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  • News: iPhone/iPod to get unlimited iTunes downloads

    Apple is considering a scheme that would give iPod and iPhone owners unlimited iTunes downloads if they pay a premium when they buy one of the devices

  • News: Apple designs clam-shell iPhone

    Apple has filed a document with the US Patents Office that highlights its plans for a clam shell iPhone.

  • News: iPhone 2 to launch at June's WWDC?

    Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will take place on June 9-13, the company has revealed, and rumours are circulating that the event will be used to launch the iPhone 2.

  • News: Apple hit with iPod & iTunes lawsuit

    Apple has been struck by yet another patent infringement lawsuit, with ZapMedia Services claiming Apple's iTunes and iPod infringe on a patent for a "platform and vision for the enjoyment of digital media assets".

  • News: iPhone SDK downloads exceed 100,000

    Apple's iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) has been downloaded over 100,000 times since it was unveiled last week. The SDK allows third-party developers to make applications for the iPhone and iPod touch.

  • News: eMusic catalogue surpasses 3.5m tracks

    Apple iTunes' biggest competitor – eMusic – has announced that its catalogue now includes more than 3.5 million tracks. The company recently added 43 new record labels and aggregators, including German electronic label Kompakt, indie rock label Constellation Records, and indie pop/rock/electronic label Iamsound Records.

  • News: Reports: iTunes to get Beatles records

    Major media outlets are claiming that Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has made £200m through licensing the band's tracks to an online retailer.

  • News: iPhone users to get third-party apps in June

    Steve Jobs last night confirmed that Apple will open up iPhone application sales and ship the final SDK to developers – a move which should lead to the availability of a range of new iPhone apps.

  • News: Samsung miCoach phone takes on Nike+iPod kit

    Samsung and Adidas have teamed up on a new miCoach mobile phone designed for runners.

  • News: iPhone gets Microsoft Exchange support

    Apple has boosted the business credentials of the iPhone by licensing protocols from rival Microsoft to add Exchange support to the handset.

  • News: Apple to ship 10 millionth iPhone this year

    Apple will sell its 10 millionth iPhone in the current financial year, according to senior executives at the company's annual shareholder meeting. Five of the eight board members, including former vice president Al Gore and Google CEO Eric Schmidt, attended the meeting.

  • News: Apple buys iPhone patent from BT

    Apple has acquired a patent for the iPhone from BT. US patent 6,956,564 covers sensing technology invented by Lyndsay Williams for BT in 1997, which was originally deployed in a touch-sensitive computer called SmartQuill.

  • News: Control your iPod by blinking

    A researcher at Osaka University's Graduate School of Engineering Science has developed a system where the user can blink or wink to control their Apple iPod.

  • How-Tos: How to find and record tracks using RadioTracker 4.0

    There's a world of content available online, but knowing what to look for and where to look for it can be a problem.

  • How-Tos: How to set up and record internet radio

    Web radio isn’t just about keeping up with your favourite progammes. It’s also about discovery: connecting with new musical genres and communities, whether distant or local.

  • News: Solar-powered iPod charger launches

    A combined solar- and battery-based recharger system for iPhones, iPods, PDAs, PlayStation Portables (PSPs) and mobile phones has launched in the UK.

  • News: Facebook targets MySpace with music service

    Facebook has increased the pressure on social-networking rival by launching a its new music section for bands in a tie-up with iTunes.

  • News: Four reasons Blu-ray Disc will fail

    Now that the smoke is clearing, and Blu-ray has officially kicked HD DVD's proverbial butt, why am I still waiting to buy a Blu-ray player? My colleague forked out his hard-earned cash over a year ago so he could be the first on his street to own one, but today, Blu-ray players are less than half the price.

  • News: 50 great, free ways to improve your software

    We rounded up more than 50 of our favourite tools and tips for unlocking extra value from popular browsers, productivity applications and multimedia tools.

  • News: Apple's iPhone enters top-ten phone list

    Apple became one of the world's largest mobile phone makers in 2007, despite the iPhone only launching in June. The handset was released in the US last summer, and became available in only three other countries – the UK, Germany and France – at the end of the year.

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