with noise cancellation and other audio enhancing technology in its latest attempt to challenge the dominance of Apple's iPod.

  • News: UK operators test mobile-TV rival

    Three, Orange and Vodafone claim 3G technology could drive better broadcasts to UK handsets

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