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  • News: Apple boss calms raging Panic

    Steven Frank, Mac developer and co-founder of software company Panic, has become the second high profile industry observer to receive feedback from Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing in less than a week.

  • News: iPhone invented in 1970s by Brit boffins

    The Apple iPhone and iPod wouldn't be here if it wasn't for a bunch of 1970s British boffins and their innovative "transputer" technology, sponsored by the Labour government of PM Harold Wilson.

  • News: See Microsoft's new retail logo

    Microsoft has designed itself a new logo for its forthcoming retail stores, which aim to take on the popular Apple retail stores across the world.

  • News: Amazon: Mac OS X 10.6 sells faster than Windows 7

    Pre-orders for Apple's upcoming Snow Leopard operating system topped Amazon.com's bestseller list yesterday, just days after the online retail giant put Mac OS X 10.6 on its site.

  • News: Steve Jobs to give CES 2010 keynote?

    Apple plans to attend next year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and Steve Jobs could give the keynote, according to online reports.

  • News: Apple chief may be new ITV CEO

    The head of Apple Europe, Pascal Cagni, is being considered for the role of Chief Executive of ITV, the largest commercial television network in the UK.

  • News: Apple iTablet to stimulate 'music booklet' sales

    Rumours of an imminent 'Apple iTablet' refuse to go away, with the iPod maker reportedly in talks with book publishers and record industry executives over content for the device, according to the Financial Times.

  • News: Apple Tablet to run on Verizon 4G network?

    Verizon Wireless is to speed up the roll-out of its 4G network in the US, possibly in conjunction with the release of a new Apple 'iTablet' device, according to a TechCrunch report.

  • News: Apple admits iPhone 3GS supply problems

    Apple sold seven times as many iPhones last quarter as the same period last year. But it's certainly not all good news, as Apple once again has iPhone supply issues.

  • News: Apple beats the downturn with strong iPhone sales

    Once again Apple has proven that it's a different kind of technology company: in this case, one that can beat recession.

  • News: Apple, BlackBerry sell 3% of mobiles but grab 35% of global profits

    In 2008 Apple and RIM accounted for just 3 percent of all global mobile phone sales but 35 percent of operating profits, according to Deutsche Bank analyst Brian Modoff. In 2009 he estimates that the two smartphone makers will take 5 percent of the market in unit terms but 58 percent of total operating profits.

  • News: In pictures: The 15 greatest tech designs ever

    With beautiful Blu-ray players, great gaming PCs, superb storage devices and more, we drool over some fantastic technology eye candy.

  • News: Apple needs netbook quick warns IDC

    Apple's Mac sales are up, say analysts. No, hang on - they're down, say other analysts. Whatever, most agree that Apple's lack of a netbook is costing the company dear.

  • News: Reports: Apple netbook coming in October

    According to reports on a a Taiwanese news site, Apple will release a netbook this October. The Apple netbook will sell for about $800 - that's £491 - and sports a 9.7in. screen, the site reports.

  • Opinion: The return of the 'floppy'. Thanks, Apple!

    Is it the end for optical discs now that Apple is favouring something that looks remarkably like a tiny floppy disk? And is Apple plotting a strategic storage shift for its MacBook laptops?

  • News: Microsoft must reinvent Windows, follow Apples lead

    Google's Chrome OS won't be an immediate threat to Windows, but it may force Microsoft to reinvent its operating system more quickly into a product that takes full advantage of the Web and can move more nimbly across devices, analysts said. Apple shows the way forward.

  • News: Apple iPhone 3GS jailbroken, hack online

    The first jailbreaking application for the iPhone 3GS is now available. The tool, called purplera1n, will only allow the installation of unofficial third-party applications, but will not unlock the iPhone 3GS.

  • News: Apple updates MobileMe web service

    It may not be MobileMe 2.0, but Apple has applied another shot of elbow grease to its suite of web services.

  • News: Boom! Gunfire at Apple Store, one injured

    Reports are coming in that an attempted armed robbery at a US Apple Store has resulted in one gunshot injury.

  • News: Chinese web filter doesn't work on Macs

    The Chinese government seems happy to let one group surf freely: Mac users. The Green Dam web filter software doesn't currently work on the Apple Mac OS X.

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