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  • News: Apple's US employees can get $10,000 charitable donations matched

    New Apple CEO Tim Cook has sent an email to all US employees offering to match any personal charitable contributions of up to the value of $10,000 per year.

  • News: iTunes U hits 600 million downloads

    Apple's iTunes U has hit the 600 million download mark, it has been reported, with 30 percent of traffic coming from iOS devices.

  • News: Google Music Comes to iOS as Web App

    iPhone and iPad users now have access access to Google Music a cloud service previously reserved for Android devices only. However, instead of creating a native iOS app, Google offers a Web app designed to rival Apple’s iTunes with iTunes Match and the Amazon Cloud Player.

  • News: 88% of people use printers to print out photos & posters

    Nearly 90 percent of all printer users mainly use their printers to print out photos, a poll suggests.

  • News: Which city has the most painful commute in the world?

    Los Angeles, New York and Chicago are known in the U.S. for their epic gridlock conditions, but in a global analysis by IBM, the pain of commuting in these cities is rated lower than a number of international cities where drivers say they're a lot more miserable.

  • News: Samsung to show a Windows 8 tablet next week, report says

    Samsung reportedly will unveil a new tablet computer that runs on the Windows 8 OS next week. It would become a convenient alternative to the legally imperiled Android OS used in Samsung's Galaxy Tab computers.

  • News: Web paths are personal data says consumer group

    A leading international consumer group has called on the United States Federal Trade Commission and the European Union’s main body for data protection, the Article 29 Working Group, to reject self-regulation of online behavioral advertising.

  • News: French publishers drop lawsuits against Google book scanning

    Three French publishers have dropped lawsuits against Google alleging that the company infringed their copyright.

  • News: 9/11: Top lessons learned for disaster recovery

    In the decade since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, physical security, human contingency planning and an evolution in technological capabilities have improved the odds that business can carry on during -- and after -- a disaster.

  • News: 40 Weeks of DLC for Saints Row: The Third

    THQ's Brian Farrell, speaking at the Cloud Gaming USA conference this week, expanded on his plans to keep players of Saints Row: The Third engaged long after release.

  • News: How to Max Out Your Windows Performance for $1000

    Ever since Microsoft released Windows Vista, all Windows PCs have included a benchmark tool called the Windows Experience Index, which gives you a quick look at how well you can expect the system to handle basic Windows tasks, Aero graphics, more-demanding applications, games, and more. Hitting the overall maximum score--7.9, at the time of this writing--isn't easy without investing in a lot of expensive, specialized hardware, but we've found a PC build that you can tweak to reach 7.8 overall (with a 7.9 in every category except processor speed) for about $1000.

  • News: What to Expect from Google and Zagat

    Google announced today that it has purchased Zagat. Zagat's maroon pocket-sized guides have been a staple of tourists and travelers for decades, and now the reviews and ratings of restaurants, hotels, and other destinations can be incorporated into the vast "Googleverse". So, what does that mean for you and me?

  • News: Windows 8: What We Hope to Learn

    We already know a lot about Windows 8. We know it’ll have a new, touch-focused interface and application framework for tablets and touchscreen PCs. We know it will still have a traditional desktop, with enhancements to Explorer (among other features). It will have versions that run natively on ARM-based CPUs in addition to the x86 architectures we’re used to. It will integrate USB 3.0 support and cloud services.

  • Opinion: Windows Phone 7, Day 8: Pet Peeves

    Having used Windows Phone 7 in my 30 Days With Windows Phone 7 series for an entire week now--first with NoDo running on the HTC HD7S, and now with Mango running on a Samsung Focus--I can say that I am mostly impressed so far. But, I am also building a short, but growing list of things that annoy and frustrate me about Microsoft's mobile OS.

  • News: The Week in iPhone Cases: Is it me you're looking for?

    One of the best parts of writing Macworld's weekly case roundups is that I get to see the wide range of products that manufacturers dream up. This week is a perfect example: We've got the whimsical, the practical, and the sheer elegant. Let's dive in!

  • Opinion: How to Tweak Windows' AutoPlay Settings

    Ever wonder why DVD movies automatically start playing the moment you pop them into your PC? Or why nothing at all happens when you insert a blank CD? Or connecting your iPhone causes an options window to appear? It's all controlled by Windows' AutoPlay feature, which is designed to kick into action--or not--when you connect a device or insert some kind of media.

  • News: Warning: HIPPA has teeth and will bite over health-care privacy blunders

    Health care organizations that are performing risk assessments as a way to craft patient-privacy policies might want to consider a new potential attack vector: federal regulators.

  • News: Build Your Secret Hideout with Interactive Creative iPad Toy

    Andrew "Zarf" Plotkin, best known for a number of interactive fiction titles, has released an intriguing interactive art toy for the iPad.

  • Opinion: Miss Ultima RPG Gameplay?

    Avadon: The Black Fortress ($20, free demo) from Spiderweb Games continues that company's tradition of large-scale, top-down (Ultima-style), story-rich CRPGs. In Avadon: The Black Fortress, you play a newly chosen "Hand" of Avadon, a kingdom which has united (or perhaps, oppressed) neighboring nations in a treaty known as the Pact. As you play, you learn more about the world and its history, and slowly uncover a web of mysteries. Oh, and you kill monsters. Lots of monsters. And rummage through every trash heap, desk, and chest you can find in a mad pursuit of any loot you can use or sell.

  • News: 3DS Sales Shoot Up by 260% Following Price Drop

    Nintendo has announced that the recent price drop has had a big impact on 3DS sales in August. But how long will this last, given recent events?

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