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  • Feature: Five of the best money-saving iPhone apps

    The UK may well be on the way out of the recession but that doesn't mean you should stop saving money.

  • News: 70% of firms won't pay to advertise in online directories

    Seven in ten small firms are not willing to pay to advertise in online directories, say 192.com.

  • News: Twentieth Century Fox brings movies to Google Android devices

    Google Android smartphone owners will get the chance to download movies to their handset later this year thanks to Twentieth Century Fox.

  • News: Sony insurer says it's not liable for breach-related costs

    One of Sony's insurers has asked a New York court to absolve it of any responsibility for defending or indemnifying Sony against claims arising from recent data breaches at the company.

  • News: 4 ways social media improves work productivity (and 3 ways it doesn't)

    The corporate world's response to the phenomenal growth of social media has ranged from enthusiastic embrace to abject horror.

  • Feature: This week's top stories on PC Advisor - technology news, reviews and tips, 25/07/2011

    PC Advisor editors pick the day's best technology news, reviews, tips and trick

  • Feature: PC Advisor today - top technology news, reviews and tips, 25/07/2011

    PC Advisor editors pick the day's best technology news, reviews, tips and tricks

  • News: Obama: US $3bn data centre shutdown ahead of schedule

    President Barack Obama has said a US government data centre closure programme, aimed at saving $3 billion (£1.8 billion) in annual running costs, is ahead of schedule.

  • News: Weekly Wrap: Lion, Lion, some other stuff, and Lion

    There's never a good time to take a break from reading Macworld.com for a week, of course. But this past week was perhaps the worst week to avoid the site in recent memory, as Apple let a rather enormous cat out of the bag. Join us as we run down the biggest stories from the week gone by.

  • News: Big Box Retailers Take Electric Vehicle Charging Mainstream

    The push by drugstore operator Walgreen Co. and home improvement retailer Lowe's Cos . Inc. to install electric vehicle charging stations at some of their stores signals increased consumer demand for the technology.

  • News: Apple MacBook Batteries Found Vulnerable to Malware

    MacBook users are being warned their Apple laptop batteries are vulnerable to being hacked.

  • News: The Macalope Weekly: Making things up

    Hey, kids, you know how sometimes when you're trying to make a point and you don't have enough evidence to support it, so you just make things up? Well, these guys do. Dan Gillmor has had enough of Apple's draconian control of things it's not actually controlling draconianly! Meanwhile, vicious gangs of jailbreakers are coming to jailbreak your iPhone against your will! Finally, Google's Eric Schmidt finally says what's everyone's been thinking: Apple's just jealous of the innovation of other companies!

  • News: Blackmagic releases public beta of DaVinci Resolve 8.0.1

    Blackmagic Design has released a public beta of DaVinci Resolve 8.0.1 with support for Mac OS X Lion and with a new 3-way colour corrector.

  • News: Is Google+ Really Google Buzz 2.0?

    Google+ has taken the social network world by storm and created significant demand in a relatively short period of time--and that is just for the invitation-only beta version. While clicking around my Google-verse, though, I stumbled upon something which seems to indicate that Google+ is just Google Buzz with a fresh coat of paint.

  • News: Bodymedia Takes the Guesswork out of Weight Loss

    Bodymedia's FIT armband is one of many devices in a new market of calorie counters and activity monitors that promise to help add some hard numbers to your exercise regimen. While Bodymedia's offering is a bit on the expensive side at $249.99 it's also one of the most fully featured on the market.

  • News: Facebook Scams Popping Up That Exploit Norway Tragedy

    Facebook scams are popping up from people looking to exploit Friday's bombing and shootings in Norway. Users should be careful not to click on links they are not familiar with.

  • News: Buy a New Car Like the Experts Do

    If you've been wanting to break in a brand-new car, September is a great time to go shopping. As 2012's models arrive, car dealers are starting to think about moving their 2011 models off the lot. But before you walk into a dealership and try to haggle, do your research with the aid of car-buying apps.

  • News: Why Google+ Games Might Not Annoy

    As Harry McCracken and other tech pundits have noted, one of the nice things about Google+ is how little noise there is compared to Facebook. Now there's a hint that it'll stay that way even after Google starts building games into the service.

  • News: Repair Hassles: Who Will Fix a Defective Graphics Card?

    I have a four-year-old 17-inch Sony VAIO laptop. Everything worked great until I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. The laptop crashed, and even after I formatted the drive and did a clean reinstall of Windows 7, it continued to crash. Whenever I got it to boot, it produced lines in any video that I ran. After doing some research, I found that Nvidia had listed my laptop's GeForce Go 8400 GT graphics card as defective, but my particular laptop model was not on the approved recall list. Nvidia could not help because of contract restrictions with Sony, and Sony said that it would repair only recalled models. Is there anything you can do to help?

  • News: Google+ Users Irked at Surge in Deleted Accounts

    Within the last day or so there has been a surge in the number of Google+ accounts that have been suspended as part of the social network's real name policy, reports Violet Blue for ZDNet who mentioned the likes of writer and editor A.V. Flox, rapper Doctor Popular and Limor Fried who recently graced the cover of Wired Magazine. Fried's account was later reinstated.

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