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  • News: Hackers attack DirectX bug in Internet Explorer

    Microsoft yesterday confirmed that hackers are exploiting an unpatched bug in DirectX. The attack on Internet Explorer (IE) is the second such exploit in six weeks.

  • Opinion: The one essential truth of computer security

    Who doesn't love that scene in "A Few Good Men" in which Jack Nicholson's character tells Tom Cruise's character, "You can't handle the truth. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said 'Thank you' and went on your way."

  • How-Tos: How to preorder Windows 7 for £49

    After the perceived failure of Windows Vista, Microsoft has resisted the temptation slash the price of its successor: Windows 7. But bargain-hungry PC users who want to get hold of the upcoming OS can make massive savings by pre-ordering online.

  • Opinion: 5 hot apps for iPhone OS 3.0 and 3GS

    Apple faces an interesting problem dealing with developers of iPhone (and iPod Touch) applications. If developers focus on the new features of iPhone OS 3.0 and the iPhone 3GS - the magnetometer and faster CPU, for instance - they'll limit their market. What to do?

  • News: Adobe to patch ColdFusion bug next week

    Adobe Systems will have a patch ready next week for a flaw in its ColdFusion web development software that other security authorities say could result in a hacked system.

  • News: BT drops Phorm WebWise system

    BT has dropped the controversial internet tracking ad-delivery system WebWise, dealing out a huge blow to its developer Phorm.

  • News: Nokia to unveil Google Android phone?

    In an attempt to arrest its declining market share, Nokia will use September's Nokia World conference to unveil its first touchscreen Google Android mobile phone.

  • News: July 4 celebrations hijacked by Waledac botnet

    The Waledac spam/botnet may be dwindling, but that didn't stop its disseminators utilising this weekend's 4th of July celebrations to spread malicious executables, according to Symantec.

  • News: Apple iPhone 3GS jailbroken, hack online

    The first jailbreaking application for the iPhone 3GS is now available. The tool, called purplera1n, will only allow the installation of unofficial third-party applications, but will not unlock the iPhone 3GS.

  • News: Windows 7 RTM build to be revealed in Poland

    This year's Microsoft Technology Summit in Poland is set to become a stage for two major events - the world's first presentations of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 in their RTM (ready to manufacture) versions.

  • News: Photos leaked of Sony Ericsson Android phone

    We know for some time now that Sony Ericsson (SE) is working on a Google Android based mobile phone, but the company has been keeping mum on details. However, pictures leaked by a Danish site appear to reveal Sony Ericsson's upcoming Android phone, and it looks like a good one.

  • News: PC manufacturers turn to DDR3 DRAM

    Demand for the next generation DRAM chip, DDR3 (double data rate, third generation), has spiked recently as systems makers turn to it for increased power efficiency and performance.

  • News: Apple updates MobileMe web service

    It may not be MobileMe 2.0, but Apple has applied another shot of elbow grease to its suite of web services.

  • Opinion: Firefox 3.5 can learn from its rivals

    Mozilla is shaking up the web-browser world with Firefox 3.5 and its support for new web standards. But it can still improve its performance, reliability, and usability by learning from its rivals.

  • Test Centre: Group test: top 12 compact camcorders reviewed

    The latest camcorders are small, light, affordable and capable of shooting HD video. PC Advisor reviews 12 delectably diminutive devices.

  • News: 25 years on: Did 'Neuromancer' predict the internet?

    William Gibson's 1984 novel Neuromancer predicted how technology would shape our future. Some of Gibson's ideas such as the web and cyberspace have become reality, but others were just wide of the mark. As the novel celebrates its silver anniversary this year, we look at just what it got right and what went wrong.

  • News: The ultimate guide to updating firmware

    Firmware can make your PC and associated devices faster, more stable and more capable. Here's our ultimate guide to updating your device's firmware.

  • Test Centre: Group test: 8 satnavs and GPS smartphones reviewed

    Whether you want a faster, less stressful way of getting from place to place or some guidance while expanding your horizons, you're spoilt for choice on the navigation front. PC Advisor tests eight GPS devices.

  • News: Boom! Gunfire at Apple Store, one injured

    Reports are coming in that an attempted armed robbery at a US Apple Store has resulted in one gunshot injury.

  • News: One in 10 MPs uses Twitter

    One in ten MPs are now using Micro-blogging service Twitter, says Tweetminster.

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