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  • News: New T-Mobile Google phone coming soon

    T-Mobile will release a new smartphone running Google's Android operating system in Europe in the late third quarter, the phone's Chinese manufacturer, Huawei Technologies, said today.

  • News: Google founder in talks with EC's Reding

    Google is remaining tight-lipped about co-founder Larry Page's Wednesday meeting with Viviane Reding, European commissioner for the information society, but was very forthcoming about the rest of his visit to the European Union's capital city.

  • News: BT, PayPal & Intel back unified online IDs

    The Kantara Initiative, formed to promote interoperability among identity verification applications and services, launched on Wednesday with big-name backers such as BT, Oracle, Intel, eBay's PayPal, AOL, CA, Novell, Fidelity Investments, Liberty Alliance, and Boeing.

  • News: Industry & military discuss cyberwarfare threat

    Nations increasingly touched by cyberattacks are still in the very early stages of figuring out how to deal with incidents that could escalate into critical national security threats.

  • News: Microsoft won't fix Windows 7 UAC glitch

    The Microsoft blogger who first called attention to a security vulnerability in Windows 7's User Account Control (UAC) feature claims it still exists and that Microsoft won't fix it

  • News: WLAN market declines, but 802.11n grows

    The first quarter of this year may have been the gloomiest ever for the wireless LAN market, with overall revenue falling about 11 percent from a year earlier, the first year-over-year drop recorded by industry analyst firm Dell'Oro.

  • News: Apple iPhone 3.0 available for download

    Apple has just released the iPhone 3.0 Software Update. The update is now available to all owners of iPhone and iPod touch devices.

  • Cool-er electronic book reader

    Cool-er describes its electronic book reader as the "iPod of e-readers". With colours that are highly reminiscent of the Apple iPod nano range of music players, we can see where they're coming from.

  • Opinion: Apple to break Palm Pre's iTunes synch

    One month after Palm declared its new Palm Pre phone syncs with iTunes, Apple has posted a warning to third-party vendors that although the Palm Pre's sync may work now, it probably won't last for long.

  • Wyplay Wyplayer HD streaming box

    Wyplay has launched a high-definition media streaming box that can manage your multimedia and create playlists on the fly. The Wyplayer comes in capacities from 500GB to 1TB and has two TV tuners.

  • News: Mobile phone accessories set to grow

    66 percent of revenues earned from mobile phone handset accessories are generated in the aftermarket with items such as protective cases and memory cards.

  • News: EU and US sign new Energy Star agreement

    The European Commission and the US environmental protection agency have both signed an agreement with Energy Star, to ensure computers, printers and copiers sold in the countries will be more energy efficient.

  • News: nVidia claims ION will outperform Intel Atom

    nVidia says its ION platform will outperform Intel's upcoming Pineview family of Atom CPUs, especially in the areas of high-definition movies and games.

  • News: iPhone 3.0 out at 3pm GMT today

    Apple will release its iPhone 3.0 software update at 3pm Greenwich Meantime (GMT), according to reports on various Twitter feeds.

  • Opinion: Twitter proves its worth in troubled Iran

    Twitter has suffered endless wise cracks about its users tweeting more about their favourite sandwiches and coveted parking spots than anything truly important, but the past few days have showed the microblogging site's real promise.

  • News: PEGI system will be used to classify games

    The Pan European Game Information (PEGI) system will be used in the UK to classify video games.

  • News: Apple delays iPhone 3.0 launch

    Apple's much-hyped iPhone 3.0 software update has been delayed a day, according to the company's websites ... in the Far East.

  • News: Gartner slams Windows 7 downgrade plan

    Gartner has slammed Microsoft's plans to let PC manufacturers sell machines running Windows XP for six months after Windows 7 is released on October 22.

  • News: Microsoft search queries plummet before Bing

    Microsoft's search engine suffered a steep usage drop in May, right before the company launched Bing, a new version of its search engine, according to the latest market share figures from Nielsen Online.

  • News: Cli.gs hack shows vulnerability of URL-shortening

    The Cli.gs URL-shortening service yesterday reported that an attacker managed break in via a software security hole and take over 2.2 million URL links.

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