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  • News: Google and Wananchi heat up Kenya data war

    Google in partnership with Wananchi have launched Wi-Fi services in Nairobi Kenya. Wananchi is a triple-play provider that offers Internet, telephone and TV services to home users and small to medium enterprises in East Africa.

  • How-Tos: Restore a 'Missing' icon to your Windows 7 taskbar

    Reader Jim wrote in with this problem: "Somehow I've lost the icon for Internet Explorer in my Taskbar and can't figure out how to restore it.

  • News: Can We Avoid the Mobile Bandwidth Drought?

    We've all experienced it on our smartphones: long waits for buffering videos, apps that hiccup when your Net connection cuts out, and webpages that take forever to load. According to experts, what we are experiencing are hints of an impending wireless broadband drought.

  • News: Adobe unveils Edge motion and interaction design tool

    Adobe has unveiled Edge, a new motion and interaction design tool that lets creative pros build Flash-style animated Web content using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It is available now as a free public preview release from Adobe Labs.

  • How-Tos: Tips for taking great smartphone photos

    You probably don't carry your fancy-pants DSLR camera with you all the time, but your smartphone--along with its built-in camera--is in your pocket everywhere you go. That's why these days the most popular camera used to upload photos to Flickr isn't a camera at all, but the iPhone.

  • News: Diablo III to Feature Real Currency Transactions

    Blizzard has announced that the Auction House facility in its upcoming Diablo III will allow players to trade items for real money.

  • Opinion: Troubleshoot a Cranky PC With HWMonitor

    Why is that puny game crashing your power rig? Which component is getting pushed over the edge? Is it your watt-thirsty video card? The overclocked CPU? The interleaved banks of exotic RAM? Finding out the limits as you fine-tune a system can be harder than you might expect. HWMonitor (free) can help.

  • How-Tos: Speed up repetitive emails with Gmail Canned Responses

    No matter what line of work you're in, chances are you've got at least a few common questions that always land in your inbox. If you're a Gmail user, you can use a little Labs add-on called Canned Responses to take the drudgery out of those replies. Rather than type out the same response over and over again, Canned Responses lets you type it once, save it, and then apply it to any given e-mail at any time.

  • News: The Witcher 2 360 Delayed Until 2012

    CD Projekt Red has announced that it's delaying the hotly-anticipated Xbox version of its excellent RPG until the first quarter of next year.

  • Opinion: Rumors of Sept. iPhone 5 Launch Now Shift to Oct.

    If you were holding out for an iPhone 5 launch in September, you might be disappointed. A report from All Things D's John Paczkowski claims earlier rumors that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled in mid-September are bogus, quoting instead "sources with knowledge of the situation" saying the next-generation iPhone will be an October surprise.

  • News: Preorder King of Fighters XIII, Get Soundtrack

    If you've been a fan of the King of Fighters series across its entire 15+ year history, this preorder deal will likely be of interest to you.

  • News: Progress Software CEO Reidy to step down

    Progress Software CEO Richard Reidy is leaving the company once his successor is found, the middleware vendor said Monday. Reidy is stepping down under mutual agreement with the company's board, according to a statement.

  • Sony Cyber-shot TX55 super-slim HD digicam launches

    Sony is touting its new Sony Cyber-shot TX55 compact digital camera as the slimmest camera in the world capable of capturing full HD video (1920x1080i). The 16.2Mp camera is just 12.2mm thick.

  • Feature: Five of the best VoIP related downloads

    Facebook recently added a video calling chat function that allows members to converse with their friends on the social network using VoIP technology powered by Skype. However, if you're not a member of the social network, don't panic, here's three other free VoIP clients and a couple of Skype add-on that we love.

  • News: Apple's Safari grows faster than Chrome in July

    Apple's Safari last month posted its biggest increase ever in usage share, beating perennial champion Chrome in the gain game, Web metrics vendor Net Applications said today.

  • News: Nokia drops letters for phone names, goes to just numbers

    Nokia has decided that its one-letter naming convention plus a model number for its phones isn't keeping up with the times. The Finnish phone maker said in a blog post on Monday that it will now use just numbers, calling its latest smartphone the "500."

  • How-Tos: How to download and install apps on a BlackBerry

    If you’ve got a BlackBerry device, then one of the best features you’ll want to utilise, is the ability to download apps to your handset.

  • How-Tos: How to take a screen grab on an Apple iPhone

    Initially taking a screen grab from your mobile phone might seem a bit pointless. But if you're having problems with your phone, or you're unsure how to do something on your handset, it's a great way of 'explaining' what you can see. It's a relatively simple process on Apple's iPhone and it doesn't require any extra software. Here's how

  • News: Google Chrome is UK's second most-used web browser

    Google's Chrome is the second most-used web browser in the UK, says Statcounter.

  • News: Gatwick Airport deploys simulation platform from SIMUL8

    London Gatwick Airport is deploying a software simulation platform to improve the check-in operations at its South Terminal.

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