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  • News: Spotify gets its first all-comedy discovery app, and it has a boring unfunny name

    Despite what Radiohead has to say on the matter, Spotify is a great venue (if not the venue) for discovering new music. Users can seamlessly switch between Haydn and Hova and back again without skipping a beat.

  • News: Chromecast hack reveals Google TV at its heart, not Chrome OS

    Google's Chromecast only began shipping at the end of last week, but the hacking has already begun.

  • How-Tos: iTunes workarounds

    This week's column deals with solutions to common (and some less common) problems that use little-known features of iTunes or third-party software. The questions this time can only be solved with a workaround, or by using iTunes in a way it's not intended.

  • Test Centre: What are the best laptop speakers?

    Here are the best laptop speakers available to buy in the UK in 2013.

  • News: Google Chromecast: A $35, cross-platform answer to Apple TV and AirPlay

    The new Nexus 7 tablet wasn't the only product Google showed off at its Wednesday press event. The company also announced the Chromecast, a $35 dongle for beaming web videos to your television.

  • News: Google unveils $35 Chromecast device for TV and music streaming

    Google has introduced a cheaper rival product to the Apple TV set-top box with Chromecast, a small portable device that streams video and music from people's computers and mobile devices to their televisions.

  • News: Apple: One billion iTunes podcast subscriptions and counting

    Apple on Monday announced that the iTunes Store eclipsed 1 billion podcast subscriptions. That's a whole lot of talking. A special promotion appeared in the iTunes Podcasts directory to commemorate the big number.

  • Feature: Best headphones for kids

    Kids headphones on test: specially designed children's headphones are a vital piece of kids tech for parents.

  • News: After slamming Spotify, Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich back Soundhalo streaming service

    Fresh after removing their catalog from Spotify, members of the musical super group Atoms for Peace, including Radiohead's Thom Yorke and producer Niles Godrich, appear to be putting their weight behind the Soundhalo music service. Atoms for Peace will stream two live shows on the fledgling platform on July 25 and 26.

  • News: Play This! Podcast 34: The Last of Us

    Jason, Armando, and Alex W. hold down the podcast fort after the departure of Carlos, who left to run his own production company. The trio manages to focus almost entirely on The Last of Us, an epic PlayStation 3 game.

  • Opinion: Of cross-fades and combined tracks

    In this week's column, I look at a few very different topics. One common question I get is about the iTunes Store and sending gifts to other countries; another concerns joining two music files to make one; and I also explain how you can cross-fade songs on an iOS device.

  • News: Spotify helps you get scalped with new StubHub app

    Spotify users in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. now have an easier way to get fleeced by overpriced concert tickets thanks to the launch of a StubHub Spotify app.

  • News: Sony adds high quality streaming and offline listening to Music Unlimited on iOS

    If you're an iOS user who subscribes to Sony's Music Unlimited subscription streaming service (you did know Sony had a streaming music subscription service with a global catalog of more than 20 million tracks, right?) you should be feeling better right about now.

  • News: Ex-Disney boss: Hulu's eventual sale could kill day-after episodes

    The days may be numbered for Hulu's free buffet of next-day streaming TV episodes, according to former Disney CEO Michael Eisner.

  • News: It's on! PlayOn bringing Aereo TV streaming to Android and game consoles

    Cutting the cord is about to get a little easier. On Tuesday MediaMall Technologies' announced that its PlayOn PC-to-TV and mobile streaming service will bring Aereo to a new cast of devices beginning July 10. By coupling with Aereo, PlayOn will expand service to game consoles (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U), Google TV, and Android devices.

  • News: Digital Reading Room: Rock 'n read

    [As tablets get more powerful, with more memory and sharper-looking screens, their apps are getting a makeover. Increasingly, mobile apps employ multimedia--combining words, pictures, audio, and video--in new and interesting ways. In our Digital Reading Room series, we'll look at some eye-catching multimedia apps and tell you which ones deserve a place on your mobile device.]

  • News: 10 summer flicks that will thrill and chill

    The long holiday weekend may be over, but there's still plenty of summer left. Here's a highly recommended hodgepodge of Hollywood blockbusters, thrill rides, animations, documentaries, independent movies, and--finally--silent comedies available streaming on Netflix and Hulu Plus. Most of them have a summery feel, except for two documentaries about snow and ice--which may sound quite lovely if you're feeling overheated. Enjoy!

  • News: Pandora app update improves your work day with auto-pause, stutter-free streaming

    The Tuesday after a holiday weekend can sometimes drag on--everyone's still getting back into their groove, and it can be tough to get back to actual work. That's why a well-placed tune can improve your day; and if you rely on Pandora's iOS app for those work-day tracks, you can now rock out to the sweet sounds of Daft Punk even in flaky connection areas, thanks to the app's recent update.

  • How-Tos: Keep iTunes metadata when you re-rip, and deauthorize missing Macs

    In a grab-bag installment of The iTunes Guy, I look at how to ensure that tags and metadata get retained when you re-rip CDs, how to deauthorize computers for iTunes Store accounts, and how to change the name of your iTunes library for Home Sharing.

  • How-Tos: Get started with AirPlay

    AirPlay is Apple's technology for streaming audio or video over a local network. This week's Macworld video gives you a quick look at the most common AirPlay setups and how to configure and use them.

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