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  • Touch Book tablet-style netbook

    We got pretty excited when we came across details online of the Touch Book - it's a touch-sensitive laptop along similar lines to a tablet PC but its screen doesn't just swivel; it's actually detachable. It's also priced at an eye-popping $399. A tablet only version is also available for $100 less.

  • News: Does Adobe CS3 work with Snow Leopard?

    Adobe created a panic among Mac-based designers and Web creators by posting a note that its Creative Suite 3 set of applications - including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, and Flash - were "not supported" under the new Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard that ships tomorrow.

  • News: Vodafone launches 14Mbps mobile broadband

    Vodafone has upgraded its 3G network and claims mobile broadband users in some areas can now access the web at 4.4Mbps.

  • News: Poor UK web users don't go hungry

    UK Internet searches for discount vouchers have increased by 47.5 percent over the past 12 months.

  • News: Pirate Bay buyer faces stock exchange delisting

    Global Gaming Factory X (GGF) is running the risk of being delisted from Swedish stock exchange AktieTorget. The exchange has called in its disciplinary committee to decide the fate of the company, it said on Thursday

  • Opinion: Microsoft: not racist

    I understand that it's a sensitive issue, and some idiot should have thought twice before editing a white man's head to replace a black man's head in an advertising photo, but that doesn't make Microsoft racist.

  • News: Apple Snow Leopard gets anti-malware feature

    Apple has expanded a download warning feature in Mac OS X 10.5 to create anti-malware detection in the new Snow Leopard operating system

  • News: Google Chrome users get security update

    A new version of Google Chrome currently pushing out via auto-update closes high-risk security holes in how the browser handles Javascript and XML.

  • News: Nokia Money enters mobile payment market

    Nokia is getting ready to launch Nokia Money, which will offer basic financial services on mobile phones, it said on Wednesday.

  • News: Facebook & Twitter ads to targets grown ups

    Companies can begin to target people over the age of 34 with media campaigns that leverage social networks as that age group has become the largest segment using Facebook, Twitter and other social media, a new study from Forrester Research claims.

  • News: Mobile phone writes texts on thin air

    Cell phones can be modified to act as pens that record messages written in the air that can then be sent as e-mails.

  • News: WPA wireless security cracked in 60 seconds

    Computer scientists in Japan say they've developed a way to break the WPA encryption system used in wireless routers in about one minute.

  • News: Windows 7 vs Snow Leopard

    With Apple announcing this week that its Snow Leopard operating system will be made publicly available on August 28, its set to go head-to-head with Microsoft's latest operating system - Windows 7 - which will launch on October 22.

  • Opinion: Feminist slags Dell for pink laptop ad

    A female blogger has laid into the latest Dell TV ad, calling it "patronising" and "disappointing" and dreamt up by "a group of middle aged balding [we presume she means men] in marketing".

  • Video: Protestors rally against Windows 7

    The Free Software Foundation held a rally Wednesday on Boston Common to protest Windows 7 and other proprietary software.

  • News: Mobile phone Wi-Fi sales surge

    Dual-mode cellular/Wi-Fi handset shipments are set to double between 2009 and 2011, from 144 million handsets shipped to forecasts for 2011 at just over 300 million.

  • Sony Reader Touch e-book reader

    Sony has added a touch-sensitive model to its Reader electronic book line-up, the Sony Reader Touch. Sony has also launched a smaller e-book model, the Sony Reader Pocket.

  • News: Facebook and Twitter users failing on security

    Just 27 percent of social networkers are protecting themselves against online threats, says AVG.

  • News: Free Software Foundation slams Windows 7

    The Free Software Foundation has slammed Microsoft's new operating system Windows 7 calling it "treacherous computing" that stealthily takes away rights from users.

  • News: Amazon remains most popular online retailer

    Amazon has once again topped the list of the 50 most popular online retailers, says Hitwise.

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