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  • News: Software failing to sort human relationships

    Internet search engines and software applications can catalog huge volumes of information, but they aren't smart enough to trace personal relationships between people, according to the executive chairman of World-Check, a company that maintains a database of individuals that banks and other companies might want to think twice about doing business with.

  • News: Firefox 3.5 launching tomorrow

    Mozilla is expected to release its Firefox 3.5 browser tomorrow, a company representative said on Friday.

  • News: iPhone 3GS shortages in the US

    Apple's US retail stores reported shortages of some models of the new iPhone 3GS on Sunday, according to the company's own inventory tracking tool.

  • Video: Microsoft charges Europeans double for Windows 7

    European customers will pay nearly twice as much for Windows 7 as consumers in the United States.

  • News: 10 Facebook & Twitter privacy faux pas

    Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are great for allowing you to share information about your life with your friends, family and other people in your life.

  • News: 10 unsung heros of technology

    Without heroes such as Tim Berners-Lee, Vint Cerf and Bob Metcalfe we would be able to connect to and surf the web. However, for every well-know 'father' of technology, there are plenty of unsung heroes that have played just as an important role in out technological lives but yet remain relatively unknown.

  • News: Turn your XP or Vista PC into Windows 7

    Practical steps that will give for Vista and XP users many of the top features, performance enhancements, and interface improvements of Windows 7

  • News: 10 most memorable Palm PDAs

    Palm has been grabbing headlinse for the launch of its latest smartphone, the Palm Pre.

  • News: Tutorial: Simple upgrades for your laptop

    We show you how to supercharge a laptop with extra RAM, better Wi-Fi and energy-efficient SSD storage.

  • Sony Ericsson T715 smartphone

    Sony Ericsson has unveiled the T715 smartphone, a 3G handset that offers email and web access as well as consumer features such as a media player and the ability to record video.

  • News: Stay cool, calm and connected this summer

    Don't let a faulty web connection get in the way of your suntan. Follow our tips to access the web from your back garden or even the pub garden.

  • News: Freeview HD roll-out to begin in December

    Freeview HD - the free high definition digital TV service - will start broadcasting in December this year.

  • News: Master home movies with Jahshaka

    Getting your homemade movie in front of an audience is the easy part, thanks to YouTube. Here, we use the free Jahshaka video editor to ensure it's a video worth watching.

  • News: Kaspersky launches Linux antivirus

    Kaspersky has released a beta version of its antivirus software for Linux file systems.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Security Essentials is a no brainer

    People often turn to me for advice regarding what anti-virus package to get. Usually I recommend McAfee or AVG, but Security Essentials will be my go-to anti-malware package once it's released from beta. For small-business and home users, the price, performance, and ease-of-use of MSE can't be beat.

  • News: Sophos warns of Michael Jackson spam emails

    Hackers are using Michael Jackson's death as a way of harvesting email addresses for potential ID theft, says Sophos.

  • News: Apple pulls porn app from App Store

    Apple changed its mind about allowing applications with explicit content in the iPhone App Store. After approving the first app featuring photos of nude women, Apple has now removed 'Hottest Girls' from the App Store.

  • News: Intel & AMD failing to deliver, says Facebook

    The latest generations of server processors from Intel and AMD don't deliver the promised gains in performance, according to the head of technical operations at Facebook, a massive consumer of servers.

  • News: HP and Lenovo offer free Windows 7 upgrades

    HP and Lenovo are the first PC manufacturers to announce they will be backing Microsoft's Windows 7 upgrade scheme, that was announced yesterday.

  • News: Michael Jackson's death knocks Google & Twitter offline

    News of Michael Jackson's death caused a massive surge in internet traffic last night, temporarily crashing Google and driving huge amounts of traffic to popular sites such as Twitter and BBC News.

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