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  • News: US agencies returning $55 million from AdSurfDaily operation

    Two U.S. government agencies have begun to return US$55 million in forfeited funds from a Web-based operation accused by investigators of being a massive Ponzi scheme, the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Secret Service announced Monday.

  • Opinion: Asus Ultrabook Laptops to Launch October 11

    Asus's UX Ultrabook, the first in this new class of laptops, to be introduced now has a firm announcement date: October 11.

  • Opinion: Fanny Wang Headsets Big Hits with NFL Big Hitters

    If the steady line of autograph-hungry Fanny Wang headset fans at a Manhattan electronics store was any indication, these new bass-boosting over-the-ear headsets may give Monster Cable's DJ-friendly Beats by Dr. Dre headset a run for its money. At least that's what Fanny Wang CEO Tim Hickman hopes.

  • Opinion: Wall-Sized Game Boy Plays Mr. Game and Watch

    Waiting rooms are really boring, and the year's worth of Sports Illustrated or Time Magazine back issues can only last so long. How are geeks supposed to keep themselves amused? How does a massive wall-mounted Game Boy sound?

  • News: Intego: Malware masquerades as Flash installer

    On Monday, security company Intego warned Mac users of a new Trojan horse that masquerades as a Flash Player installation package for OS X Lion.

  • News: Nokia anti-counterfeit campaign nets 11,000 items

    Nokia's campaign against counterfeit handsets recorded a major breakthrough when 11,000 Nokia items were confiscated in downtown Nairobi.

  • News: Interoperability standards at heart of new EU antitrust case

    Interoperability standards are at the heart of a new antitrust probe launched by the European Commission into the online payments market.

  • News: BoxTone Adds Automated Security to Mobile Software

    BoxTone, an enterprise mobility management software provider, today announced new enhancements to its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform that are designed to help CIOs, CISOs and other IT managers meet security and compliance regulations while managing large numbers of employee- and corporate-owned mobile devices.

  • News: Intellipad iPad app focuses on special education needs

    The iPad is becoming increasingly popular in academic settings, gracing everything from undergraduate lecture halls to medical schools to grade-level classrooms. But the iPad’s educational uses don’t stop there. Intellipad’s new Intellipad 1.0 iPad app aims to make Apple’s tablet more useful for special education, especially kids learning to read, write, and communicate.

  • News: Concern over U.S. snoops drives Canadian political party to cloud-based encryption

    One of Canada's largest political parties is using cloud-based Salesforce.com in the U.S. to store information about voters and interact with them, but worries that U.S. government snoops could peek at sensitive information under U.S. law prompted the Canadian party to use a strong encryption approach.

  • News: Consumers can opt for fewer Firefox releases

    Although Mozilla will urge users to stick with Firefox's rapid release schedule, there's nothing to prevent them from adopting a much slower tempo that's been proposed for enterprises.

  • News: Pirates tap BI tools to forecast, boost attendance

    After 19 consecutive losing seasons, the Pittsburgh Pirates need a little extra help finding fans to buy tickets for seats at PNC Park.

  • News: Facebook's Frictionless Sharing: A Privacy Guide

    Should you be concerned about your privacy on Facebook's recently announced "frictionless sharing" plan that lets online sites and services automatically share your activity with your Facebook friends?

  • News: Spotify removes listening time limits for new users

    Music streaming service Spotify has removed the restrictions on listening time for its new users to its free service.

  • News: Will iPad soon be affordable even for cheapskates?

    A report that Apple is slashing Q4 iPad 2 orders with manufacturers has set off speculation that demand is falling and that price cuts on the market-leading tablet computer could be in the offing.

  • News: Interview with BurstPoint CFO Terenzio Volpicelli

    Name: Terenzio Volpicelli

  • News: Dead Sea Scrolls Post in Time for Rosh Hashanah

    After spending centuries hidden in caves where they were accessible to no one, and decades on display in a Jerusalem museum where they were viewed by the few, the Dead Sea Scrolls arrived on the Internet today, where they can be seen by everyone.

  • News: New Mac malware variant surfaces, poses as PDF

    Mac malware, while not nearly as widespread as the Windows variety, does occasionally appear. Earlier this year we had Mac Defender. Now security research firm F-Secure has announced the discovery of another up-and-coming Trojan horse.

  • News: Samsung and Apple clash in Dutch court

    The legal battle between Apple and Samsung continued on Monday in a district court hearing in The Hague, Netherlands, during which the two companies argued the merits of four Samsung patents.

  • News: How and where to get feedback on your photos

    The great folly of expensive cameras is that they don’t take amazing pictures by themselves. Naturally, new photographers will want to hone their craft to translate their creative vision though the lens. But after combing through the instruction manual, the only way to tap into your inner artistic genius is practice, practice, practice. Getting constructive feedback from strangers and professionals is a great way to take your photo composition techniques to the next level, and the Internet is chock full of places where strangers enthusiastically give their (free!) opinion. While sometimes you get what you pay for, the right kind of critique can really give you insight. Here’s a guide on where to go to get constructive criticism on your new camera’s snapshots, and how to play nice with others seeking the same.

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