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  • News: Google Chrome now on Sony PCs

    Google has forged a deal to distribute Chrome in Sony PCs sold in North America, the company's first such deal with a PC vendor and one of a number of efforts to popularize the Internet browser.

  • News: eBay confirms $1.9bn deal to sell Skype

    Update: eBay has confirmed that it has reached an agreement to sell a 65 percent stake in Skype for $1.9 billion

  • Opinion: 5 favourite Excel tips

    Whether you're using Microsoft Excel 2008 or 2004, you need some tricks up your sleeve for easing day-to-day tasks, such as entering data or custom sorting, as well as for special situations, such as using colours not included on the Standard palette.

  • News: The 40 best dying or dead technologies

    Technology evolves at a breakneck speed, which mean's today's most-used technology, could just be a fleeting memory by tomorrow.

  • News: The 10 most stupid iPhone apps

    The Apple iTunes app store offers a host of programs that can do everything from turning your iPhone into a gaming console and a TV remote to software that helps your scout out the best restaurants.

  • How-Tos: How to rescue a PC, laptop, iPod or monitor

    When it comes to tech, spilling water on your laptop, or any other gadget, becomes a life or death situation. But these unfortunate accidents mean you have to scrap your tech and invest in a new iPod, mobile phone or camera right?

  • News: Is free antivirus software safe?

    Free antivirus products vary in their capabilities. We put AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials and others through their paces in an in-depth group test

  • gScreen Spacebook dual-screen laptop

    Coming soon to a laptop near you: widescreen displays like you've never seen before. We don't just mean the 16:10 screens on the latest high-end Blu-ray 'entertainment' laptops either.

  • Opinion: Snow in August

    It was in 2001 that Apple and Microsoft unveiled their respective new pride-and-joys - each had shiny new operating systems. In the one corner was Mac OS X 10.0, an amalgamation of FreeBSD Unix and the classic Mac OS; in the other corner, Windows XP, a reskinned version of Windows 2000, itself based on Microsoft Windows NT.

  • Vexia Econav 435 satnav

    Vexia is relaunching its Econav 'green' satnav device, pushing the fuel saving and carbon reduction benefits of its new 4.3in screen portable navigation unit. The £169 satnav goes onsale from next week and will be primed with UK and Ireland maps.

  • News: UK Broadband: State of the Nation 2009

    In 2009, 18.31 million UK households had Internet access. This represented 70 percent of households and an increase of 1.85 million households since 2008, according to the 2009 National Statistics Opinions (Omnibus) survey.

  • Opinion: nVidia Ion boosts netbook and nettop graphics power

    A picture can tell a thousand words. And if you display enough pictures every second, you get a good illusion of 2D reality. That's how we all enjoy film and TV, and it's increasingly how we find ourselves interacting with our PCs.

  • News: Which apps dont work with Snow Leopard?

    The latest version of Apple's Mac OS X operating system, Snow Leopard, will install only on Macs (and Hacked PCs) running on Intel processors. It therefore requires Rosetta emulation to run older PowerPC-based software, rather than Intel/PowerPC-friendly Universal programs.

  • News: Google News antitrust investigation begins

    Italy's Antitrust Authority has opened an investigation into Google Italy for alleged abuse of its dominant position in the Internet search market, the Authority announced Thursday.

  • News: Palm Pre UK release set for October

    The Palm Pre smartphone, sometimes compared favourably with Apple's iPhone, will launch in the UK on Friday 30 October, according to reports.

  • News: IBM zooms into molecule for power-efficient chips

    IBM has for the first time taken an image of a molecule's surface, which could lead to the construction of cheaper, more power-efficient chips, the company said Thursday.

  • News: Microsoft Bing coming to iPhone apps

    Microsoft is targeting the iPhone as another avenue for boosting usage of its Bing search engine.

  • News: Dell mobile phones could launch worldwide

    Dell said it was willing to work with carriers worldwide to develop more mobile devices, suggesting that another phonelike prototype like the one it developed with China Mobile could be on the cards.

  • News: Apple approves Spotify for iPhone

    Apple has approved the Spotify music streaming application for the App Store, although iPhone and iPod touch users will be required to have a subscription to Spotify's premium subscription service

  • News: Non-profit domains grow during recession

    The number of .ORG domains registered by non-profit organisations in the UK is on the up new research reveals.

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