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  • News: LSI to buy flash controller maker SandForce

    LSI Corporation today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire SandForce, a leading provider of flash storage processors for enterprise and client PCIe-based flash cards and solid-state drives.

  • News: Facebook Tip: How to Block Annoying App and Event Invites

    You probably have a handful of Facebook friends who play endless games of Mafia Wars or Farmville and consistently send you invitations to join them. Or, you may have a friend who works as an event promoter and sends you invites to events halfway across the country that clearly you won't be attending.

  • News: Pixelmator 2.0 sports advanced image editing features

    The Pixelmator Team has launched Pixelmator 2.0, an upgrade of its consumer image editor, which is widely viewed as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop for common imaging tasks such as creating, editing, and enhancing still images. It is available now from the Mac App Store for $30, and as a free upgrade for current users.

  • News: FCC votes to end telephone subsidies, shift to broadband

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has voted to overhaul a decades-old system of telephone subsidies in rural areas, with the funding refocused on broadband deployment.

  • News: Facebook-led foundation pushes for open data center tech

    Facebook and several of its high-tech partners are rethinking how companies can handle big data with low-cost computing centers.

  • News: IBM anoints Q1 Labs technology as centerpiece of security portfolio

    IBM intends to make the security information and event management (SIEM) technology gained through the acquisition of Q1 Labs, which was officially closed yesterday, the centerpiece of IBM's broad security product portfolio.

  • News: Bloomberg TV+ app streams live television to the iPad

    Fans of Bloomberg TV no longer have to go to their television sets to catch the latest financial and business news--the channel is now available to watch live on the iPad. On Thursday, Bloomberg TV released its new Bloomberg TV+ app for the iPad, providing a 24-hour live broadcast of its television programming, and more.

  • Opinion: First Solar -- It's Not Just About Falling Module Prices

    Over the past couple of days there has been much discussion about the falling costs of crystalline silicon (C-Si) PV modules as the primary factor behind the ouster of First Solar CEO Rob Gillette. I don't disagree: falling C-Si module costs prevented First Solar from gaining the market share it would have required to warrant its recent rapid expansion of production capacity. But as I was walking the floor of the Solar Power International conference last week, it occurred to me that a number of the most exciting developments on display were aimed at reducing the balance of system (BOS) costs and/or increasing the yield of PV systems. This would have been great news for First Solar given that the low efficiency of CdTe modules leads to a BOS cost penalty relative to systems built with higher efficiency C-Si modules. The problem is, a number of these innovations work with C-Si modules but not modules from First Solar (or other CdTe and CIGS manufacturers).

  • News: Chinese hackers may have attacked U.S. satellites

    Suspected Chinese hackers interfered with two U.S. satellites on four separate occasions in 2007 and 2008, according to a Bloomberg Businessweek story that cites an upcoiming report by a congressional commission.

  • News: Pick the Right Mobile Ad Network for Your Company

    Ads on smartphones are the best way for stores to advertise their services to people actively looking for them. But the big question is where to spend your advertising dollars. If your company is looking at sheer numbers, Millenial Media’s recent report shows that Android handsets grabbed the lion’s share of mobile ad impressions at 56 percent, with Apple a distant second at 28 percent, while BlackBerry handsets saw 13 percent.

  • News: MPs call for jail sentences in data breach cases

    Harsher punishment, including a prison sentence, should be delivered to criminals who breach the Data Protection Act, MPs on the Justice Committee has said.

  • Opinion: IDC Energy Insights Pioneers the IDC Smart Cities Index ..... with First-Time Application in Spain

    There are many factors driving the creation of Smart Cities around the world today, mainly the need to best prepare for a sustainable future. Today, cities are currently using more than two-thirds of the world's energy, while emitting 70% of the world's CO2 emissions, while housing 50% of the population; this is bound to worsen as urbanization continues to accelerate, especially in the emerging economies. According to the United Nations' Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), this is forecast to hit 70% by 2050. As most of the world's resources are finite, cities will have to find strategies to cope with this, becoming more efficient and encouraging citizens to make better use of energy and water, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time cities need to effectively handle the increasing population and its impact on mobility and public infrastructure and services utilization.

  • News: ARM goes 64-bit with its new ARMv8 chip architecture

    ARM has introduced its first 64-bit microprocessor architecture, ARMv8, which should enable wider use of ARM chips in servers and other enterprise equipment and turn up the competitive heat on Intel.

  • News: In Chicago, a 4G coming-of-age party

    Carriers, chipset makers and device manufactures this week threw something of a coming-of-age party on behalf of 4G wireless technologies.

  • News: NFC will help users find romance, store vital documents and experience 'magic,' boosters say

    By now you're likely familiar with near-field communications (NFC) technology and its ability to help process mobile payments. But NFC's boosters think it's capable of more, oh, so much more.

  • News: Microsoft claims Hyper-V will leapfrog VMware

    After years of playing catch-up to VMware the upcoming version of Hyper-V is wowing the Microsoft faithful with unique new features -- and gaining the attention of VMware users, too, one consultant says.

  • News: Attackers trick Facebook users into exposing secret security codes

    New social engineering attacks are tricking Facebook users into exposing anti-CSRF tokens associated with their sessions. These security codes allow attackers to make unauthorized requests through the victim's browser.

  • Opinion: The Problem With Android

    Android is the leading smartphone platform with a diverse array of devices available from a variety of manufacturers, and from virtually every wireless carrier. As capable as the Android OS might be, though, its diversity is also one of its greatest handicaps.

  • Opinion: Nintendo Takes $927 Million Loss, Far Worse than Original Forecast

    This can't be good: Nintendo's earnings statement for the first six months of its fiscal year (April to September) is out, and the numbers are far worse than the company predicted they'd be back in July. According to The Guardian, it'll also add up to the company's first annual loss in over three decades. The last time Nintendo posted an annual loss? 1981.

  • News: Joe Dangeresque Bike Baron Races to Top of Charts in 62 Countries

    iOS stunt bike racer Bike Baron has performed incredibly well within days of its release, taking the top spot in 62 countries.

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