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  • News: Apple iPhone App store to get 100,000 apps

    Apple has approved more than 100,000 applications in its App Store, according to latest figures from App Shopper, an industry tracking firm. That number of approved apps dwarfs the number of apps offered by mobile app store competitors Android Marketplace, Windows Mobile Marketplace, BlackBerry App World, and Nokia's Ovi Store.

  • News: Snow Leopard vs Windows 7: Apple wins, just

    Windows 7 is a worthy rival, but Mac OS X Snow Leopard is the better operating system by a whisker for discriminating professionals

  • News: Windows 7 coming to Mac by end of year

    Apple today announced that it will update its Boot Camp utility before the end of the year to support Microsoft's just-launched Windows 7

  • News: Nokia sues Apple for iPhone patents

    Nokia is suing Apple in the US federal court, slamming Apple for alleged iPhone infringes on 10 patents owned by the Finnish mobile phone maker.

  • News: Apple updates £799 unibody MacBook

    Apple has announced an updated version of its low-end MacBook laptop, which will be available immediately.

  • News: Apple debuts multi-touch Magic Mouse

    Apple has given the 2005-vintage Mighty Mouse and its wireless sibling the proverbial finger, replacing them with a new wireless £55 Magic Mouse that features a multi-touch surface on its entire top side.

  • News: Apple launches new supersize iMacs

    Apple has updated its line of iMac all in one PCs with screens up to 27in and up to 16GB of RAM

  • News: 10 features Windows stole from Mac OS

    There's no such thing as a new idea right? It's only ever an old idea that been borrowed and when it comes to operating systems there's been plenty of idea-snatching from both Microsoft and Apple over the years.

  • Opinion: Windows 7 and Mac bigots: get a life

    Despite what some have claimed, the upcoming release of Windows 7 won't change the world of computing overnight. Windows will still be Windows, Mac will still be Mac, and fans of the two sides will continue to snipe at one another.

  • News: Google Chrome for Mac to launch by Christmas

    A Mac version of the Google Chrome web browser is likely to be available by Christmas, earlier than initially reported.

  • Opinion: Study: 85 percent of Mac owners have Windows PC

    It used to be that no self-respecting Mac owner would admit to owning a Windows PC. But a study has found that a Windows PC can be found in the homes of a massive 85 percent of Mac owners.

  • Opinion: 5 of Apple's bonkers logo disputes

    Apple is taking on the Australian Woolworths supermarket chain over a logo. Apple claims the stylised "W" formed into an apple-like shape is too similar to its own apple symbol. The similarities, as you'll see below, are debatable, but this isn't the most unlikely legal logo wrangle Apple's been involved in.

  • News: Orange says 'Not long now' for non-O2 iPhone

    O2's exclusive grip on the Apple iPhone market became another step less tight today when Orange contacted the public with a message entitled "Not long now".

  • News: 30,000 O2 iPhones at risk of return

    UK iPhone carrier O2 is bracing itself for thousands of returns as recent customers send back their iPhones to wait for better deals from rivals Orange and Vodafone.

  • News: O2's Palm Pre dig at Orange iPhone deal

    Following this morning's news that O2's exclusive UK rights to Apple's iPhone will soon be at an end with Orange to offer the smartphone in the near future O2 has responded with a statement that both praises its work with Apple and fights back with mention of its exclusive deal with Pal and its new Pre smartphone.

  • News: Pictures: the 20-year-old Mac Portable disassembled

    As Apple's first mobile Mac - the Macintosh Portable celebrates its 20th birthday, we take apart the laptop to discover what's under the hood.

  • News: Apple v Eminem iTunes battle rages on

    Apple has less than a day to settle its dispute with rapper Eminem, over his music being downloadable on its iTunes music store, before the case goes to federal court.

  • News: Reports: Apple tablet to launch early 2010

    Apple will launch a tablet-style device sporting a 9.6-inch display in February 2010, according to sources cited by a Taiwanese web publication today.

  • News: New Apple iPod touch supports 802.11n

    The new Apple iPod touch uses a Wi-Fi chip that can support the just-approved high-throughput 802.11n standard, though Apple apparently has not switched on the cranked-up wireless link.

  • News: Novell tool means more enterprise apps for iPhone

    A new developer tool from Novell will mean that the Apple iPhone gets more applications for enterprise users.

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