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  • News: Box.net Leads the Way to Embracing Mobile Diversity

    Box.net--a cloud storage and collaboration provider--understands that it is a diverse mobile world, and that part of what makes a service like Box.net valuable is the ability to access data from anywhere and from virtually any device or platform. To fulfill that goal, Box.net has launched new Android tablet, BlackBerry PlayBook, and HTML5 browser-based tools.

  • News: The Sims Social Up and Running, Mostly

    EA's Facebook-based The Sims variant is up and running, though it's a little bit flaky for the moment.

  • Opinion: Report: Apple iPod, iPhone Event Scheduled for Sept. 7

    A Japanese website reports that Apple has a media event planned for Wednesday, September 7th to announce the company's new line of iPods. It also claims the iPhone 5 will ship in September or early October.

  • Opinion: July U.S. Retail Video Game Sales Lowest Since 2006

    It's good news for digital but somber news for new physical retail sales in NPD's July 2011 video game market report. Even NPD analyst Anita Frazier was somewhat downbeat, launching with: "There is no getting around the fact that video game [dollar] sales in the new physical retail channel suffered [their] lowest month since October 2006."

  • News: Google+'s In-Game Transaction Commission Below Facebook's

    Google updated its Google+ social network in a pretty big way on Thursday--by adding games. Google is rolling out popular games on users' Google+ streams, including Angry Birds, Zombie Lane, and Edgeworld.

  • Opinion: Leaked Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS Photos

    There is now slightly less mystery around the next version of Android for smartphones, Ice Cream Sandwich, which Google first announced in May. The update has been pictured in a few alleged screenshots leaked by RootzWiki and the Android Police blog this week.

  • Opinion: Visual Thesaurus: Useful for All, Great for Word Nerds

    For over a century and a half, folks searching for just the right synonym to express an idea would reach for a thesaurus, which is essentially a well-indexed book containing lists of related words. The problem has always been (and continues even with today’s popular Web-based versions) that it’s all too easy to use the wrong word in the list. For instance, suppose you were writing the sentence, “The child touched the dog.” Looking up “touch” in a traditional thesaurus, the list of synonyms would include “abut,” “tag,” “kiss,” “verge,” “hint,” etc. In other words, with no guidance or understanding of the nuances involved, many people have ended up looking quite silly or even saying the direct opposite of what they meant. Subscription-based Web tool Visual Thesaurus ($3/month or $20/year) sweeps away these problems.

  • Opinion: Google+, Day 8: I'm Not Loving the Circles Interface

    Conceptually, I like Circles. I understand the simple logic of segregating contacts based upon my real life relationships, or the level of personal information I am comfortable sharing with various groups. But, the actual interface of dragging and dropping contacts into different circles? Yeah--I'm over that.

  • News: PCI group outlines technology to conceal sensitive account information

    The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council today published guidelines aimed at helping merchants and others processing payment cards make effective use of what's known as "tokenization" technologies to conceal sensitive account information.

  • News: Riot suspect photos posted online by police across the UK

    Police forces across the UK – including in Birmingham, Manchester and London – are shifting their riot investigation tactics, posting large numbers of images of suspected rioters online.

  • News: UKs first government-approved Public Services Network launched

    After a successful testing phase, the Cabinet Office has launched the UK’s first compliant, national Public Services Network (PSN), with Kent and Hampshire County Councils.

  • News: In Texas heat, servers take dip to keep cool

    It may take a leap to believe that computers can function in fluid, but at the Texas Advanced Computing Center in Austin that's exactly what's being done.

  • News: Samsung to defend tablet in German court on Aug. 25

    Samsung will head to court on Aug. 25 to defend its right to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in most of Europe, following a preliminary injunction Apple obtained earlier this week at a court in Düsseldorf.

  • News: If the riots resume, will the UK try to block social media?

    Scrambling to deter future violent rioting, the U.K. government is considering shutting down social networks such as Twitter and Facebook during civil disturbances, but the heavy-handed proposal is already drawing criticism.

  • News: Altaro ships Hyper-V backup solution for SMBs

    Altaro Software has started shipping Hyper-V Backup, a product designed to make it easier for small and medium-size companies to protect the data on their virtual servers.

  • Kingston Wi-Drive offers storage for iPods and iPhones

    Kingston is to start UK sales next week of its Wi-Drive media sharing hard drive. The 16GB and 32GB drive allows iPod, iPhone and iPad owners to stream each others' content via a dedicated app

  • News: 22 fake Apple stores found in Kunming

    A total of 22 fake Apple stores have been found in the Chinese city of Kunming.

  • How-Tos: How to implement a factory reset on a Google Android device

    Smartphones, such as handsets running Google Android, contain a lot of personal data, such as emails, contacts and even sign-in details for social networks such as Facebook

  • Feature: The five most commented stories of the week - 12th August 2011

    While the London riots have certainly dominated the news this week, there's been plenty of other tech issues to get our readers riled up.

  • News: Fasthosts adds free SEO tool to web hosting packages

    Web hosting firm Fasthosts has added a free tool to its web hosting packages designed to improve SEO for websites.

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