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  • News: iPhone 3GS dismantled - in pictures

    Want to know what's inside an iPhone 3GS? We did, so we dismantled it into several bits.

  • News: 10 things we want to see in iPhone OS 4.0

    We've delved into iPhone OS 3.0 and so far, we like what we've seen. But after playing with it for a day or two, we noted a few new features that should be thrown in for the next update as well as a few existing apps that desperately need a makeover.

  • News: Apple iPhone 3G S vs Nokia N97

    Hitwise has been tracking the UK's online reaction to the Apple iPhone 3G S and Nokia N97, by way of search volumes.

  • News: iPhone 3.0 out at 3pm GMT today

    Apple will release its iPhone 3.0 software update at 3pm Greenwich Meantime (GMT), according to reports on various Twitter feeds.

  • News: Apple delays iPhone 3.0 launch

    Apple's much-hyped iPhone 3.0 software update has been delayed a day, according to the company's websites ... in the Far East.

  • News: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: what you need to know

    Apple used this week's WWDC to unveil its new version of Mac OS X : Snow Leopard. We've rounded up five things you need to know about Apple's latest OS.

  • News: 11 million downloads for Apple Safari 4

    Apple today announced that Safari 4, the new version of its web browser for Mac OS X and Windows, has been downloaded more than 11 million times in the first three days of its release.

  • News: 50% of iPhone users to wait out contract

    Nearly half of current Apple iPhone users will wait till their existing contract runs out rather than pay up the remainder to grab the new iPhone 3G S at launch.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Bing: 'Get a Mac'

    Ask Microsoft whether you ought to buy a Mac or a PC, and its answer will probably be inclined in favour of the latter. Microsoft folks will tell you that a PC is cheaper, is used by the majority of the world, and is endorsed by tiny tots and Jerry Seinfeld alike.

  • Opinion: The MacBook turns Pro

    Apple updated its 13in MacBook a few weeks back, giving the company's least expensive laptop better performance than the more expensive aluminium unibody models. This was a pretty strong hint that the aluminium models were due for a refresh.

  • News: In pictures: the Apple iPhone 3G S

    At first glance, the Apple iPhone 3G S may not appear to be much different to its predecessor the Apple iPhone 3G and the original Apple iPhone, but Apple's newly unveiled smartphone offers a slew of new features plus speed. Here's a gallery of the new arrivals.

  • News: Snow Leopard to cost £19 at September UK launch

    Apple's forthcoming Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard operating system upgrade will cost just £19 when it's released in September.

  • News: Upgrading to iPhone 3G S from iPhone and iPhone 3G

    Only new customers and those who are out of contract qualify for the new iPhone prices. That leaves a lot of current iPhone and iPhone 3G users scratching their heads about how much it will cost them to upgrade to the new iPhone 3G S. Here we answer all your queries.

  • News: Apple shows Snow Leopard performance gains

    Laptops and desktops could see software performance gains with parallel programming tools built into Apple's new operating system, Mac OS X 10.6, which was introduced by the company on Monday.

  • News: Google Chrome for Mac and Linux launched

    Google has released a developer-only version of its Google Chrome browser for Mac and Linux systems.

  • News: Returning Jobs to present at Apple's WWDC?

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs is on track to return from medical leave this month, and there is even speculation that he may be present at the company's annual software developers' conference next week at San Francisco, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday, quoting people familiar with the matter.

  • News: Apple patches QuickTime and iTunes

    Apple has issued patches for its QuickTime and iTunes software, fixing critical security flaws along with a bug that was first hinted at earlier this year in a book on Mac hacking.

  • News: Sony Ericsson boasts new Satio will beat Apple's iPhone

    Sony Ericsson yesterday launched a new smartphone that it says is an Apple iPhone killer. The touchscreen multimedia mobile, which features many of the iPhone's innovative features, is being touted as a "game changer".

  • News: Jacqui Smith claims £242 for husband's iPhone

    Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, claimed £240 in taxpayer-funded expenses to buy an Apple iPhone for her husband according the latest Daily Telegraph revelation highlighting MPs' expenses.

  • News: Apple iPhone to get direct TV downloads?

    With the next version of Apple's iPhone 3.0 software update set for launch next month, more supposed details are leaking out about what the iPhone and iPod touch software might include.

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