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  • News: Apple iPhone 5 Release Looms, iPhone Trade-Ins Skyrocket

    Although Apple hasn't announced a release date for the iPhone 5, existing iPhone owners are already selling their handsets in anticipation.

  • Toshiba Qosmio DX730 all-in-one PC

    The Qosmio DX730 is Toshiba's first ever all-in-one PC. Housed in a slimline 23in LCD, the DX730 is a full HD touchscreen model with a Freeview tuner, Blu-ray player and a terabyte of storage. Running Windows 7 Home Premium, it has 6GB of RAM and comes in either Intel Core i3 or Core i5 versions.

  • News: Blockbuster Plans September Surprise for Netflix

    Netflix arch rival Blockbuster will hold an event Friday, at which it has vowed to unveil "the most comprehensive home entertainment package ever."

  • News: HTC 'will beat Apple' in patent disputes, exec claims

    HTC will prevail in its legal dispute with Apple over four of its patents, a senior company executive has said.

  • News: MI5 wants IT specialists

    Are you interested in technology AND able to keep a secret? Is £27,250 sufficiently enticing to make you join the spooks?

  • News: HP board reportedly eyes Whitman for CEO job

    HP's board of directors is reportedly looking to replace CEO Leo Apotheker, with former eBay CEO and current HP director Meg Whitman said to be a finalist for the job.

  • News: Google Faces Anti-Trust Accusers on Wednesday

    Google abuses its dominance in the U.S. search market by burying competitors deep in Google's search engine rankings in categories such as local information, travel, shopping in favor of the company's own products. That's the gist of what several companies are expected to say Wednesday afternoon during a senate hearing examining whether Google behaves in an anti-competitive manner.

  • News: LightSquared claims solution to GPS interference

    LightSquared said Wednesday it has an affordable solution to interference between its 4G network and GPS systems and will have working units available for tests planned by the U.S. government in the coming months.

  • News: Mozilla ponders, rejects even faster Firefox release pace

    A pitch to accelerate Firefox's rapid-release schedule even more -- cutting a week to ship a new version every five weeks -- has been rejected by Mozilla.

  • Opinion: Move data from an old Mac to a new Mac

    There are many reasons to get a new Mac—your old one is too slow, too ungainly, or it’s incompatible with the latest version of OS X. Regardless of why you’ve walked a new Mac through your front door, when you do, you face this immediate challenge: Moving the data on your current Mac to the new computer. There are multiple means for doing this. We’ll look at one built into Mac OS X—Migration Assistant.

  • News: Facebook Redesigns: A Long History of Pointless Backlash

    Facebook users love to rage about redesigns, and new changes to the site’s News Feed have already triggered the predicable response. Users are complaining about the changes, which emphasize algorithmically important status updates instead of recent posts, saying that they don't want Facebook prioritizing status updates, and that they'd rather just see everything in chronological order.

  • News: Microsoft exec forced out over tweet - report

    A Microsoft product manager who tweeted about an unreleased Nokia handset has since left the company, it has emerged.

  • News: RIM PlayBook production lines cut back

    Quanta, the company manufacturing the PlayBook tablet for RIM, has cut back its production lines after a substantial drop in orders, a report claims.

  • News: Apple iPad's dominance in tablet market continues

    Apple's iPad is continuing to dominate the tablet market in EMEA, according to IDC, with overall sales of tablets in the region reaching 4.4 million in Q2 2011.

  • News: Dutch minister changes Patriot Act stance

    The Dutch minister who had said that U.S. cloud providers might be kept from doing business in the Netherlands because of aspects of the Patriot Act now says the matter is a "conflict of legislation" that the nations have to deal with. Meanwhile, U.S. cloud providers can do business in the Netherlands.

  • News: Kindle books now ready for borrowing from public libraries

    Users of the Kindle e-reader and Amazon's e-reading app for other devices can now borrow e-books from more than 11,000 U.S. libraries.

  • News: Severn Trent Water moves 10 years' of customer records

    The headline, deck headline and first paragraph have been changed on the Computerworld UK story, "Severn Trent Water moves ten years' of customer records to the cloud," which posted to the newswire Wednesday. The corrected headline, deck and first paragraph follow, in that order:

  • News: Data-breach insurance caters to small businesses

    With the proliferation of data breaches, The Harford insurance company is selling a new data loss insurance aimed at small businesses that might be put at financial risk if they lose valuable and sensitive data.

  • News: EMC adds unstructured big data analytics to Greenplum platform

    EMC announced new software capability on its Hadoop Data Computing Appliance that allows users to mix and match unstructured and structured data analytics platforms.

  • News: Facial recognition security, privacy issues grab FTC attention

    The Federal Trade Commission the week said it will hold a workshop that examines how burgeoning use of facial recognition technology impacts privacy and security.

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