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  • News: iPhone 'tracks your every move'

    The iPhone stores information about where you've been and shares the data with your Mac or Windows PC every time it is synced, it has been claimed.

  • News: New Microsoft and Sony games consoles in 2014?

    Amidst all the conjecture over what the rumored new Nintendo console might offer, it's not surprising that people are now turning their attention to Sony and Microsoft.

  • News: Sony delays launch of 3D camcorder due to parts shortage

    Sony is delaying the launch of its 3D Handycam video camera by roughly a month due to difficulty securing parts following the March 11 earthquake in Japan.

  • News: Ubuntu Server geared for future clouds

    The server edition of Ubuntu 11.04, "Natty Narwhal" gets an updated set of cloud support tools

  • News: Sony delays launch of 3D camcorder due to parts shortage

    Sony is delaying the launch of its 3D Handycam video camera by roughly a month due to difficulty securing parts following the March 11 earthquake in Japan.

  • News: Meet Ubuntu 11.04 'Natty Narwhal'... Linux just got cool

    When Canonical releases the latest version of its Ubuntu Linux operating system on 28 April, it's ready to take on Windows. At least that's what Director of Communications Gerry Carr told PC Advisor in an exclusive interview to promote Ubuntu 11.04 'Natty Narwhal'.

  • News: Apple breaks iPhone sales record again

    Apple today said it sold a record 18.6 million iPhones in the first three months of 2011, the third consecutive quarter the company's smartphone has set sales records.

  • News: MS Announces Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Procedures

    Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it will be actively demonstrating its commitment to Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) by publishing CVD documents and releasing Microsoft Vulnerability Research (MSVR) Advisories on vulnerabilities discovered by Microsoft but fixed by affected vendors. Microsoft hopes that these documents will provide more transparency and insight into their disclosure philosophy and about how they go through the process.

  • News: Is Smartphone Security Good Enough?

    Would you object if a police officer stopped you for speeding, then took your phone and cloned all its data--including photos, videos, e-mails, and recent GPS locations?

  • News: Apple's Q2 profit soars on strong iPhone sales

    Apple's revenue and profit soared in its fiscal second quarter ended March 26, buoyed by strong iPhone sales, the company said Wednesday.

  • News: On-premises BlackBerry servers won't connect to Microsoft's Office 365 at launch

    The BlackBerry servers enterprises have installed in their data centers won't connect to Exchange Online but a free cloud-based BlackBerry email service will soon move into beta.

  • Feature: The ultimate guide to working from a coffee shop

    Thanks to their offer of free Wi-Fi and a never-ending supply of tasty treats, coffee shops have become an office away from home for many. Here's how to stay productive and secure your gear and data.

  • News: Quicksilver productivity utility gets dusted off, again

    There are those in the Mac community who speak of a an app that let you work so quickly and do so much using only your keyboard that, well... a Mac just wasn't a Mac without it. We haven't really seen it 'round these parts in nearly half a decade, but thanks to a handful of new developers, the legend known as Quicksilver might ride again.

  • News: X Rebirth bringing space sims back

    Developer Egosoft has announced a new entry in the successful X franchise. Will it be enough to revitalize interest in the flagging space sim genre?

  • Opinion: Fit for purpose

    Who would deny that the hottest topic in consumer electronics right now is the tablet PC? And since there’s only one tablet PC onsale that – in my opinion, anyway – fulfils the description ‘fit for purpose’, we must inevitably turn toward the iPad.

  • News: Information Commissioner raps Birmingham NHS for poor IT security

    The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has revealed that NHS Birmingham East and North breached the Data Protection Act by failing to have the security measures in place to restrict access to confidential files on its IT network.

  • Opinion: A word to the web-wise

    Privacy has made a lot of headlines over the past couple of years and caused many of us to think about just how easily some of the apparent ‘gotchas’ that appear in the tabloids and broadsheets could apply to us. If you’re an aficionado of mobile computing or a smartphone user, you may be at particular risk.

  • News: Judicial review fails to challenge the Digital Economy Act

    A judicial review that aimed to challenge the Digital Economy Act and was called for by BT and TalkTalk, has failed.

  • Video: See the BlackBerry PlayBook in action

    RIM previews the BlackBerry PlayBook

  • Feature: The five best video-related downloads

    Your PC or laptop can be used for more than just surfing the web, checking email and work-related tasks such as creating spreadsheets or typing letters. There's a whole host of multimedia applications that allow users to watch video and TV on their PC, but check out these free utilities can help you do more when its comes to video on your computer.

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