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  • Feature: Five of the best partition managers

    With hard drive now larger than ever, it makes sense to use partitions to divide them up. This makes it much easier to organise documents and files on different drives, but also makes it easier to reinstall Windows without the need to create a new backup of data.

  • News: 34% of adults are 'overwhelmed' by technology

    Technologies such as social networking, SMS and email leave a third of Brits 'overwhelmed', says BT.

  • How-Tos: How to create vector masks in Photoshop

    In graphic art and design, a mask is a tool that lets you isolate part of an image from the area surrounding it. Once isolated, you can apply adjustments (for example, special effects or color balance) to that area alone, or use the mask to eliminate the background completely. With Adobe Photoshop CS4 and CS5, you can create masks using both pixels and vector paths, but masks created with vector tools are almost always more accurate than those created using pixel-based tools. Moreover, vector masks are easier to edit later on. Here are some quick steps you can use to create a vector mask.

  • Feature: PC Advisor today - top technology news, reviews and tips, 04/07/2011

    PC Advisor editors pick the day's best technology news, reviews, tips and tricks

  • Opinion: Google+ tips and tricks Facebook should use

    I have been using Google+ for a few days now, and so far I have had had a few complaints about the new Google social network. Google+ is not without its merits, though, and there are some hints and tips Facebook could pick up from Google+ that might improve the user experience.

  • How-Tos: Did Facebook Give me a Virus?

    Facebook told QueenPendragon that her PC was infected. The message looked very much like rogue malware trying to trick her into downloading something vicious. She asked the Antivirus & Security Software forum for advice.

  • News: Fox Twitter account hacked, claims Obama shot in Iowa

    The Twitter account for Fox News was apparently hacked, with six tweets falsely reporting early Monday morning that U.S. President Barack Obama had been shot twice in an Iowa restaurant while campaigning.

  • Feature: 10 best websites for organising a night out

    You may think the internet is full of antisocial basement dwellers – well, you’re partly right. But the social butterflies on PCAdvisor.co.uk’s forums use the web to organise exciting events in something called ‘real life’.

  • Feature: Send us your best photo taken on a smartphone to win an iPad and a WD My Book Live!

    PC Advisor, in association with Western Digital, wants to find the best smartphone photographer in the world! And if you enter, you could win an Apple iPad 2, and a WD My Book Live NAS device.

  • News: Microsoft's Bing will power Baidu's Chinese search site

    Microsoft's Bing search engine will provide English-language search results for Baidu, China's largest search engine, the companies announced Monday.

  • Feature: 10 best sites for environmental issues

    Web-savvy environmental campaigners have used technological advances to encourage greater awareness of green issues. We can all do our bit to help the planet by reducing our energy consumption, lowering our bills in the process. PC Advisor readers suggested their favourite green sites.

  • Feature: 10 best sites for gardening

    When they’re not attending to their flowerbeds, tech-savvy gardeners pick up tools, seeds, tips and inspiration from the web’s numerous horticultural forums, advice sites and shops. PCAdvisor.co.uk visitors recommended their favourite green-fingered websites.

  • Feature: 10 best sites for culture

    Some highbrow types look down on the internet. Not us: we love it. And you’d be surprised by the cultural gems the web holds, from guides to upcoming exhibitions and shows to cool underground art blogs. PCAdvisor.co.uk forum visitors recommended their favourite culture sites.

  • Feature: 10 best political websites

    You’re not supposed to discuss it at the dinner table, but politics is a perfectly acceptable topic for online deliberation; the web is also an unparalleled resource for political news and analysis. But which site is best? We asked PCAdvisor.co.uk site visitors to recommend their favourite websites.

  • News: MasterCard, Visa face EU complaint over WikiLeaks donations

    WikiLeaks' card payment processor is preparing legal action against Visa Europe, MasterCard Europe and other payment intermediaries after its contract to process payments was abruptly terminated following WikiLeaks' release of secret U.S. diplomatic cables last November.

  • Feature: 10 best sites for online dating

    The web has proven a rich hunting ground for the romantically inclined; whatever your type, and whether you’re looking for a fling or a long-term relationship, there’s a site out there that’s right for you. PC Advisor readers recommended 10 of the finest and most reputable dating websites

  • Feature: Advertorial: How to use Oasys Mail Manager

    Oasys Mail Manager is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that enables simple but powerful email management. We present a step-by-step guide to using the software, and will have you running its lightning-fast search facility, collaborative functions and filing system in no time.

  • News: Google+ spam invites link to online pharmacies

    Google+ has already been exploited by spammers. According to Sophos the new social-networking site from Google has been hit by a wave of spook Google+ invitation emails. The 'invites' in fact link to an online drugs shop - the Canadian Family Pharmacy.

  • Buying Advice: Buyers' guide: Video-editing software

    Video memories are evocative but, unless you set up a scene in advance, you’re unlikely to end up shooting exactly what you want. We outline what features you should consider when choosing an effective video-editing package

  • Solwise Hametech 3G-A10 mobile hotspot

    Networking hardware company Solwise has announced a new mobile hotspot device. The Solwise 3G-A10 is a battery-powered 3G Wi-Fi router and modem that works on the 2.4GHz spectrum and can provide web access for up to 20 devices simultaneously.

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