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  • News: eMusic offers DRM-free audiobooks

    eMusic is to start selling DRM-free audiobooks in MP3 format.

  • News: O2's UK iPhone sacrifices revealed

    O2’s determination to win the exclusive deal to offer the iPhone in the UK has forced the mobile operator to agree to a number of concessions, according to The Guardian.

  • News: The six best digital media-streaming devices

    Do you want to watch your movies in the bedroom or listen to albums in the kitchen? PC Advisor identifies which devices do the best job of streaming PC-based video and audio all over your home.

  • News: iPod touch to hit UK by 28 September

    The first wave of Apple iPod touch should ship in the UK soon. The Apple iPod touch is already beginning to reach Apple's retail outlets in the US.

  • News: Free Apple iPhone unlock hack released

    A hacker group this week released a free, open-source unlock for the AApple iPhone (reviewed here), just a day after a commercial company started selling something similar for as much as £49 through a network of online resellers.

  • News: Mixalbum.com download store to launch this month

    Mixalbum.com, a download store featuring the world's first and only fully automated DJ system, is to launch this month

  • News: Apple iPhone to face tough test in Europe

    Apple will face 'strong challenges' from incumbent networks and mobile phone manufacturers as it tries to crack Europe with the Apple iPhone.

  • News: Apple cuts iPhone deal with 3G tech firm

    According to Forward Concept analyst Will Strauss, a 3G version of the Apple iPhone is "imminent".

  • News: Sony to launch new Blu-ray Disc recorders

    Sony has announced four new models of Blu-ray Disc recorders, due for release in Japan in early November.

  • News: Microsoft patents digital audio DRM watermark

    Microsoft has won a patent for a digital-watermarking technology. The Microsoft watermarking technology - "stealthy audio watermarking" - could be used to protect the rights of content owners even when digital music is distributed without DRM protection.

  • News: One million Apple iPhones sold

    Apple yesterday said that it had sold its one millionth iPhone, well ahead of its previously stated end of September timeframe.

  • News: Vodafone mobile phones get MusicStation

    In addition to launching more than 25 handsets later this year, Vodafone plans to offer MusicStation with its phones.

  • News: SanDisk launches 16GB video MP3 player

    SanDisk is set to launch a slimline MP3 player with a flash memory capacity of 16GB. The SanDisk SansaView will play video, display photos and pick up FM radio stations. Its 16GB storage can be boosted to 24GB via an 8GB microSDHC (Secure Digital high capacity) removable memory card. The pencil-thin player is likely to compete directly with Apple's newly video-enabled nano.

  • News: Inexpensive cables put iPod touch on TV

    The Apple Store recently began listing the £35 Apple Component AV Cable and the £35 Apple Composite AV Cable on its site, noting they are compatible with the iPod touch announced this week, as well as the iPod nano third generation and the iPod classic. The cables allow users to connect iPod content to a TV set or sound system.

  • News: Apple iTunes update blocks free iPhone ringtones

    Apple iTunes has been updated to block users from creating free custom ringtones and then uploading them to an Apple iPhone (reviewed here)..

  • News: Analyst: Is the iPod touch an iPhone killer?

    Apple's decision to include its Safari web browser with the new iPod touch could turn the media playback device into a business tool, according to analysts

  • News: Apple set for iTunes antitrust showdown

    Apple and the major music labels are set for an iTunes antitrust showdown during a closed door meeting with the European Commission.

  • News: Sony's mysterious Rolly to launch on Monday

    After two weeks of teasing, Sony will finally unveil its mysterious Rolly 'audio entertainment device' in Tokyo Monday.

  • News: iSuppli backs new iPods & slates iTunes video

    Analysts at iSuppli have criticised the lack of video content on the iTunes Store, though broadly backed the new products announced by Apple yesterday.

  • News: iPod Touch vs HTC Touch

    HTC celebrated its 10th anniversary today with a rare compliment from Apple: the company adopted the same name HTC uses on one of its smartphones for the iPod touch.

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