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  • News: Mozilla joins EC in Microsoft anti-trust case

    Mozilla has been given the right to join the European Commission (EC) in its anti-trust case against Microsoft.

  • Opinion: Wozniak to star in 'Dancing with the Stars'

    ABC today announced that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will star in the forthcoming season of 'Dancing with the Stars' (that's US 'Strictly Come Dancing' to you and me).

  • House of Holland O2 mobile broadband dongle

    Mobile broadband dongles are great for accessing the web on the go, but they're not the most distinctive of accessories. To fix this, O2 has teamed up with House of Holland designer Henry Holland and come up with a striking design.

  • Opinion: Bad science 'proves' PC gaming is evil

    Is the whole "playing video games makes you such-and-such" debate spinning your head round your shoulders like Linda Blair's? It is mine, possibly heading towards a pea soup moment.

  • Video: World Technology Update, February 9 2009

    Sticker machines are back with a new twist, the iPhone launches in the Middle East and Google introduces two new products. All that news and more on this week’s World Tech Update.

  • News: HP printer owners exposed by web hack

    HP printer owners are being urged to update firmware in a bid to ensure hackers can't get access to documents previously printed from the device.

  • News: eBay UK clamps down on knife sales

    Online auction site eBay is clamping down on the sale of knives on its UK site, after it was revealed that buyers can easily get their hands on illegal blades.

  • News: Security firm Kaspersky's website hacked

    A hacker gained access to security firm Kaspersky's US website and hundreds of customer details after exploiting a SQL flaw on the site.

  • News: Amazon Kindle 2 pictures leaked

    Pictures of the next generation Kindle - Amazon's electronic book reader that is expected to be launched this month - have appeared on the web.

  • News: Microsoft to unveil My Phone this year

    Microsoft has confirmed that it will launch My Phone - a service that allows mobile phone users to sync information between Windows Mobile handsets and the web - later this year.

  • News: FeRAM memory could replace DRAM

    Toshiba has developed a higher capacity version of its FeRAM (Ferroelectric RAM) memory that can send and receive data at eight times the speed of its previously detailed prototype.

  • News: Samsung Touch Ultra phone set for release

    Samsung has unveiled its latest phone aimed at the full touchscreen end of the market that was ignited by Apple's iPhone.

  • News: AMD Phenom II switches to DDR3 memory

    AMD has released multicore desktop PC processors that work with the faster DDR3 memory type, promising a boost in system performance.

  • News: LG Arena smartphone has 3D interface

    LG Electronics plans to launch its new flagship multimedia phone, called Arena, at next week's Mobile World Congress expo in Barcelona.

  • News: Pictures: Take the plunge with Google Ocean

    Google recently added a new feature to its Google Earth software. Google Ocean is mapping software that takes you under the sea to spot shipwrecks, track the movements of great white sharks, and wander the ocean floor. We've taken the plunge to see just what the app can do.

  • Test Centre: Group test: 7 flat-panel monitors reviewed

    A larger screen for your PC doesn't just make it more fun for watching DVDs, it can give you more workspace too. PC Advisor assesses seven new models, and offers flat-panel buying advice.

  • Test Centre: Group test: which web browser is most secure?

    Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer all have different security advantages and shortcomings. We've put them through rigorous tests to find out which is best for you

  • News: Five free BlackBerry Storm apps

    If you think you get what you pay for when it comes to BlackBerry Storm apps, then we can prove you wrong. Check out our list of the five best free apps for BlackBerry's newest smartphone.

  • News: Four RIAs that can be used on the desktop

    Rich internet applications not only make web pages more responsive to surfers, but they can also be used as more responsive desktop apps too. We've looked at the four biggest cross-platform RIAs that were launched last year to find out just how good they are.

  • News: Valentine's Day tech wishlist unveiled

    The snow this week has caused not a bit of havoc, but for many of us the real consternation is that Valentine's Day is just around the corner and with it the pressure to produce the perfectly-judged gift.

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