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  • News: Will Droid Bionic users pay for Lapdock? Analysts skeptical

    An unusual Lapdock accessory for the Motorola Droid Bionic smartphone, which Verizon Wireless started selling on Thursday, can be had for $300.

  • News: 9/11: Attacks changed the way companies view IT

    The 9/11 attacks raised awareness in the IT industry about disaster recovery and data backup.

  • News: Activision Wins Modernwarfare3.com Case

    Activision has emerged triumphant in the case to determine the ownership of modernwarfare3.com, which temporarily redirected to Battlefield's website.

  • News: Are Windows Phone 7 Apps Destined for Windows 8?

    Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has raised an interesting possibility about Windows 8, speculating that it will be able to run Windows Phone 7 apps.

  • News: Apple Silent on DigiNotar Certificates Hack

    DigiNotar, a certificate authority (CA) responsible for issuing digital certificates used to verify a website as authentic, announced on August 30 that hundreds of its certificates had been compromised. While others have reacted quickly, Apple is still mum on plans to protect Mac OS X or iOS users from the rogue certificates.

  • News: 1Password goes Lion-only, debuts on the App Store

    Toronto-based Agile Bits has released version 3.9 of 1Password, its popular identity management app for OS X. While the new release includes several enhancements and a few new features, the biggest news is that 1Password 3.9 is a Lion-only application, so users of pre-10.7 versions of OS X will have to stick with 3.8. The app is also built using a 64-bit architecture for maximum performance.

  • News: Ten years after 9/11: Public safety network may be near

    A nationwide voice and data network for emergency response agencies may be close to approval in Congress.

  • News: Google Acquires Zagat in Bid to Boost Local Services

    Google has acquired restaurant review authority Zagat, publisher of a popular line of dining out guidebooks. The news came in a post to the Google blog and poem on Google+ from Marissa Mayer, the company's vice president of local, maps and location services.

  • News: Google+ bug hides old posts

    If you're a prolific Google+ user, you may be unable to see all the posts you have published on your profile due to a bug in the social networking site that hides older posts, according to the company.

  • News: Google buys Zagat to boost business reviews

    Google has acquired venerable restaurant ratings publisher Zagat to boost its online maps and local business listings with trustworthy reviews and recommendations, which Web surfers increasingly seek and value.

  • News: Symantec responds to 'panic' around DigiNotar hack

    Citing "panic" resulting from a hack on Dutch SSL certificate provider DigiNotar, Symantec has confirmed that its SSL Certificate Authorities VeriSign, Thawte, GeoTrust and RapidSSL roots remain secure.

  • News: Most CIOs to hold headcount steady; 12% plan increases

    More CIOs are planning to expand their IT departments than are planning cutbacks; the majority expects to hold headcounts steady.

  • News: VMware, Symantec work up cloud-based single sign-on security services

    Symantec on tap with "O3"; can VMware's "Project Horizon" be far behind?

  • News: 9/11 continues to influence IT strategy

    Many companies had refined their IT disaster recovery programs prior to 9/11, but the attacks exposed a lack of attention to continuity of business operations.

  • News: 9/11 Anniversary: Hurricane Irene puts Vermont's new 9-1-1 system to the test

    Hurricane Irene produced more than record flooding in Vermont: On Sunday, Aug. 28, the state's emergency personnel received twice as many 9-1-1 calls as ever before, putting its new dynamic call routing system to the test.

  • News: 9/11 Anniversary: What our emergency response systems still can't do

    Ten years after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks demonstrated huge gaps in the nation's emergency communications systems, there is still a long list of standard networking capabilities that are unavailable to first responders and 9-1-1 operators.

  • News: 9/11 Anniversary: Standard for Internet-based emergency calls nears completion

    The Internet engineering community is close to solving the thorny technical problem of identifying and routing emergency calls over the Internet similar to how they are handled over the regular telephone system.

  • News: 9/11 Anniversary: US gets serious about fixing emergency communications

    At the 10-year mark of the nation's most devastating terrorist attack -- and one of its biggest disasters of any kind -- the United States is finally getting serious about overhauling its emergency response systems, particularly its workhorse 9-1-1 call centers.

  • News: Steam User Finds More Offensive Skill Name in Dead Island

    One of the perils of accidentally releasing a buggy or development version of your game to the public is that said public will then take the opportunity to dig through the game's files in order to determine what is going on and how to resolve the problem if possible. Sometimes this can lead to the community making huge improvements to an otherwise fundamentally broken game. And sometimes this can bring things to light which were never intended to be seen, such as the original skill names for Dead Island player character Purna, found by Steam user AlexeiVasiliev and shared in this forum post.

  • News: Max Payne 3 Out in March 2012

    I sat alone in a darkened room, the light of the monitor illuminating my face like a small personal moon, the steam from my coffee the only movement visible as I hunched over the screen like a pensive statue. I frowned in consternation at the words on the screen in front of me, the furrows in my brow as if a farmer had ploughed them in preparation for a bountiful harvest. But the only harvest these furrows would see was the sweat from my face, as hot as the Amazon as it was in that tiny, dark, cell-like room.

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