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  • News: Labour leader Ed Milliband demands apprenticeship requirement for government contracts

    In his speech to the Labour Party conference yesterday Ed Milliband said that "companies that secure government contracts will be required to offer apprenticeships to young people", which has been welcomed if it is applied to the IT industry.

  • News: Virgin Media launches cloud service for businesses ... eventually

    Virgin Media Business has finally launched its first cloud service, the Virtual Private Data Centre (VPDC), in partnership with web hosting and services provider Savvis.

  • News: Apple to host free online seminars focused on iPad in Business

    Apple will be hosting free interactive seminars and live Q&A sessions with Apple Business Experts on several dates in October and November, as part of its iPad in Business series.

  • News: Italian bloggers to demonstrate over fines

    Italian bloggers are planning to demonstrate in Rome today against fines of up £10,000 for not giving right of replies to those they write about.

  • News: Fortune's Steve Jobs history released

    All About Steve: The Story of Steve Jobs and Apple from the Pages of Fortune has been released as a Kindle book and you can buy it from Amazon.co.uk now.

  • News: T-Mobile wants to prevent U.S. ban on Samsung products

    T-Mobile USA asked a court on Wednesday leave to submit a brief of amicus curiae ("friend of the court") to prevent a preliminary injunction asked by Apple against the sale in the U.S. of Samsung's Galaxy S 4G smartphone and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, citing its impact on holiday sales this year.

  • News: Opposition uses World Broadband Forum to lay boot into NBN

    The Opposition has used the Broadband World Forum to once again dismiss the Federal Government's National Broadband Network (NBN), this time on an international stage."

  • News: Telstra may evict telcos from ducts in separation deal: Vocus

    Wholesale telco Vocus Communications has raised concerns that Telstra's $11 billion deal with NBN Co could result in competing telcos being evicted from Telstra's ducts in order to hamper competition.

  • News: NZ Police tune into encrypted digital radio network

    Shifting from analog to an encrypted digital radio network has meant faster response times and a more secure connection for the New Zealand Police when co-ordinating emergencies such as the recent Christchurch earthquake.

  • News: Amazon Kindle Fire First Impressions: Solid but Limited

    The wraps are finally off Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet. Its splashy entry into the tablet firestorm was hard to miss--Amazon made quite a statement with its $199 price--and yet I'm underwhelmed. Although reporters were not allowed to touch the Kindle Fire during the demonstrations following Amazon's New York launch event, I spent considerable time observing the tablet in action, and grilling Amazon executives about different features. My gut reaction to what I saw today: This is not the Amazon tablet we've all been looking for.

  • News: Motorola begins Xoom LTE upgrades Thursday

    Motorola Xoom users on Thursday will finally get a promised free hardware upgrade so they can use Verizon's 4G LTE network.

  • News: US applies brakes to Google-Motorola

    The U.S. Department of Justice has asked Google for more information about its planned US$12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility, potentially slowing the transaction, Google said in a blog post Wednesday.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Number one, with an icon

    Deciphering Apple's intentions is even more challenging than figuring out the Kremlin's, though there's definitely some similarity. Elsewhere, the Thunderbolt Display is ripped to shreds, iTunes movies surface around the world, and is it finally time to bid adieu to some venerable Apple products? The remainders for Wednesday, September 28, 2011 promised themselves they wouldn't cry.

  • Feature: PC Advisor today - top technology news, reviews and tips, 29/09/2011

    PC Advisor editors pick the day's best technology news, reviews, tips and tricks

  • News: Meego and Tizen will have some interoperability

    Applications written for Meego netbooks will work on devices running Tizen, the new Linux-based mobile OS project from Intel and Samsung, but Meego apps written for smartphones won't work on Tizen devices, Intel said.

  • News: Box.net boosts Sync, security features

    Box.net bumped up security and synchronization on its content management and sharing platform and teamed up with Hewlett-Packard and Motorola Mobility for pre-installation deals at its BoxWorks user conference in San Francisco.

  • News: Metal Gear Solid Becomes a Limited Edition Risk Board Game

    Are you so thoroughly immersed in Metal Gear Solid? lore that you've played every game, from its NES roots to the modern PSP side-stories? Prepare to add one more title to that list, though this one is guaranteed not to have any over-long cut-scenes...or any cut-scenes at all for that matter. Meet Metal Gear Solid: Risk.

  • News: The Witness is Coming to PC and iOS, But Not Consoles

    Indie developer icon Jonathan Blow recently revealed to Edge why the PC and iOS are his preferred platforms for his new puzzle game, The Witness: the current generation of consoles is too old.

  • News: Adult Swim's 'Victorian BMX' Plays Like Excitebike on Acid

    The other day I was a robot unicorn jumping around collecting stars in a world that moved too fast. The day after that I was a metal unicorn doing the exact same thing in hell. Today I'm the Grim Reaper blasting metal, sitting on a tiny BMX bike in a world with ludicrous physics that feels a lot like Excitebike on acid. Oh, and there's women pushing baby carriages and men riding penny-farthing bicycles because it's also the Victorian era.

  • News: Persona 4 Anime Licensed for U.S. Release

    If you were worried whether or not Persona 4: The Animation would be making its way to North America, you can stop now.

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