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  • Feature: What is BT Sport?

    BT Sport is now live with six channels, including ESPN, so here's everything you need to know about getting BT Sport.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Pop goes the innovator

    iCloud gets a new, spartan look; Steve Jobs gets his own cable special on a unlikely channel; and maybe, just maybe, Apple will release new products this fall. What you don't know about the remainders for Wednesday, August 14, 2013 might shock you.

  • News: Plop yourself or your favorite character into Disney's new Infinity game ecosystem

    Disney Infinity, releasing August 18, is one part physical toys, one part video game, and all parts a complete nightmare for any parent's wallet.

  • News: Fact or fiction: Nine iPhone and iPad battery-saving techniques tested

    iPads and iPhones make great travel companions. These devices offer quick access to step-by-step directions, public transit information, email on the go, and restaurant recommendations--and as a result, they tend to spend more time in our hands than in our pockets or bags. But what happens when your traveling pal's batteries begin to run low and you're nowhere near a charger? Well, they say knowledge is power, so lets get charged up by separating fact from fiction on the subject of how to save iOS's devices' battery life.

  • News: O2 announces full 4G pricing

    O2's 4G LTE network will launch at the end of the month on 29 August and now there are full pricing details.

  • Opinion: The Macalope: Of battles and wars

    The Washington Post's Brian Fung says the war between Apple and Samsung is all over but the shouting. And you'll never guess who the winner will be.

  • News: Amazon offers mobile developers cross-platform push notifications

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is offering a new service that aims to make it easier for developers to send push notifications to Android and iOS applications.

  • News: BlackBerry: 5 reasons it went wrong

    BlackBerry has announced that it is has essentially put itself up for sale. So where did it all go wrong for Canadian firm which was once a leader in the mobile industry?

  • News: Remains of the Day: Norway, no how

    Developers are welcomed back into Apple's fold, Steve Jobs once considered going consumer-only, and one Scandinavian country says no-no to 3D flyovers. The remainders for Monday, August 12, 2013 are transmitted exclusively in Norse code.

  • News: What to expect from Apple's next iPhone event

    Signs point to Apple holding another of its trademark special events next month. According to a report from AllThingsD published last weekend, and confirmed on Monday by The Loop, Apple will launch the next iPhone on September 10. So mark your calendar, get excited, and start coming to grips with the fact that your current iPhone is about to look seriously outdated.

  • News: iPhone 5S launching 10 September

    Apple is set to unveil its iPhone 5S on 10 September so here's what we expect to see.

  • News: ITC finds Samsung infringed two Apple patents, orders import ban

    The U.S. International Trade Commission has determined that Samsung infringed two smartphone patents held by Apple and that therefore some of its phones should be blocked from importation to the U.S.

  • Opinion: The Macalope: Apple doomapalooza

    Forgive the title but Apple's been doomed so many times now the Macalope's having a hard time coming up with new ways to say it. It must be hard to be Apple when even your successes... spell your doom!

  • News: iPhone 5C shell leaked

    Apple's upcoming budget iPhone 5C has been shown in the most convincing and detailed leak yet.

  • News: VirnetX adds newly granted patent to lawsuit against Apple

    Patent company VirnetX is adding a patent it was recently granted to its ongoing patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in a federal court in Texas.

  • News: Amber Alerts on your iPhone: Invasive, frustrating, necessary

    Monday night, after I was asleep, my Twitter timeline exploded briefly. Folks out west were unhappy that their iPhones had blasted to life with noisy notifications--alerts that had apparently even ignored their Do Not Disturb settings.

  • News: Nokia takes dig at iPhone 5 in Lumia 925 ad

    Nokia has taken stab at the iPhone 5's photography credentials in a new Lumia 925 smartphone advert.

  • News: US vetoes import ban on Apple products

    The Obama administration has vetoed a decision by the U.S. International Trade Commission to ban the import of certain Apple products to the U.S. on the grounds they infringed a Samsung Electronics technology patent.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Bizarro world

    Things are topsy-turvy in the land of customer satisfaction, your free iCloud space will soon reach its end, and how do you pronounce "OS X." Trick question: You're wrong. The remainders for Thursday, August 1, 2013 are going on break.

  • News: Researcher: Fake USB chargers could hack into iPhones

    You're waiting at the airport and topping up your iPhone at a public USB charging station. What if that innocent little plug was hacking into your iPhone and installing malicious software? Billy Lau, a research scientist at Georgia Institute of Technology, told attendees at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas that it's possible, though there's no evidence that anyone has actually tried to create an evil USB plug.

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