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  • News: Huawei Unveils First Android Honeycomb 3.2 Tablet

    Manufacturer Huawei claims the title for the first Android Honeycomb 3.2 tablet, with its 7-inch MediaPad announced on Monday.

  • How-Tos: Avoid Getting Scammed by Fake Tech-Support Calls

    Scams come in all shapes and sizes. The evildoers who create viruses and spyware, for instance, often rely on scare tactics, like a pop-up window with an alarming message like, "Your computer is infected! Click here to scan your system and remove the malicious software."

  • News: Tips for navigating the evolving wireless LAN landscape

    The influx of mobile clients is accelerating an IT rethink of wireless LAN design and operations.

  • News: Behind the Finance-Hiring Pickup

    With the recession's accounting and finance staff reductions now potentially jeopardizing their operations, CFOs seem ready to restore some of those jobs in the third quarter.

  • News: Mac Pro, Mac mini updates 'coming in August'

    Apple will update the Mac Pro and Mac mini product lines in August, bringing Thunderbolt ports and Sandy Bridge chips, it is rumoured.

  • News: Women in IT need to act like men to succeed

    Nearly half (48 percent) of women working in IT feel that they need to act like men in order to be successful, a survey has found.

  • News: Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 updates released

    Adobe has announced the release of updates to Adobe Flash Builder and Flex to enable developers to build applications for the iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook on a single platform.

  • News: Random House opens up enhanced supply chain

    Publishing giant Random House is updating its supply chain systems to boost customer service.

  • News: Net-a-Porter to hire 100 developers

    Net-a-Porter, the luxury online clothes retailer, is looking to double its IT team to 100 developers.

  • News: Call of Duty Lawsuit Gets Closer

    A recent court ruling against Activision brings former Infinity Ward employeees' case one step closer to reality.

  • How-Tos: Dont Be a Loser on eBay

    eBay is a great resource if you're looking to buy things at a discount--with everyone competing to sell their tchotchkes and castoffs, you can often find things a lot cheaper at this online marketplace than in a brick-and-mortar store. The downside: The low price that you see on many auction-only items is rarely the price you'll pay at the end of the auction if you win.

  • News: SCADA Systems: Achilles Heel of Critical Infrastructure

    Our critical infrastructure is an attractive target for enemy nations, terrorist groups, or even run-of-the-mill cyber criminals, and many security experts believe that it is not remotely protected against cyber attacks. The SCADA systems that manage and control much of the critical infrastructure for the United States were not designed with security in mind, and are not engineered for an Internet-connected world.

  • News: The Week in iPhone 4 Cases: Nostalgia, Instamatically

    This week's roundup of iPhone 4 cases includes cool new products designed to elicit nostalgia for the 1970s and '80s. But without iPhones back then, how can we be nostalgic for such a deprived time? Read on for the possibilities.

  • News: What Amazon Must Do to Save Kindle Direct Publishing

    Amazon has liberated authors with the ability to self-publish books in Kindle format. Unfortunately, some individuals appear to be overwhelming the system with crap, making it harder for customers to sift through the spam and find legitimate titles. Amazon needs to take action to save Kindle self-publishing from the spammers.

  • News: LulzSec E-mail Hack Proves We're Lousy at Picking Passwords

    Whether you think LulzSec is doing us a favor for exposing our security weaknesses or think the hacker group has gone too far, a very old lesson can be learned here: we need to create stronger passwords. New analysis of the 62,000 logins LulzSec made publicly available reveals, yet again, our seriously weak password habits.

  • News: Google thought to be rolling out Panda 2.2

    Google is thought to have rolled out an update to Panda, the firm's algorithm that was aimed at improving search results but affected hundreds of sites' rankings.

  • News: Huawei unveils 7-inch tablet running Android 3.2

    Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei unveiled a 7-inch tablet running version 3.2 of Google's Android mobile OS on Monday. It plans to sell the device in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and some European countries in the third quarter.

  • News: Attackers exploit latest Flash bug on large scale, says researcher

    Hackers are aggressively exploiting a just-patched Flash vulnerability "on a fairly large scale," according to a Shadowserver Foundation researcher.

  • Sony Walkman Music Clip

    Sony's latest Walkman MP3 player is aimed at active types. The Sony Walkman Music Clip NWZ-160 clips on to your clothing and wears a mere 28g. It also charges in as little as three minutes.

  • News: Wi-Fi client surge forcing fresh wireless LAN thinking

    Mobile Wi-Fi clients are surging on wireless LANs. The growth is forcing IT groups to adapt to a new, more dynamic RF environment and rethink WLAN design.

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