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  • News: MLB.com At Bat 11 spruces up graphics

    With pennant races in full swing and the postseason approaching, Major League Baseball has spruced up its iPhone app with improved in-game graphics, more in-app multimedia, and expanded social networking options.

  • News: Can Facebook Find a Hit with Music? Probably Not

    We've heard a lot about Facebook's musical ambitions over the past year with not a peep coming from Facebook on its' actual plans. Now comes fresh speculation from the website Mashable that claim Facebook is prepping a music service to go live September 22 at the F8 developers conference held in San Francisco.

  • News: Doom No Longer Banned in Germany

    A 17 year ban on sales of id Software's breakout hit Doom in Germany has finally been lifted.

  • How-Tos: How to clone a PC's hard drive

    If you're about to upgrade your hard drive or your operating system, you should play it safe and clone your hard drive first. Here's how.

  • News: OCZ releases its first hybrid drive, a 1.1TB rocket

    At the request of Comptuerworld, the story, "OCZ releases its first hybrid drive, a 1.1TB rocket," which posted to the newswire Wednesday, has been changed. The original fourth paragraph has been removed and the second sentence of the third paragraph has been clarified to indicate a reference to the burst rate of a hybrid drive and now reads:

  • News: Microsoft Accused of Collecting Windows Phone Location Data

    A Windows Phone 7 user has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, claiming that the software maker collects data from mobile phone users without their knowledge.

  • News: Lenovo says new 'Ultrabook' thinner than MacBook Air

    Lenovo has jumped on Intel's "Ultrabook" bandwagon, announcing a new IdeaPad on Thursday that the company said is thinner than Apple's celebrated MacBook Air.

  • News: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac launched

    Parallels has announced a new version of Parallels Desktop for Mac, which lets you run Windows and Mac apps side-by-side on a Mac without having to reboot.

  • News: Windows 8 Start Menu Shows Metro User Interface Creeping In

    Another day, another Windows 8 screenshot exposed by Microsoft. This time, the company has revealed a new start menu that sports the "Metro" user interface found in Windows Phones and elsewhere in Windows 8.

  • News: Cloud security starts on the ground, not the sky

    The major security vendors have a strong presence at VMworld 2011, VMware Inc.'s [NYSE: VMW] annual user conference. And it's not surprising, given that security remains a top-of-mind concern for many enterprises considering embracing cloud computing.

  • News: LinkedIn Deciphers the Entrepreneur

    Are you destined to be the next Steve Jobs? Maybe, if you studied entrepreneurship at Stanford University, are between the ages of 30 and 39, have worked at Yahoo and currently reside in San Francisco.

  • News: World of Tanks Rolls into Retail

    The concept of a free to play title getting a retail release may seem like a bizarre one, but it has several helpful effects: it helps raise the profile of the game among players who may not have explored the growing free to play market online; and it also provides an alternative means for players uncomfortable with microtransactions to get access to some of the game's premium content without having to pay online.

  • News: Cuss Your 3DS into Insensibility Thanks to Metroid

    Most people know the "JUSTIN BAILEY" code for Metroid, which allows you to play the game as an unarmored Samus. But were you aware of the one which does no less than crash your whole system?

  • News: Windows 8 desktop to be 'just another app,' says Microsoft exec

    The Microsoft executive who heads the company's Windows division said Wednesday that the next edition of the operating system will let users treat the traditional desktop as 'just another app' that loads only on command.

  • How-Tos: Upgrade a PC to make it fast, stable and secure

    Get your hands dirty, and you can get a lot more from your PC hardware. We look at how to tweak a processor, install a faster CPU, switch to a more powerful graphics card or cool things down for improved efficiency.

  • News: University tests ERP on new Dell cloud

    University of Kentucky CIO Vince Kellen is considering moving some of the university's SAP work to a cloud environment, which would make him a relatively early adopter of ERP in the cloud.

  • News: Age bias in IT: The reality behind the rumors

    Age bias: Some consider it IT's dirty little secret, or even IT's big open secret.

  • Test Centre: What's the best student laptop?

    Heading off to uni? Not got your own laptop yet? Well have a quick glance at this before you splash your loan on a mega expensive laptop. The chances are that one of these laptops will be good enough for all of your student needs.

  • News: Gmail Offline Is Back: Should You Care?

    Happy day! The long wait is over and Google has finally delivered a way for you to sync and access your Gmail offline--with Google Calendar and Google Docs to follow soon. Users who rely solely on Web-based tools are at a disadvantage when there is no Internet connection available. Of course, most Gmail users don't have to rely on the Web to get email.

  • News: Apple's Cue becomes SVP of Internet services and software

    Just a week ago, Tim Cook was elevated to Apple’s CEO spot; on Thursday, another of the company’s prominent executives, Eddy Cue, was promoted to senior vice president of Internet software and services. One of the perks of that gig, beyond reporting directly to Tim Cook, is his very own bio page on Apple’s site.

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