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  • Opinion: 12 Top Tech Rumors We Hope Will (and Won't) Come True

    The tech world loves rumors and spreads them incessantly, thanks to a seemingly endless outpouring of Internet blather about impending tech gadgets and gear.

  • News: Netflix raises rates for streaming, DVD subscriptions

    On Tuesday, Netflix hiked up its rates for combined DVD and streaming plans. Beginning immediately for new customers, and in September for existing customers, you’ll need to subscribe at least to an $8 DVD-only plan, an $8 streaming-only plan, or a $16 combined plan.

  • News: 6 simple steps toward IPv6

    Upgrading your Web site to support IPv6 doesn't have to be hard or expensive. Here are six simple steps toward adopting IPv6 from companies that are already offering IPv6 content:

  • News: Getting at the real truth about IPv6

    Is 2012 the year to invest in IPv6?

  • News: Activision Files Complaint Over ModernWarfare3.com

    It's a Modern Warfare 3 joke site littered with pro-Battlefield 3 propaganda, trolling fans of the former first-person shooter or anyone sensitive enough to take the bait, and now Activision wants it shut down—so much so that it's filed a domain name dispute with the National Arbitration Forum. The NAF describes itself as a litigation alternative, and specializes in domain name dispute resolution.

  • Opinion: iOS Patches Jailbreak Exploit, Is Quickly Jailbroken

    On Friday, Apple released a minor update to iOS, version 4.3.4. The update patched the famous PDF exploit used by JailbreakMe 3.0, which allowed users to jailbreak any iDevice (including iPad 2) through a website. Some bloggers purported the latest update would also quell future jailbreaks- which anyone following the cat-and-mouse game between Apple and iOS hackers should know would turn out false. Well, it did, and less than 12 hours after the release of 4.3.4, a jailbreak was released by RedmondPie.

  • News: Get to Work in the Virtual Sweatshop

    A new web-based game aims to educate children and teenagers about the ethics (or lack thereof) of the fashion industry.

  • News: Despite Microsoft gains, VMware still dominates virtualization market

    VMware is the primary hypervisor for 58% of organizations that use x86 virtualization software, with Citrix and Microsoft's Hyper-V splitting the rest of the market.

  • Opinion: Corel Painter 12's New Features Make Natural-looking Art

    The quest to use a computer to emulate natural artistic media is not a new one. The allure of painting with something "just like water color" has tempted both developers and users for years, and Corel Painter 12 ($429, 30-day free trial) brings this dream closer than ever before.

  • Opinion: Toshiba Thrive Tablets Comatose, Owners Say

    Owners of the recently released Toshiba Thrive tablet say the device has an annoying bug causing the tablet to refuse to come out of sleep mode. Forums on Toshiba's own site and third-party forums have numerous complaints from new Thrive owners complaining of the problem. "The white status light is blinking but pressing the On [sic] button does nothing requiring [a] reboot like a Windows computer," said Toshiba forum user sjwheat. The Thrive issue was first reported by Engadget.

  • News: Sale of Nigeria's Nitel bogs down in confusion

    The sale of Nitel, Nigeria's incumbent telecom operator, has bogged down in confusion following the failure by Omen International Consortium to pay a US$105 million bid security to the Bureau of Public Enterprise.

  • News: Post-Novell, Xamarin readies Mono upgrade for developers

    Aimed at Windows developers, Mono 2.12 offers benefits for multicore PCs and for creating mobile and Web apps

  • News: Netflix to hit the UK in 2012?

    US movie streaming service Netflix is expected to hit the UK early next year.

  • News: Baidu offers beta version of its own web browser

    China's largest search engine, Baidu, has begun offering downloads of its new Internet browser, which boasts its own collection of 30,000" apps" that can quickly connect users to online games, videos and other tools.

  • News: Trademark owners can block misuse in .xxx domain

    Trademark owners can prevent their names from being misused in the new .xxx top-level domain by blocking these names, ICM Registry, the Florida-based registry operator for the .xxx top-level domain said.

  • News: More than half of small firms don't have a website

    More than 54 percent of small business owners do not have a website for their firm, says Serif.

  • News: Apple complaint over HTC's infringement of iPhone upheld

    HTC has revealed its plans to appeal against a ruling by the US International Trade Commission (ITC) that claims some of the smartphone maker's Google Android-based handsets infringe Apple patents.

  • Sony Handycam DCR-SX21E digital camcorder launches

    Sony has expanded its range of camcorders with the Handycam DCR-SX21E which features a 57x optical zoom to ensure you can capture the action no matter how far away it is.

  • How-Tos: Top 5 Tips for protecting your mobile from phone hacking

    Phone hacking can happen to anyone. Here's how to secure your phone.

  • News: 7 high-tech programs that want to pick your brain

    With increasing frequency it seems agencies of the government are looking to tap into the public conscienceness to gather information on everything from how you surf the Web to how they can use information generated by you to predict the future. It's all a little creepy, really. Here we take a look at seven programs announced this year that in some cases really want to crawl into your brain to see what's happening in the world.

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