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  • News: ADP wants more than your payroll

    The story "ADP wants more than your payroll," which ran on the wire Wednesday, characterized an upcoming mobile product from ADP as a suite. It is not a suite, according to the company, it is an application.

  • News: Sharp develops super high-def screen for future TV

    Japan's Sharp has developed an 85-inch LCD (liquid crystal display) panel with resolution equivalent to 16 times that of today's HDTV panels. The screen, which is only a prototype, was developed for Super Hi-Vision, a next-generation television system currently under development in Japan.

  • News: Siemens SCADA hacking talk pulled over security concerns

    A planned presentation on security vulnerabilities in Siemens industrial control systems was pulled Wednesday over worries that the information in the talk was too dangerous to be released.

  • Opinion: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: First Look

    We're trying to contain our geeky delight over here as the Xperia Play has finally arrived at the PCWorld office. Announced back in February at Mobile World Congress, the Xperia Play will make its way to US shores on May 26 for $200 with a two-year contract with Verizon. If you're super-anxious to start gaming, you can pre-order the Play starting tomorrow.

  • News: Vodafone hangs up on Unisys for new voicemail system

    Vodafone has upgraded its voicemail system opting to drop Unisys in favour of Acision, the same provider VHA partner, Hutchison, uses for its ‘3’ customers.

  • News: Intel's Sean Maloney comes back to tackle mobile

    Sean Maloney will return to the spotlight as one of Intel's most important executives on May 31 after several months of medical leave and a gradual return to work at the processor giant.

  • News: CSIRO sourcing hardware for supercomputing environment

    The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has announced that it will shortly move toward the procurement phase of its multi-stage petascale and real-time supercomputing Pawsey Centre project.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Money money money

    Apple's getting sued (again), Foxconn employees want more money, and Apple employees make insane amounts of profit. The remainders for Wednesday, May 18, 2011 are ready to cash in.

  • News: Emergency response -- Red Cross IT and the quake aftermath

    The New Zealand Red Cross IT team was just returning to some kind of normality following the September earthquake in Christchurch, when the second, more damaging quake struck the city on February 22 shortly before 1pm.

  • Opinion: SNES Controller Mod Plays Nice With Android

    Touchscreen gaming has its charms but sometimes getting hands-on with a physical controller can't be beat. Computer Engineering graduate Rich Degenhardt decided he too would like the tactile feedback that only real buttons can provide. With that in mind, he set to work on getting a Super Nintendo controller talking to his smartphone.

  • News: High def in entertainment will mean a 7X data storage increase

    Over the next five years, the media and entertainment industry will see digital storage capacity requirements jump from 11 exabytes to 62 exabytes.

  • News: The Witcher 2's Free DLC

    The first piece of DLC for The Witcher 2 is out now, and it's completely free for registered players of the game.

  • News: Microsoft Visual Studio upgrade focuses on agile development

    Visual Studio vNext also links development and operations staff

  • Opinion: Open Source Software Is Now a Norm in Businesses

    We've already seen mounting evidence that the numerous benefits of open source software are making a big impression on businesses far and wide, and this week saw the release of yet more data corroborating that fact.

  • Opinion: Self-Inflating Earbuds Could Save Ears--and Tunes

    We've all been on a train listening to our tunes, then as the rail car starts banking on a turn, the wheels start screeching, and our first instinct is to turn up the volume. We think that more sound-isolation--in the form of in-ear headphones--will help, but as Stephen Ambrose tells it, we actually want balloon-like earphones that disperse the vibrations that normally bounce around inside of our heads.

  • News: Overhaul of U.K. copyright law would boost GDP, says report

    The U.K.'s obsolete copyright laws are hurting innovation and should be overhauled to boost economic growth and make it easier for content and creative businesses to set up in the country, an independent report has recommended.

  • News: iPhone 4 production to end by August - report

    Reports from Taiwan suggest that Apple is planning to begin manufacture of the next-generation iPhone - to be called the iPhone 4S - in August.

  • News: Mobile innovation and vertical marketing boost eBay

    Retailers need to embrace mobile technology and develop vertical-specific strategies to help increase sales in a more competitive environment, according to eBay.

  • News: Credit card providers leave EMV skimming hole open

    The Webwereld story, "Credit card providers leave EMV skimming hole open," posted Wednesday, incorrectly reported the date of a paper by Ross Anderson. The correct year is 2008. The story has been changed on the wire and the eighth paragraph now reads:

  • News: Sony PSN 'gets hacked again'

    It seems that Sony's PSN online gaming network may have suffered yet another hack, or at least a problem with its security.

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