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  • News: Deus Ex developers listen to fan feedback

    The community has been kicking up a fuss over the inclusion of item highlighting in the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Eidos is keen to make everyone happy.

  • News: Free movies, TV, Seinfeld available on Crackle app

    Other video services may be raking in the eyeballs and subscription dollars with their movie and TV offerings for the iPhone and iPad, but Sony's new Crackle app may become master of its domain for one simple reason: It has Seinfeld.

  • Feature: 10 things killed by the smartphone

    How many consumer products and services are being killed off by the big, bad smartphone?

  • News: Microsoft announces Office 365 public beta, Marketplace

    Last October, Microsoft launched a private beta of Office 365, an evolution of its Web-based version of key business products like Office, SharePoint, and Lync Server. The offering is designed to take on competitors like Google Docs, Salesforce, and Zoho.

  • News: Royal Wedding: The best, worst and indifferent Apple iOS apps

    There's nothing like celebrity frenzy, especially a long-in-the-planning one like the Royal Wedding, to bring out the best and worst of mobile application development.

  • News: Tech support teams understaffed by 42%

    Today's tech support teams are significantly understaffed, which leaves staffers juggling too many requests for help and end users suffering long wait times to get that help.

  • News: Royal Wedding: Will & Kate & YouTube

    If you really can't wait for a recorded version of the Royal Wedding come April 29, Google's YouTube unit has announced that the Royal Family will provide a live video stream of the big day's events.

  • News: Sony Ericsson faces shortages of flagship phones

    Sony Ericsson faces shortages of three new flagship cell phones after Japan's earthquake and tsunami disrupted supplies of key components, it said Tuesday.

  • How-Tos: How to set the time, date and password on an Android tablet

    Whatever else you do with your Android tablet, and there are plenty of options, you are going to want it to know the current time and date. That information is very important. It is used by a range of applications. For example when you open the calendar on your tablet it automatically goes to what it thinks is today.

  • News: RIM PlayBook launches: Here's your mini-guide

    Research in Motion Tuesday started making available its answer to the iPad: an enterprise-focused tablet computer called the PlayBook that starts at $500.

  • News: Portal 2: He Flies Through Puzzles with the Greatest of Ease

    Portal 2 makes me nervous, but not in a good way. I’m halfway through its shambolic, corroded test levels, but it’s only taken three hours to get here. During those three, I’ve jogged into spacious rooms, sussed a few puzzles, then jogged out again. The toughest one yet occurred at the beginning during training, where I only had control of a single portal and couldn't figure out where to drop the other one. Everything since? Pretty much a cakewalk.

  • Sonos presses play for Android

    Sonos has added Android support to its growing list of options for how to wirelessly control and enjoy music around your home. The multi-room music player now has a dedicated Android app.

  • News: Rackspace adds load balancing to cloud-based servers

    Rackspace's cloud computing division is offering load-balancing tools to help customers distribute workloads across multiple servers, providing applications with higher availability.

  • News: Starbucks Is My Office: A Guide for Virtual Workers

    You're gripping a triple-shot Espresso Macchiato with your left hand and prepping a presentation on your laptop's screen with your right. You chat with your client from your smartphone, trusting that the whoosh of the milk steamer doesn't drown out the conversation. "I sure hope the Wi-Fi holds," you think.

  • News: Asda parent Walmart scoops up social networking firm

    Walmart, the owner of UK supermarket chain Asda, has acquired a social networking firm in a major bid to grow its online and mobile shopping businesses.

  • News: US Mac sales 'up 47% year-on-year'

    Driven by the strong performance of the new MacBook Pro line, Mac sales were up 47 percent year-on-year in the US for March 2011.

  • News: NHS trust dumps CSC over lack of confidence

    CSC is facing fresh trouble in its £3 billion contract on the National Programme for IT, after the Pennine Care NHS trust said it was abandoning the supplier over a “lack of confidence” in its ability to deliver a system quickly.

  • News: App Store ranking algorithm changed?

    Apple appears to have made a number of changes to the App Store, with the criteria used to determine an app's ranking seemingly altered.

  • Feature: Five free utilities to save businesses time and money

    Running your own business can certainly take up plenty of your time and cash. If you feel there's not enough hours in the day or your wallet is taking a beating, check out these five apps that'll give you important tools for free.

  • News: White iPhone 4 to hit UK 20 April

    Brits will be able to get their hands on the white iPhone 4 from Wednesday 20 April, it would appear.

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