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  • How-Tos: Convert PDFs to Word (and other formats)

    While the PDF file format is a great tool for sharing documents while retaining their formatting and for assuring that documents aren’t changed (contracts, for instance), sometimes you need to use the text from a PDF. You may need to copy a paragraph, a page or more, and edit it in a Microsoft Word document, or in another word processor or text editor. While you can select text in a PDF, chances are that this text will be seriously munged. You’ll often see odd breaks, or no breaks at all, and styles will be lost. There are ways, however, that you can convert a PDF to formatted text. Here’s how to do this.

  • News: Kenyan banking security regulation spurs growth of data centers

    The Kenyan government's regulations for back up and disaster recovery plans in the banking sector has spurred growth in data centers, as businesses move to comply to new rules.

  • News: African states urged to ratify Budapest Cybercrime Convention

    The Council of Europe (CoE) not to be confused with the more powerful European Union (EU) is leading the rest of the world in a push to have more countries ratify the Convention on Cybercrime. CoE's former Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal affairs, Head of Economic Crime Division, Alexander Seger, was recently in Nairobi for the sixth Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Seger now heads CoE's new cybercrime division as the organisation reorganised itself to put more structure on cybercrime.

  • News: IBM plans to change Nairobi to a smarter city

    "A city is made of man-made systems" says Tony Mwai, General Manager IBM who describes a city as a system of systems where each of them has its own information needs.

  • News: Nokia Siemens introduces Liquid network solution

    "Every day one quarter of the world's population connects via Nokia Siemens broadband networks", says Nokia Siemens African region CTO Karri Kuoppamaki. Recently the company acquired Motorola's network division to capture new customers from Japan and North America markets.

  • News: LulzSec leader holds onto Sun email

    The 4GB worth of email stolen by the LulzSec hacking group from The Sun earlier this year are sitting on a server in China, according to "Sabu," the outfit's alleged leader.

  • News: Samsung confirms Nexus Prime launch delay out of respect for Jobs

    Samsung has confirmed that it decided to delay the launch of the Nexus Prime handset, which will be the first to run Android 4.0 - aka Ice Cream Sandwich - out of respect to Steve Jobs.

  • News: Microsoft Preps Big Win Phone 7 Push Heading into Holidays

    Brace yourself for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 onslaught. In the coming months Microsoft will make a big holiday push that will extend into early 2012 in an attempt to win over converts to its new mobile operating system. Andrew Lees, president of Microsoft's Windows Phone Division, has been busy recently spreading the gospel of Phone 7 and dishing on Microsoft's mobile plans, according to a number of reports.

  • News: Netflix Kills Qwikster DVD Plan

    Netflix announced Monday it is abandoning its plan to spin off its DVD video rentals into a separate service called Qwikster and will instead continue to host on Netflix.com its streaming and DVD-by-mail rentals -- but the unpopular summer price hike remains.

  • News: iPhone 4S Breaks New Apple Pre-Order Record - 1 Million in 24 Hours

    Apple says pre-orders of its iPhone 4S, unveiled last week, topped one million in a single day shattering all previous pre-order records for all Apple products. That's 400,000 more than the first-day figure for the launch of the iPhone 4 less than a year and a half ago. Total sales from actual launch day when the iPhone 4 hit stores reached 1.7 million.

  • News: Xbox Live Dashboard Update Expected November 25, Uses Silverlight Framework

    A new report suggests that the upcoming Xbox Dashboard update will be with us in late November.

  • News: Microsoft Kills Zune for Good (Probably)

    After a week of confusion, Microsoft's Zune HD is officially no more.

  • How-Tos: Remove Unwanted Icons from the Notification Area

    Bassbug3 asked the Answer Line forum about removing icons, specifically those for no-longer-used programs, from the lower-right corner of his screen.

  • News: Cold Office? Keep Your Mouse Hand Warm with the ValueRays Warm Mouse

    If I was the marketing person for ValueRays, I'd license the catchy Brendan Benson song "Cold Hands, Warm Heart," and tweak it to become, "Cold Hands, Warm Mouse." (Actually, I hate when advertisers ruin songs this way--but this is just such a perfect fit!)

  • News: Sam Ramji: Cloud makes open source 'inevitable' for Microsoft, others

    While many free software advocates warn that the cloud could kill open source, because users won't have access to the source code, Sam Ramji disagrees. He says that work is going on now to eliminate the legal liabilities of contributing to open source.

  • News: Infoblox adds master controller to product line

    Infoblox will unveil on Monday a new type of IP appliance aimed at its largest customers, which are increasingly delegating the management of critical network services to business units but want the IT department to monitor overall network performance.

  • News: iPhone 4S first-day orders top 1M

    First-day orders for the iPhone 4S hit 1 million on Friday, easily breaking the single-day record of 600,000 first-day sales for the iPhone 4 set last year, Apple announced today.

  • News: Google launches Dart as a JavaScript killer

    Google has launched a preview version of a new Web programming language, called Dart, which the company's engineers hope will address some of the shortcomings of the widely used JavaScript language.

  • News: iPhone 4S: 1 million iPhones sold in one day

    Apple said it sold more than 1 million iPhone 4S handsets in the first day the latest iPhone was available for order. Apple said that pre-orders for its upcoming smartphone had outstripped all previous iPhone launches, beating the previous record of 600,000 units ordered on the first day the iPhone 4 was on sale.

  • News: BlackBerry outage floors email, BBM and Web access

    BlackBerry customers on all UK networks and in other countries are suffering from an extensive data outage, cutting them off from email, instant messaging and web access.

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