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  • News: Facebook turns to Websense for malicious URL detection

    Facebook has partnered with security vendor Websense to protect its users from third-party malicious URLs spammed on the social networking website, the companies said on Monday.

  • Opinion: Long live the PC

    When you feel the need for a new PC, and have less than £500 to spare, there are now some challenging choices to make.

  • News: Yahoo, ABC team up for news alliance

    Yahoo, looking to fight its way back to being an A-list online player, announced today that it is teaming up with ABC News

  • Opinion: Microsoft reaches maturity with Windows 8

    Windows 8 is here, at least in its Developer Preview guise. It’s slick, smooth and primed for use on the tablets many of us would like to be able to use for ‘proper’ computing tasks

  • News: Classic Games in the Making: Old-School RPGs Are New Again

    Computer games have been around a long time, and a lot of the conventions and ideas that were once essential have now been forgotten. Sometimes game makers abandon them with good reason--does anyone miss using graph paper to hand-map dungeons filled with darkness and teleporters? But sometimes gamers find themselves pining for the adventures of yore.

  • News: Tablet Fire Sale: 5 Cheap Tablets

    Between the popularity of Apple's iPad and the looming threat of Amazon's Kindle Fire, times are tough for other tablet makers. But their loss is your gain, as retailers have resorted to offering deep discounts on tablets that were, in all honesty, not worth their starting prices.

  • News: Follow This, Part 2: The Rest of the Tech Year in Tweets

    Last week we served up some highlights gleaned from the first six months of our recently concluded full year of tweeting at @PCWPluggedIn. Now we're back with our favorites from the second half of the year. As we noted last week, the goal of our Twitter feed is to amuse our followers and, secondarily, to link them to the serious and informative PCWorld.com articles that inspired our comments. But at PCW Plugged In, we leave the seriousness to others.

  • News: Improve Your Productivity With the Web

    Deadlines abound, and it's easy to get exasperated if you don't have a solid game plan for tackling your tasks effectively and efficiently. And who doesn't want to get things done?

  • Opinion: Battlefield 3 Beta Hacked, DICE Threatens Banhammer

    In what's starting to sound as inevitable as death and taxes, it seems someone's managed to hack the Battlefield 3 beta currently underway, unlocking alternative game modes, namely support for up to 128 simultaneous guys running through the streets of a certain famous French municipality, guns-a-blazin'. That's the...shall we say intriguing news.

  • News: HTC Investigates Reports of Vulnerability in Android Phones

    Revelations by researchers over the weekend that several HTC Android phone models contain a "massive security vulnerability" are being examined by the mobile handset maker.

  • Opinion: Windows Phone 7, Day 24: Find Your Lost "Mango"

    30 Days With Windows Phone 7: Day 24

  • News: Facebook joins forces with Websense to scan URLs

    Facebook has revealed it will protect social networkers from malicious links by checking URLs before a user clicks on them.

  • Opinion: Google Tries Its Hand at Beer

    Google has dabbled in cell phones, games and social networking. Now, the Internet search leader is trying its hand at beer.

  • News: Iran threatens US and UK with cyber-retaliation

    Iran has threatened cyber-retaliation against its three most-cited enemies, the US, the UK and Israel, according to Iranian news agency, Ahlul Bayt.

  • News: Firebox.com joins Google in London's Tech City

    Gadget retailer Firebox.com has revealed it will be joining Google in London's Tech City.

  • News: Weekly Wrap: iPhone 5 predictions, new Kindles, malware

    Amazon’s long-rumored tablet was finally revealed, while Apple’s long-rumored iPhone update is just one Tuesday event away from happening. It was a busy week in the world of tech, but don’t worry if you couldn’t keep up with all of it—The Weekly Wrap is here to help you keep your Kindle Fires separate from your iPhones-to-be.

  • News: Crackdown on Online Peddlers Nets $6.3 Million in Drugs

    You may be seeing less spam in your inbox hawking black market prescription drugs after online sellers of the meds were targeted this week in a global law enforcement crackdown on their trade.

  • News: Build BI tools fast with agile approach

    There's heightened interest in agile BI, a rapid development methodology for creating BI systems that involves the end user as early and as often as possible -- and thus saves time and effort. Insider (registration required)

  • Opinion: Cocktail Machine Will Make You Swallow Your Tasty Words

    What you see in the above photo is what you get when you combine a typewriter with alcohol. Sort of. The Typewriter Cocktail Machine is a contraption built from scratch to create a drink out of any word you type. The machine is built around a QWERTY keyboard, and each key is a pump made from a syringe to deliver different flavors.

  • News: Oops! Apple Prematurely Sends 'Welcome to iCloud' Email

    Apple is showing it isn’t easy keeping a lid on the latest iteration of its popular iPhone and mobile operating system.

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