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  • Opinion: Windows 8 Will Take Laptop Touchpads to the Next Level

    If you've used a Windows 7 laptop with a "multitouch" touchpad, you've likely been a little disappointed to see that it offers only a few gestures: pinch to zoom, twist to rotate, two-finger scrolling, maybe three-finger swiping. The functionality is handy, but it's a long way from having a touchpad that behaves like a little multitouch touchscreen.

  • Opinion: Windows 8: Way Too Early for the Hype

    Windows 8 looks awesome! I watched the keynote--a couple times actually. I am impressed. There are too many cool, "gee whiz" features and capabilities to even cover in a single post. Even with all that, though, I am having trouble getting caught up in the breathless excitement of it all.

  • News: Kensington releases BungeeAir security cases for iPhone 4

    Kensington wants to make sure that you and your iPhone don't come down with a case of separation anxiety. The accessory maker's latest offering, BungeeAir security cases, alerts you when you and your smartphone are about to part ways.

  • Opinion: Amazon's Color Slate: Tablet or eReader?

    It reportedly runs Android, has a 7-inch color touchscreen, and carries a boatload of hooks into Amazon's online content. Some pundits are calling it a potential iPad killer--heady praise for a product that hasn't been announced. But given its expected feature set, is Amazon's new slate a tablet or an e-reader?

  • Opinion: IDF: Ultrabooks, Thin Motherboards, and More

    Thin is in at IDF this year. Read on for a look at Intel's Ultrabooks, thin-ITX motherboards, and the new X79 chipset.

  • News: Match.com buys stake in Chinese dating site

    Match.com announced on Wednesday it had acquired a 20 percent stake in a company behind one of China's largest online dating sites.

  • News: Apple provides firmware updates for MacBook Pros, Mac minis

    On Wednesday, Apple released firmware updates for the latest Mac mini and MacBook Pro models to address issues with Lion Internet Recovery and Thunderbolt connectivity.

  • Opinion: Laptops to Last 24 Hours on One Charge, Standby 10 Days

    Think you're lucky when your laptop doesn't die after six or even eight hours of use? Just wait until Intel's next processor platform, code named Haswell, arrives. At the Intel Developer Forum on Tuesday, Intel claimed that the Haswell chips, slated for 2013, will offer more than 10 days of connected standby battery life and the ability to run your laptop for a full 24 hours on one charge.

  • News: AT&T center to tap into Silicon Valley talent

    AT&T set up shop in Silicon Valley on Wednesday with its Foundry Development Center in Palo Alto, a facility where software and hardware developers can get help bringing their inventions to the real world.

  • News: Indie Dev Releases Game to Torrents, Notches Sales Increase

    What's the best way to combat piracy while getting in a little free promotion? If Tiny Build Games is any example, it's to release your own game to the torrents...with pirate costumes.

  • News: U.S. needs to be on-guard for a big cyber-attack

    A destructive attack from cyberspace "is coming, in my opinion. It is a question of time. What we don't know is how far out it is," and whether it will target commercial infrastructure, government networks or mobile platforms Army Gen. Keith Alexander told attendees of the "Maneuvering in Cyberspace" symposium this week.

  • Opinion: Quickly Strip Double-Spaces from Word Documents

    If you're over the age of 40, you probably took a typing class in school--and learned that it's proper to leave two spaces after a period.

  • News: Ballmer: Microsoft Is "Reimagining" Itself

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a surprise appearance at the end of Wednesday’s BUILD keynote speech, telling the audience that Microsoft is in the process of reimagining itself.

  • News: US agencies making progress on cybercrime, officials say

    U.S. government agencies are getting better at sharing information about cyberattacks with private companies, but cybercrime shows no signs of slowing down, cybersecurity experts told lawmakers Wednesday.

  • News: Facebook adds new 'subscribe' button: Watch out Twitter

    Facebook is extending the scope of its site into Twitter and Google+ territory by making it possible for Facebook members to subscribe to each other's public posts without necessarily having to be approved friends.

  • News: Server virtualization pushes storage demand to new highs

    In 2001, VMware delivered its first virtualization products for x86 servers, setting off what has become one of today's biggest tech trends. But the benefits of virtualization, particularly its ability to allow users to rapidly provision new workloads, are pushing demand for storage to new highs.

  • News: Anti-iPhone Game 'Phone Story' Now Live on Android Market

    Although Apple has banned Molleindustria's 'Phone Story' from the App Store, that hasn't stopped the game from appearing on the Android Market, where it's currently selling for $1 per download.

  • News: Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon Trailer

    I just discovered Frayed Knights today, and I'm interested in its mix of old-fashioned RPG gameplay and humor. I love when RPGs pull off humor well (Baldur's Gate II's crazy warrior Minsc and his miniature giant space hamster still makes me chortle), so I'm interested in seeing how it works with this decidedly old-school game.

  • News: US Gov't Pays Contractors Nearly Twice As Much As Own Staff

    As the so-called Supercommittee—the U.S. Congress's Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction—looks for ways to cut $1.5 trillion from the deficit, one non-partisan watchdog group has released a study suggesting that the federal government pays billions more to outsource IT work to private contractors than it does to perform the same work internally.

  • News: IDF Day 1 Recap: Ivy Bridge, and the X79 Factor in Photos

    Did you miss yesterday's Intel Developer Forum announcements? Catch up in our day one recap--and read our previous IDF coverage here.

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