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Latest Audio Articles

  • Test Centre: The 25 best headphones of 2014

    We review the top 25 headphones you can buy in the UK right now. Get the most for your money with our best headphones for your smartphone or tablet.

  • News: Why Simpsons World will destroy the U.S. but not Canada

    Earlier this week, we brought you word of Simpsons World, the forthcoming app and website that promises to bring humanity to a standstill with on-demand access to every episodes of The Simpsons along with extensive search and supplemental features.

  • News: Amazon adds more free music for Prime subscribers

    If you felt that Amazon Prime's free music selection didn't have enough Skrillex before, your prayers have been answered.

  • News: Netflix raises fees, watches membership rise in second quarter

    Netflix's quarterly numbers are in, and they're looking good. The streaming video service's paid subscriber base grew to a shade under 48 million users during the second quarter. And Netflix says it's topped the 50 million mark for total membership.

  • News: Reborn Walkman steals some of Pono's hi-res audio thunder

    Apparently the folks at Sony were listening to Neil Young: The company that introduced the Walkman portable cassette player in 1979 hopes to breathe new life into the brand with a high-resolution audio portable that plays FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) 24-bit 192kHz audio files. That's the same high-resolution audio format chosen by Young and his Pono partners for their PonoPlayer, which is set to ship in October.

  • News: Qplay streaming service to shut down July 25

    Sometimes, something that seems like a good idea just doesn't catch on. Streaming video service Qplay is the latest such example: The company announced Saturday that it would close up shop on July 25th.

  • News: Downsizing Microsoft to spin off Nokia's MixRadio music service

    As Microsoft looks to slim down with layoffs and restructuring, Nokia is spinning MixRadio into a separate steaming music company.

  • News: Verizon blaming Netflix for slow streaming speeds is an 'attempt at deception' says Internet backbone provider

    The Internet just got its back(bone) up over Verizon's recent finger pointing that blamed Netflix for poor streaming speeds on the ISP's network. Level 3, one of Netflix's Internet traffic carriers as well as one of the major 'Tier 1' networks that help serve as the backbone of the Internet, said Verizon's reasoning is nonsense and an "attempt at deception" that backfired.

  • How-Tos: How to make and receive HD phone calls

    With many modern smartphones supporting wideband audio (or HD Voice), high quality phone calls are now possible. Here's how to make and receive HD Voice calls

  • How-Tos: Create your ultimate summer playlist with Roadtrip Mixtape

    For me, summer isn't complete without a road trip--even if it's just over a long weekend. There's something iconic about hitting the open road, just you, a car, and maybe a friend or two. Just ask Jack Kerouac. (Or Britney Spears. But let's forget I just said that and move on.)

  • News: Broadcasters may have beat back Aereo, but online TV's future is bright

    Broadcast networks may still be celebrating last month's big win where the Supreme Court sided with them in a dispute with online TV service Aereo. But even though the court's decision put a stop to Aereo rebroadcasting network TV content without paying for it--and knocked Aereo out of commission, at least temporarily--don't expect ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC to spend too time much popping corks. They likely know that winning a battle is not the same as winning the war, and the war for consumer eyeballs between traditional and online TV is just getting started.

  • How-Tos: How to transfer music from laptop to tablet

    A reader wrote in to PC Advisor wanting to transfer music from a laptop to a tablet using Cloud Player, but didn't know how to do so. Here's how we fixed his problem.

  • Opinion: SoundCloud gets Sonos integration, record deals possible

    SoundCloud is getting integrated with Sonos music systems, as it reportedly tries to become more than just a place for music you haven't heard of.

  • News: Verizon and Netflix continue battle over slow, stuttering streaming speeds

    The war of words continues between Netflix and America's largest Internet service providers (ISPs)--an argument that is not only seeking to lay blame for poor video streaming speeds in the U.S., but is also providing the public a crash course in how the Internet works.

  • News: With Emmy nods, Netflix stands apart from other online TV makers

    If it's an honor just to be nominated, streaming service Netflix can feel pretty honored after the 2014 Emmy nominations came out Thursday. Other online TV creators weren't as fortunate.

  • News: Sonos adds SoundCloud streaming service to multi-room Hi-Fi system

    Sonos has announced SoundCloud as its latest music streaming partnership.

  • News: 'Netflix for torrents' app Popcorn Time adds Chromecast support

    Apparently Chromecast viewers can eat their popcorn and watch it too: The "Netflix for pirates" app Popcorn Time can now stream pirated movies directly to Chromecast-enabled HDTVs.

  • News: Paid per view: Netflix hires people to watch, tag its content

    Wanted: TV/movie fanatic UK/Ireland to watch Netflix and "tag" content, using pre-defined words to describe plot, genre, tone and other qualities of each program watched. Flexible hours; can work from home. Apply jobs.netflix.com.

  • Opinion: Totally rad films from the '80s and '90s on Netflix

    Back in the 1980s and 1990s, people rented videos from video stores. There was the battle between Beta and VHS, as well as other weird formats, like Super-VHS and the Videodisc. Then there was the Laserdisc, which only caught on with die-hard collectors, but began featuring things like widescreen and director's commentary tracks. Perhaps only the most visionary souls could have possibly foreseen the days when these movies could be watched instantly, at the push of a button, from a computer or even a smartphone. Yet here they are. And guess what--some of the movies from those bygone decades are still pretty good.

  • News: Samsung dumps Media Hub, sends users to M-Go

    Samsung is calling a do-over on another chunk of its media business with the closure of Video Hub and Media Hub.

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