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  • Opinion: Steve Jobs is irreplaceable at Apple

    It's official: Steve Jobs is stepping down - temporarily - from his post at Apple, taking a medical leave of absence to deal with a health problem that has turned out to be "more complex" than the celebrity CEO had originally disclosed prior to the Macworld Expo event earlier this month.

  • News: Steve Jobs takes 6 months leave from Apple

    Barely a week after revealing he suffered from a hormone imbalance, and vowing to stay on as Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, has announced he's stepping aside for six months

  • News: LG wins $500m Apple displays deal

    LG Display announced today that it has signed a five-year deal to supply LCD panels to Apple.

  • News: iPhone, netbooks massive boost to Wi-Fi

    Wi-Fi may not be cutting-edge technology anymore, but iPhones, netbooks and other portable devices will put it in many more consumers' hands this year, according to figures released Thursday by the Wi-Fi Alliance and research company In-Stat.

  • News: Convert iTunes purchases to MP3

    Despite Apple making its music downloads DRM-free, they're still in the limited AAC format, rather than free-loving MP3. So your iTunes downloads won't play in many phones, PDAs, MP3 players and so on. It's easy to convert them all to MP3.

  • Opinion: Expo better off without Apple

    Here's to future Macworld Expos featuring keynote speakers who don't have to walk eggshells to avoid alienating Apple.

  • News: DRM-free iTunes music now available

    Apple has announced three significant changes to its iTunes Store at Macworld Expo, but the first is undoubtedly the biggest news: the music and video download service, which features more than 10 million songs, is finally going Digital Rights Management (DRM)-free.

  • News: New MacBook is world's thinnest 17in laptop

    Apple has launched a new 17in MacBook Pro in a low-key keynote at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. New MacBook is world's thinnest 17in laptop

  • News: Apple 'introduces MacBook Wheel' at Macworld Expo

    The Apple MacBook Wheel dispenses with the keyboard altogether in favour of a giant iPod-like wheel.

  • Opinion: Could Phil Schiller actually be more fun than Steve Jobs?

    Just how used the world is to the idea of a Jobless Macworld keynote and an Apple-less Macworld Expo next year and forever more should become apparent today as Macworld Expo springs to life/death.

  • News: Picasa for Mac now available

    Google has released a public beta of its Picasa for Mac desktop software for organising, editing, and uploading photos.

  • Opinion: CTRL-R keys are hardest hit during Macworld Expo keynote

    iPhone nano, Apple netbook or 9in iPod touch? The web is awash with the usual pre-Macworld Expo rumours and, Steve Jobs or not, Apple keynotes remain unique in their ability to make geeks around the globe drop what they're doing and head to the internet.

  • News: Steve Jobs mystery illness causing weight loss

    After months of speculation Apple CEO Steve Jobs has confirmed he is not in the best of health.

  • News: Apple readies 'evolutionary' products for Macworld

    While Steve Jobs won't be giving the keynote address during next week's Macworld Conference & Expo, analysts still expect the company to introduce some products during the company's last scheduled attendance at the annual trade show.

  • News: Firefox and Safari chomp into IE browser share

    Internet Explorer's market share plunged by a record-setting amount during December, according to web metrics vendor Net Applications.

  • News: Apple 'to release 9-inch netbook touch in 2009'

    A report from Michael Arrington of TechCrunch says that Apple is developed a Touch device with a 7- or 9-inch display, which is plenty big for video-watching, Web-surfing, gaming, and possibly even conventional desktop apps.

  • News: Apple bucks first-ever online sales slump

    US online sales during this year's full Christmas holiday season fell 3 percent, according to comScore, marking the first year-over-year decline since the Internet research company began tracking e-commerce in 2001. But Apple's online store grew nearly 20 percent.

  • News: New Steve Jobs ill-health rumour sparks share drop

    Apple's stock fell abruptly on Tuesday, but later recovered some ground, after an online report said CEO Steve Jobs bowed out of next week's Macworld Expo keynote address because of declining health.

  • News: Apple iPhone - a year in review

    If 2007 was Year Zero in the life of the Phone That Changed Everything, then 2008 skyrocketed forward to the year that the device truly came of age.

  • News: Apple Stores robbed in smash and grab

    A pair of thieves are robbing Apple stores in the Silicon Valley area.

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