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  • News: Microsoft incorrectly claims drop in vulnerabilities that allow remote code execution

    In its latest annual security report, Microsoft claimed some progress in fending off vulnerabilities that allow remote code execution, but the initial version of the report released Monday contained errors, and a corrected version released today no longer claims that the total number of vulnerabilities allowing remote code execution is dropping.

  • News: 2K and Gearbox Officially Announce Borderlands 2

    2K Games and Gearbox Software have officially confirmed that Borderlands 2 is indeed in development, and Gamescom attendees will get the first look.

  • Opinion: Is This the Next World of Warcraft Expansion?

    Still playing World of Warcraft? Of course you are, and nothing I could possibly say about the game's slavishly repetitious fundamentals is going to dissuade you. It's more than that in your book: your rock-paper-macro playground, your trial-by-raid (and Ventrillo) leadership crucible, your daily social hour (or five, six, seven and eight), your video gaming joie de vivre.

  • Opinion: Six PowerPoint Nightmares (and How to Fix Them)

    You're giving a speech in front of an audience, and suddenly you realize that you're naked.

  • News: Miley Cyrus picture hacker led police to his house

    A teen who stole images from the online accounts of actress Miley Cyrus before apparently leaving a hard-to-miss chain of evidence that led police to his house, has pleaded guilty to a separate charge of credit card fraud.

  • How-Tos: Tweak Your Favorite Tools

    There's a lot to love about Gmail, but its built-in task manager is pretty weak. In fact, it's little more than a glorified checklist.

  • How-Tos: Password Management: Idiot-Proof Tips

    Before the Internet, passwords played only a tiny role in everyday life. Think about it: Except for your ATM PIN, what important codes did you need to remember? Probably none. But now, you can’t click a link without hitting another site that requires a password. Doesn’t matter if it’s a big-name destination like Google Docs or Mint.com, or a smaller, more private site such as your local library or company intranet. You want in? Password, please.

  • How-Tos: Laptop refresh: six ways to revitalise an older notebook

    Do you have an ageing laptop that you want to save from the recycling center? With a few software and hardware upgrades, you could bring that old notebook back to life and possibly avoid having to plunk down cash for a new laptop or a secondary device such as an Apple iPad or an Android tablet.

  • News: Apple puts a price on iCloud

    Apple has set out pricing for its forthcoming iCloud service, with punters in the UK paying just £70 per year for 50GB storage space.

  • News: Site Aims to Create 'Industry-Friendly' Used Games Market

    PostalGamer, which launches later this year, aims to get a fairer deal on used games for both consumers and publishers.

  • News: New BlackBerry Torch Guns for the iPhone Again

    Research In Motion is pushing its fourth attempt to dethrone Apple's iPhone with the new all-touchscreen BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860. The new smartphone is the biggest BlackBerry yet with a 3.7-inch display, and continues the legacy of RIM's keyboardless Storm phones, albeit with a revamped BlackBerry 7 OS, which sports a redesigned virtual keyboard.

  • News: Hands on with the BlackBerry Torch 9850

    RIM has launched five new BlackBerry smartphones, three of which will soon go onsale in the UK. The Torch 9850 is a pure touchscreen device with a 3.7in (480x800-pixel) screen – the largest on a BlackBerry device to date. The 253dpi display, 5Mp camera and 720p video camera are powered by a 1.2GHz processor and 768MB of RAM. Primed with 4GB of internal memory, the Torch 9850’s memory will be expandable by up to 32GB via a microSD card. The handset has Wi-Fi and HSPA+ connectivity and runs BB7 – the brand-new version of the BlackBerry smartphone OS.

  • News: Airtel's profits weighed down by Africa acquisition, 3G

    The acquisition of Zain's operations in 15 African countries and investment in 3G spectrum in India continued to be a drag on the profits of India's Bharti Airtel in the second quarter, the company said on Wednesday.

  • News: US court rejects dismissal in China Internet filter case

    A U.S. court rejected motions to dismiss defendants in a US$2.2 billion lawsuit involving a Chinese government-backed Web filtering package that was allegedly built from stolen code, stating that the court had jurisdiction over the case even though the Web filter makers are in China.

  • How-Tos: How to back-up your contacts to a SIM card on an Android device

    A large proportion of smartphone owners choose to save their contacts to the phone rather than their SIM card because SIM cards offer a limited space when it comes to the number of characters you can have in names, and the type of information that can be included, pictures for example.

  • How-Tos: How to stop MP3 files skipping or jumping

    A reader had a problem with MP3 files that are part of a playlist skipping or jumping in Windows Media Player. Our Helproom expert shows you how to prevent this.

  • Feature: PC Advisor's ultimate guide to the best Android apps

    There are literally thousands of apps available for Google Android, and they're not just available from the Android Market, Google's official app store.

  • News: Spike in mobile malware doubles Android users' chances of infection

    An explosion in mobile malware during the last six months has more than doubled the chance that a user's Android smartphone will become infected, a security researcher said today.

  • News: Gov't dumps website blocking plans

    The government has dumped plans to force ISPs to block websites that host pirated material

  • How-Tos: How to print out a directory listing with file properties in Windows

    We often get asked how to print out Windows directory listings, with details of file properties. Here's how.

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