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  • News: BBC botnet demo may have broken the law

    The BBC may have broken the law when its Click computing programme showed a live demonstration of a botnet bombarding web users with spam.

  • News: 800,000 alternative energy-powered base stations in 2009

    Over 800,000 base stations will utilize alternative energy solutions such as wind or solar energy, and nearly 70 million mobile devices will be ethically disposed of or will be recycled in 2009.

  • News: Microsoft working on next-generation Surface

    Despite only just being made available in the UK, Microsoft is working on a second generation of its Surface touch-screen computer.

  • Opinion: Men banned from mobile phone shops

    Mobile retailer Phones 4u has banned men from its flagship stores (Tottenham Court Road in London, Argyle Street in Glasgow and Market Street in Manchester) this Wednesday as it launches Sony Ericsson's C905 Pink mobile (pictured here showing a nasty man being pushed out of a light aeroplane).

  • News: Over 2,000 cybersquatting cases in 2008

    The highest number of cybersquatting cases ever were filled during 2008, says the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

  • News: Mobile phone trial on London Underground scrapped

    Plans to trial mobile phone use on London's tube network have not been implemented due to high costs, it has been revealed.

  • News: Thief uses Google Earth to identify lead roofs

    A thief used Google Earth to help him locate buildings with lead roofs that he later stole.

  • News: Tim Berners-Lee is cybercrime victim

    Founder of the web Sir Tim Berners-Lee has revealed he was the victim of online fraud after purchasing a gift using the web.

  • News: Yahoo releases location app for Facebook

    Yahoo has released an application that lets Facebook members share their physical location with those on their list of friends.

  • News: Windows 7 release candidate available online

    A new Windows 7 build that may be the first release candidate has leaked to the internet, according to several file-sharing sites.

  • News: Microsoft fights Vista Capable class action

    Microsoft is disputing an attempt to reinstate class-action status to an ongoing lawsuit against its Windows Vista Capable sticker programme, a case that threatens to drag on and is reflective of the difficulties Microsoft has encountered by releasing its disappointing Windows Vista OS.

  • News: U2 ditches iPod for BlackBerry

    U2 frontman Bono described Apple's iPod in 2004 as "the most interesting artistic creation in pop since the electric guitar". The band built heavy ties with Apple, appearing live onstage with Steve Jobs and in Apple TV ads performing the hit single Vertigo.

  • News: Faulty graphics chips cost Nvidia $44m

    Nvidia spent $43.6m during its last fiscal year to cover warranty and product replacement claims related to faulty graphics chips that were manufactured and sold with a weak packaging material, the company said on Friday.

  • News: Amazon kills third-party Kindle eBooks

    Amazon asked an online forum to remove links to software that lets people load ebooks they buy from sources other than Amazon onto their Kindles.

  • News: Windows 7, XP or Vista: which OS is best

    With three versions of Windows soon to be sharing the market, PC Advisor helps you decide which one to choose.

  • 02 Joggler touchscreen messageboard

    The 02 Joggler is a curious device, best described as a 7in touchscreen messageboard. It's neither internet tablet nor mere digital photo frame and is designed to be stuck on a fridge, of all glamorous locations.

  • News: How iPhone apps could change the world

    Since Apple's iTunes App Store opened its doors in July 2008, the world has been treated to more than 20,000 apps for the iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch. As of February this year, 500 million apps had been downloaded from the store.

  • News: Hands-on with an Apple Mac netbook

    When it comes to laptops, there's no doubt that netbooks have taken over. The small and light-weight devices are scaled down laptops that feature small processors and are ideal for tasks like email and surfing the web on the go. Everyone from Asus to HP and Dell have launched their version of the netbook.

  • News: Ten cool US-only technologies we want in the UK

    We've picked out 10 of the coolest new US services and products that could change every aspect of your life, from getting a mortgage to having a PC that you don't need to boot up

  • News: Long live the Playstation 2

    At eight years old, the Sony Playstation 2 may be considered past its prime. However, it's certainly not dead, evenly pacing the consoles of the next generation, like its older brother the PS3.

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