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  • Feature: 10 must-have free software downloads

    Some downloadable software is so good that you just have to grab it. Unfortunately, often you have to pay for it after you try it out. But every once in a while, a must-have program is totally free. Such indispensable, no-cost programs are the hardest kind to find.

  • Feature: Google Chrome 10 vs Mozilla Firefox 4

    Which open source browser is best for you? Here's a look at how the Firefox 4 release candidate matches up with Chrome 10

  • How-Tos: How to back up your webmail account

    It's hard enough to remember to back up your PC, your laptop, your smartphone, and your tablet, let alone your cloud-based email account, too. However, after a recent Gmail glitch left thousands of users unable to access their inboxes, anyone who relies too heavily on the cloud, would do well to back up their web-based email.

  • How-Tos: How to install Adobe Contribute

    Can you help me get rid of the ‘Open’ box that has appeared in the centre of my monitor’s screen? It appeared immediately after I had tried to open Adobe Contribute 4.0.

  • MSI CX640 16.1in laptop

    MSI has unveiled the CX640 – a new model in its C-series of laptops. The 16.1in screen laptop runs Windows 7 Home Premium and comes in Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i3 versions.

  • News: 75% of new phones aren't smart at all

    In 2010 not "very smart" feature phones – handsets that are dumber than smartphones – comprised over 75 percent of the mobile market.

  • Video: Japan counts cost of natural disasters

    Plus all this week's big tech stories

  • News: O2 expands 3G network in London

    O2 customers in London could experience faster mobile internet browsing after the operator switched to a new 3G network in the area.

  • How-Tos: How to avoid gaps when printing Avery labels

    I want to use the Avery label templates that came with my copy of Serif PagePlus to save time writing the address on envelopes. However, the program doesn’t skip ‘empty fields’, creating unsightly gaps in address labels.

  • How-Tos: How to add a DVD drive to a netbook

    I bought a netbook for my wife. Since it has no optical drive, I also bought a USB-powered external Blu-ray/DVD drives and tried to use it to install Microsoft Office. This was recognised, but it won’t run or install Office, reporting USB controller error Code 43. The drive works on another PC, and tech support explained that it may be a problem with the power allocated to the USB ports. I returned it to them to inspect, but I’m curious as to whether this is a standard problem. I find it incredible that I can’t use a plug-and-play optical device on the netbook.

  • News: RSA warns SecurID customers after being hacked

    EMC's RSA Security division says the security of the company's two-factor SecurID tokens could be at risk following a sophisticated cyber-attack on the company.

  • Test Centre: Group test: what's the best online game?

    PC Advisor reviews the best online games you can play.

  • News: Yahoo to sell Delicious to Stumble Upon?

    Yahoo is thought to be selling bookmarking service Delicious for $1m.

  • Test Centre: Group test: what's the best online application?

    PC Advisor reviews the best online applications you can use.

  • News: Online scammers using Japan quake as a lure

    If you're looking for news on the tsunami and quake that has hit Japan, or want to find ways to donate to relief efforts, you should keep your guard up. Scammers and online criminals are exploiting the disaster in Japan to lure in unsuspecting victims in order to steal personal information or load your PC with malware.

  • News: Android 'loads web pages 52% faster than iPhone 4'

    The latest Android smartphone loaded web pages 52 percent faster than iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3, according to thousands of independent field tests by Blaze Software.

  • News: Wide use of flash-hard disk hybrids by 2016

    A quarter of new laptops and half of new desktop PCs will adopt an emerging data storage method by 2016, pairing flash memory with traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) for better overall performance, according to two storage experts.

  • News: New York Times paywall: A small change that seems big

    The New York Times' paywall, which goes up on March 28, is "a significant transition" and "an important step" for the newspaper, says publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

  • News: Asus to launch Google netbook in June

    Computer maker Asus may launch a 10in netbook this June for £125 - £155 powered by Google Chrome OS or Android 3.0, according to reports

  • News: Notorious spamming botnet Rustock shut down

    A large network of hacked computers called Rustock, which was responsible for a great volume of spam, has shut down, perhaps as a result of another coordinated take down by security researchers.

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