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  • Panasonic Announces Double-Duty Megazoom Pocket Cam

    Panasonic took a short break from shrinking down its interchangeable-lens cameras today to introduce two new fixed-lens models. The 24X-optical-zoom Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ47 and the AA-battery-powered Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS5 will join the company's Lumix lineup later this year.

  • News: What's new in Lion: Address Book

    In Lion, Address Book has been radically redesigned. For starters, it has been made to look like a traditional leather-and-paper address book: Pages fan out from a center with faux stitching and shadowing; they seem to be bound by a brown leather cover. The app now looks a lot like the Contacts app on the iPad.

  • News: QR Code Festival broadens reach of Korean films

    Korean film makers have come up with a novel use of technology to widen the availability of their films: they are posting links to them as QR codes on the film festival website. The Korean QR Code Film Festival runs until the end of July. QR Code apps are available for Google Android 2.3 smartphones, among others

  • Opinion: Hitachi Develops a 4.5-inch 720p Glasses-less 3D Screen

    It looks like Hitachi Japan is rolling out a new glasses-less 3D display to blow away smartphone screens. The company announced a new 4.5-inch 3D IPS LCD panel with a 1280 by 720 resolution.

  • News: Gala Coral bets on 10 year tech deal with Playtech

    Gala Coral, the betting and gaming group, has signed a 10-year systems deal with supplier Playtech.

  • News: MI5 improves IT systems after July 7 inquest recommendations

    MI5 is making improvements to some of its IT systems in response to recommendations made by the coroner at the inquests into the July 7 London bombings in 2005.

  • News: Ex-Bizarre Dev: Gaming Must Be Better than Drinking

    Speaking at the Develop conference in Brighton, ex-Bizarre Creations design manager Gareth Wilson has spoken frankly about the challenges developers face with new IPs.

  • News: NASA bids farewell to shuttle era with Atlantis landing

    As NASA's space shuttle Atlantis touched down for the final time early today, the 30-year space shuttle program came to a bittersweet end.

  • News: Anonymous Member Launches Diatribe Via Twitter

    LulzSec and Anonymous have breached the servers of some of the most powerful institutions in the world, supposedly in the name of justice. But a frank conversation on Twitter reveals that at least one of the central hacktivist leaders seems to be a jerk.

  • News: First Look: Safari 5.1

    Thanks to its new Reading List feature, Safari has gotten a lot of attention in Apple’s PR push for Mac OS X Lion. But the built-in Web browser for OS X, Safari 5.1, gets many other Lion-focused changes and improvements that are worth your attention.

  • News: Eyeball-scanning iPhone used by cops to ID suspects

    A blocky attachment to an Apple iPhone lets police officers snap a close-up of a suspect's eye and compare it to a database of scans. The system can ID a suspect in seconds. But should we have privacy concerns?

  • News: Mac Lion roars on new Apple MacBook Air models

    Apple extends its line of sleek, thin MacBook Air notebooks, with more powerful processors. And the high-speed Thunderbolt I/O has been added to them and to a new 27-inch desktop display and docking station.

  • News: Apple expands free Lion upgrade offer

    Apple on Wednesday offered details about its free Lion upgrade offer, saying the deal also applies to Macs bought from authorized resellers after the new operating system's debut.

  • News: AT&T revenue up on mobile data growth

    AT&T adds 5.6 million smartphones and a record number of other data devices to its mobile network during the second quarter.

  • How-Tos: Run a small business from your smartphone

    You know that running a business can be tough. Luckily, you have technology on your side.

  • Opinion: Losing Google Labs Means a More Focused Google

    Last week during Google's quarterly earnings call CEO Larry Page laid out a new vision for the company that seemed to signal that the era of Google Labs was at an end. After years of throwing a lot of projects against the wall to see what sticks, Page said that major priority for the company was focus. Page called the approach "more wood behind fewer arrows."

  • News: One million PCs hit by search hijack, Google warns

    A quick-witted Google engineer has uncovered evidence that as many as one million Windows PCs appear to have been infected by browser redirection malware that is sending searches through proxy servers in order to generate hit traffic.

  • News: Banks use retail tech tricks to boost revenues, survey finds

    Many major European banks employ techniques used by successful retailers to increase revenues and cross-sell products, an Accenture and UniCredit survey has found.

  • News: Wesley Snipes' First Game Coming to iOS This August

    You know that deep down, you've always wanted to play a game that Wesley Snipes has worked on. Next month, you'll be able to.

  • How-Tos: Benchmark Your PC

    Whenever you read a PC review or a component review, benchmark results typically accompany it. Such results are most often in the form of numbers, such as a score or a frames-per-second total. Sometimes they're relative, in that the result is posted as a multiple of some reference system or number.

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